Sid Isn't Just the Name of a Boy

June 17, 2011
By bobrox BRONZE, Shelley, Idaho
bobrox BRONZE, Shelley, Idaho
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The day started off like usual, wake up, shower, get dressed, put my make-up on, do my hair, all the stuff that a teenage girl thinks she needs to do to be beautiful. After that, I eat breakfast and head for the bus stop. On the bus Howard Clinton III threw a water bottle at my head! You would think that with a fancy name like that he would be all fancy and have perfect etiquette and all that jazz but Howard Clinton III is exactly the opposite. He has no manners and no etiquette and he doesn't even wear nice clothes. It was pretty much the worst bus ride of my life.

At school, my teachers all treated us like we were three years old and we couldn't do anything about it. After that my friends and I ate the usual puke remains for lunch (macaroni and cheese) and I flirted with Brad Bailey. Brad is the hottest guy in the school and every girl is in love with him. While I was talking to him Savannah Rogers, only the most popular girl in the school, came up and stole his attention from me. Ugh, I hate her, she acts like she owns every person in the school. She doesn't even care if she hurts anyone physically or emotionally. Yep, this is turning out to be pretty much the worst day ever.

At the end of the day, Mom picked me up from school and she doesn't do that unless something very important is about to happen. When I got in the car I asked her what was going on but she didn't tell me anything so the whole car ride was silence. After about ten minutes, how long it takes to get home, I started to worry. That's when we pulled up to this humongous metal building. I wondered if this had anything to do with dad because he's been gone for seven years and hasn't come back yet so I asked mom. She told me what had happened to dad, why he didn't ever come back, and why I would have to take his place.

Here's the story of why all of this was happening to me. Dad worked for a secret spy mission called SID, Spies In Disguise, they work for the government trying to find the secret hideouts of all of the bad people in the world. When I was nine, dad went on a secret mission that he couldn't tell anybody about, not even mom, to find out where Julio Gutierrez was hiding. Julio was the man who made everyone miserable when he forced them to vote for his second term in office as president. He was like the Hitler of America, and after we forced him out of our country he went into hiding so that no one could kill him. So, my dad was sent to find his hideout and hopefully bring him back alive.

When they were carrying out the mission, they found him hiding in a shack in Mexico and living as Antonio Ferrera. When they went to this little shack to get him, his bodyguards shot two of the people and killed one of them. My dad was one of the people who got shot and unfortunately was also the one who got killed. The boss of SID came and told my mom as soon as he knew. He was a very dear friend of my dads and both of them were devastated. So now I am at SID to be a new secret spy. I am going to be schooled there, in spies and in normal school stuff.

Today was my first day of spy school and it was great! I learned how to use a grappling hook, how to use a laser to cut through things, and how to blend into my surroundings. Also, I learned all of the usual school stuff, math, science, history, etc. The boss of SID came to check me out on my first day and said that I have part of my dad's talent and that I could probably get a mission sometime soon. I am so excited but also scared because I could get killed just like my dad. I might have to ask them if I can use a helmet and a bullet proof vest to make me feel more safe.

My second day of spy school went good but there aren't many girls my age so I have pretty much no social life. The boss confirmed my mission today. He said I will be going to Santa Monica, California to see if there is a boss of a drug cartel there. I know it is a small case but at least its something and I get to do my dad's work. I got a special spy suit today because I am going on that mission and asked if I could have the helmet and bulletproof vest and he said yes. That makes me less nervous about this mission.

After being gone for two days my mom finally pulled me out of my old school. My friends asked me why but since it's for SID I couldn't tell them but I told them that I would be doing home-school from now on and I would love to hang out with them sometime when I'm not busy, but I'm afraid that I'm going to be very busy from now on. My mom is pretty nervous about this whole thing but she says that it will finish what dad started and it is good for me to know some of these skills for later on in life. I know that if my dad were here he would want me to do this so if my mom pulled me out, which I know she won't, I would run away and still do it to make my dad proud.

Today is the day that I will go on my mission. I am all packed up and ready to go, except for my laser cutter that I will get at the SID base because I will need it to get into this guy's hideout. I am going to miss all of my friends because if I'm lucky I get to see them once a week but I know that I am only going to be gone for a few days. We are flying in on a private jet that will land in Los Angeles at midnight and then we will go to a base for SID. There we will get our instructions. After that, we are going to get some rest in the daytime so that we can do the operation at night. We will head out at ten o' clock and arrive at the hideout at about eleven thirty, we still have to figure out exactly which house is his. Then we will carry out the mission and head back home. I hope all goes well.

The mission is done and I didn't even get hurt. This is how it went, like I said, we arrived in Los Angeles at midnight and got our instructions which took about six hours, we had to be very sure about what we were doing, and since it was my first mission the guys all introduced themselves. Usually, they only take girls that are over twenty years old but I am an exception because my dad was such a good fighter. After we got our instructions we got some food and then went to sleep. I was way tired because it was hard to get any sleep on the jet. Then we woke up at about eight o' clock at night and ate some dinner, went over the mission plans, and went on our mission. We found the hideout around eleven and went in. I was in the back because I am a "delicate" girl. Then we found the guy and after some questioning he admitted to all of his crimes, it was kind of a scary sight to see. Then we flew back home where the main base of SID is and the president was there to meet us. He told all of us, even me, how well we carried out the plan and then gave us all medals. I don't think my life will ever be the same.

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