The Knights

June 11, 2011
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There was once a king named Peter who was married to Queen Victoria who happened to be the most gorgeous woman of the city. Peter was tall and strong and was able to command his city with great leadership. Together they ruled Bristol, a city in England. The Queen was pregnant and Peter was hoping for a son that would take his place as king. The king got what he desired, but the queen had twins which were named Henry and Alexander. As they were growing up Henry and Alexander both had dreams of taking their father’s place as king someday. They both knew that only one of them could be king and from then on they competed in everything they did to see who was better.

To achieve their goal Henry and Alexander decided to become knights. They quickly moved up in rank by defeating other knights. Henry and Alexander were both tall and well-built and were quick with their swords as well. Henry and Alexander both had their hair long and curly and they were also known for their chivalrous ways. Henry and Alexander also wore armor made from the toughest steel. They were both well known by other knights for their bravery and courage. In their city it was a tradition to collect the armor from the knights you defeat and Henry and Alexander had the most armor out of every knight. Everyone told Henry and Alexander that they would someday be a king like their father.

King Peter needed someone to fulfill a special task for him and Henry and Alexander quickly volunteered to please their father. Their father gave them the task of finding a city which was told to have had the finest riches and gold. After Henry and Alexander received the directions of the city they headed off to find it. As they headed in order to find it the sun was setting and it was becoming dark. Henry and Alexander decided to take their own paths to see who would make it first. Alexander quickly got lost in the dark and decided to wait until the sun came out the next day and Henry also decided to the same.

The next day Alexander continued on the path and reached the city thinking that this would help him in becoming king and wondered if Henry had arrived. Henry also continued on his path, but it ended up taking him back to Bristol. Henry thought that Alexander’s path must also have lead back to Bristol and when Alexander didn’t return he thought that Alexander must have been killed by thieves or a wild animal. Henry full of sorrow told his father that Alexander had been killed. Peter realizing that one of his sons was killed knew that the only choice was Henry to be king.

When Alexander arrived at the city he was greeted by everyone because they had heard stories of him fighting. Alexander decided to stay when asked to be a knight for the city by their king. Alexander defended the city well defeating any knight that dared to face him and every time he would clean his sword that was the only thing reminding of Bristol after he killed his opponent. Alexander was known as a great leader and was given the chance to be king when the old one had died. Alexander was proud and confident that he would make a great king like his father. Alexander didn’t know that at the same time that he became king Henry also became king because their father had died.

Alexander heard the news that his father had died and decided to visit Bristol. When Alexander arrived at the castle he met his brother Henry who still thought that he was dead. Alexander saw that Henry had the crown on his head and thought that Henry had left him in the forest when they had went on the journey just to be king. Alexander asked Henry why he had left him in the forest. Henry tried to respond but was still in shock from seeing his brother. Alexander was furious and was about to ask him again but Henry finally responded by saying that he thought that Alexander had been killed because he never returned and had been sad because he thought he lost a brother. Alexander thought for a moment and apologized to Henry for what he had said. Henry and Alexander were both glad that they were both kings because it was both of their dreams. Alexander and Henry decided to make their cities allies for whenever they fought they would be fighting alongside each other and defeat their enemies.

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O_Riet said...
Jul. 30, 2011 at 10:16 pm
This is quite a nice story! I like how two brothers both in want for the crown achieve their goal, and don't have to kill eachother.
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