Chronicles of an Ant

July 14, 2011
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Just as the wind blow southwards, a piquant smell of death entered my nose and made its way through my brain. It was there somewhere, except I could not see it. I turned to my right, careful to remain hidden in the shadows of the wall. I did not want to be seen. It could take one wrong step and the end could be written all over my fragile life.
Crawling on the wall gave me the perfect opportunity of having a complete overview of the room, I could sense it that I was near it. For the next few vital minutes, I completely gave myself up to my sense of smell. The pungent smell led me to the place it was coming from. I could see the others too sensed the food nearby and were slowly but cautiously making their way towards it. Everyone was famished, ravenous and determined to get to the prey before anybody else does. After all, they all wanted to be the one to acclaim the grub; to be the one to have the largest share.
The next few seconds seemed like eternity. Outstretched over the horizon like the clear blue sky, attaining no ends. I accelerated my pace, enough for my bony legs to steadily carry my weight. I intuited someone behind me. Thinking of nothing but the taste of victory, I raced towards my trophy.
Red vibrant table caught my eye. A shortcut. Feeling ecstatic over the fact of knowing this place since years, I took this path as my advantage. Whoever was behind me, thought that I did not knew my way; and passed by hurriedly. No matter how much my brain urged me to, I did not look back to see who exactly it was. I could not afford to regret over my own stupidity for the entire life.
Swiftly but carefully, I scuttled on the leg of the table, making my way towards the top. In my mind, I knew that if I would’ve taken the other way, I could’ve been in danger of getting stuck in the horde of my kind, resulting in a feverish fight of reaching there first. The plane cold wood welcomed my legs, as I reached the top. Making sure of not being detected, I tried my best to remain in the vicinity of clearance, dodging my way on the slightest of movement.
Descending the magnificent table was less work than that of climbing. Since now the odor of the dead being was so strong, it clouded my brain and made me reel towards it. I could clearly see it now under the bright white light of the nearby light source. Brown chocolaty body entered my vision. One look was enough to lock my eyes on it. It was mouthwatering. I was no longer in the safe zone of the shadow where I could complete hide from the surrounding, but right now, I couldn’t care less.
The humid air had made it soft and tender, water droplets tinkled down its upturned body, making me loose all control over myself. The feeling was ravishing, crazy and mindboggling. Instinct of a hunter took place, all set to react at the sheer disturbance.
With a quick glance around, I saw the others hurrying towards me. Expression of defeat written all over their faces, but still determined to get there. Sweet symphony of victory engulfed me as I saw their faces. I knew they envied me but I was very much contend on that fact that I wasn’t among them; It could’ve been me, but it wasn’t.
The stench of the dead, made me dizzy as I approached it. But years of hunting down and feeding on dead made me confidant that I will not give up. It made me stronger in the strangest of ways. I poked one of my antenna on its side, making sure that it’s not alive; even though the aroma was a utter guarantee itself; but then again, it was just a force of habit, form of a ritual.
Just as I was about to sink in my tentacles into it and taste the prey I’ve been longing to taste, a big shadow came over me. There was no time to react. I looked up and then sideways. I could see the others squirming away swiftly, just as they were coming towards me. Expression of relief washed through their faces as I could read that they were thankful not to be me. Some pitied of my fate and I could do nothing but remain inches away from tasting, what I thought was my sweet victory reward.
The dark shadow took up the shape of a shoe as I looked down. Gulping, what it was the last fresh air; I closed my eyes thinking that it would relieve the pain of being crushed. The sole of the shoe penetrated through my fragile body and made me listen to all the crunches of my bones as they got broken into miniature pieces.
The entire dilemma must have taken less than a microsecond. The shoe was off me as fast as it had came on me. The person must have walked away; but it felt like perpetuity for death to come as I lay crushed on the tiled floor right next to my dead prey.

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