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June 15, 2011
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Depression: a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity.... Or that's what the dictionary says. Do you know the feeling, of depression? Do you feel that every thought, every action every movement is a mistake? Well that's how I felt, A mistake. Till i found a world so little yet so full of surprises that became mine. Now heres my story of how I overcame all my insecurities and how it changed my entire life for good. 

Chapter 1:  Saturday at last I walk towards the nearby park. I see a leaf being dragged by the wind and came to a realization that everything comes to an end, even the most insignificant things do. I sigh when i see the old oak just standing there, the old oak had been here way before i was born. Its branches were huge and it's as if it were inviting me.  I had always found great comfort here where just enough sunlight hit and where I could hear the excited little cries of the kids by the playground. I leaned against the tree and heard the branches swish as if singing a lullaby for comfort. I close my eyes and it's as if I saw mom again showing of my sisters accomplishments when I had gotten a better report card than her. I hated my moms ignorance towards me . I had tried to over achieve in a lot of things, but it had no effect on her whatsoever after a while i just decided to give up. When surrounded completely by people that you know are going to hurt you what would you do ? Fight even though you know it's impossible for you to win or give them what they want and surrender, I don't know about you but i would gladly surrender... Though that didn't mean that every time she ignored me it was like a fresh blow to my heart. I open my eyes and take notice that the sky is darkening with that realization I stand up parting goodbye to my old friend the oak and leaving it's comfort behind.    

Chapter 2: breakfast with the family wasn't exactly the greatest thing in the world for me just sitting on that table was suffocating, all of them talking about my sisters audition for a part in some movie play. I start walking to the park once again and I have to admit the 2 blocks there had seem to go on for ever. That's when i see a guy... He wasn't from around here i was absolutely sure, I had never seen eyes so blue in my entire life they sparkled when he turned and looked at me, I blushed right away and I saw him smirk but the question was what was he doing at the tree? He turns and taps on the tree 3 times and then goes strait through the old oak. He went through the old oak! Shock coursed through me, magic did not exist, it just did not. I headed towards the tree determined to get the answers I wanted, that i needed... what had just happened?! I stand before the tree and I notice a beautiful lilly in front I grab it seeing the beauty of it and smell it. I soon feel sleepy like I haven't slept for days, a nap won't hurt I lay down in front of the tree and it all goes black.
I awaken the next morning with the sound of foot steps... "thud, thud,thud", the realization of what happened earlier hit me. And I open my eyes, blinded the instant I do. I take notice of my surroundings and I gasp. It's as if everything were from centuries ago. I appeared to be in a dome, I new so much about architecture because of my love for history and the events that took there years ago, every building having it's own unique personality. Thats when I sense someone looking at me... It was him the blue eyed guy,  he seemed to be smiling once again and without anymore time to be wasted he headed out the door. I wasn't sure if to follow this strange person after all this was unknown territory and he had obviously brought me here... But there was something about him that made me feel.. Safe? Secure? I don't know what it was. I followed him " my name is Chris, and you must be?" I blushed once again " um sorry I'm Luce, can you tell me where I am? I'm sorry i followed you I'm... I... Was just curious I'm sorry so deeply sorry now can you let me go?" fear finally came, every time I looked into those eyes I forgot about everything, but for all I new he wanted to sell my internal organs! I tried to find a place were I saw people but there weren't any." After I show you this place trust me the last place you will want to leave is here the Giardino."

Chapter 3: this new world I have come to bump into was wonderful I had never known anything like it. Chris came to explain everything about it, how he was an orphan, and how he and the others took care of this place, their home I was impressed by them all. They too were half faeries, everyone here were abandoned people, though I wasn't abandoned it's as if I were and it was sad that I could relate to them though at the same time I was accepted and a equal to them. "so what school do you go to?" I ask casually to Chris, we had been spending ALOT of time together since we met, and I didn't mind at all, he was attractive and that was no news. Most people here were beautiful with there flawless skin and then gigantic eyes that always seemed to sparkle. That's how they could tell me apart... I wasn't beautiful had never been. I knew no one like chris would ever lay eyes on me. " we don't go to school, never have. Here we try to learn by what we see on tv on occasions or those DVDs that help you read and write the basics that are needed to be known" he smiles , one of the things I loved about him were his smiles, they always seemed to reach his eyes. " you should enroll you know"  I say. " we have thought about sending someone, maybe we will after all you know our secret,and it would be easier cause you can show us around he smiles and touches my cheek gently. " but wait you don't have paperwork it might be impossible " he laughs " trust me don't worry" 
It was miracle Chris started Monday! He had done it somehow, haha I had to look my best for that that I looked through my closet for hours trying to choose the right one, I looked at myself in the mirror this was it, as good as it was gonna get. I decided to ditch my usual skinny jeans for a dress my mom had boughten for me but had never really gotten the chance to actually wear it. I wondered how'd people react I wasn't a loser, dork, geek, popular, or any of the other "categories" I was my own...an independent just like my friends which I really only hung out with at school. I felt more understood in the tree they were people like me. 

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kahaia97 said...
Jul. 8, 2011 at 1:55 pm
That was REALLY good!!!
Aletse(: replied...
Jul. 8, 2011 at 3:02 pm
Hahah thanks(:
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