June 8, 2011
By MasonDish BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
MasonDish BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
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Senior year comes around and it happened to fly by for all of the friends. The whole year all that the people at Seattle High School could only think and talk about was their plans for after graduation and their senior trips. Paul wanted to throw the biggest and most unforgettable senior trip for him and his friends. It just so happened that a new reality show was looking for a cast so Paul signed his friends and himself up. The show was aimed towards showing the survival skills of young adults on a deserted island called Masai. The island was about 30 miles off of the coast of Hawaii; it was considered a tropical paradise. If only Paul and his friends knew what they were getting themselves into.
Graduation day finally came and Paul, Ali, Tony, Kelly, Kalvin, Aspen, Brad, Will, Jr. and Mason were headed out for the big day. First they all went to Safeco. Field for the graduation ceremony where they enjoyed a beautiful day under the Seattle sun followed with some inspirational and emotional speeches from classmates and teachers. After that the class of 2027 headed for the buses and had a long night of memories ahead of them. The buses first stopped at Alki beach. They enjoyed a bunch of fun stuff such as beach volleyball, bbq’s, and a nice campfire. After that the graduates went to lucky strike and bowled, of course Mason showed off his skills and beat everybody. Then they went to Daniel’s Broiler at the Hyatt and enjoyed a nice dinner, followed by staying the night at the Hyatt.
After the whole graduation ceremony the group of friends enjoyed their normal activities of camping, and doing other fun stuff that they would normally do. They did this to get prepared for the big trip because they were the new cast to the reality show “survival”. Monday April 5th, 2027 came and the friends hopped onto the plane and headed to Hawaii. After they arrived in Hawaii they enjoyed some fun stuff. They stayed here for a couple days. When they were here they spent their time, on snorkeling adventures, scuba diving, playing with dolphins, submarine rides, surfing, hiking, and golfing. After they got to live it up in paradise it was time for business and they took the fairy to Masai to start their adventure.
The day finally came. It was April 13th, 2027 and the group of graduates departed to the island of Masai. The island was only about 30 miles off the coast of Hawaii but on the way over Will happened to get sea sick. Will wasn’t too good on boats as is and when he was on this big rocky boat his stomach didn’t side with him. He started throwing up overboard and this didn’t go over so swell with the other passengers. Seeing, smelling, and hearing this made Kalvin very sick to then he started to throw up! The boat ride was coming to an end thankfully and if it wasn’t just the whole sea sick ordeal the island added to the horror with an eerie feeling. As they pulled up to Masai there was sharks swarming around the boat like hoards of hungry animals. Then the mist and fog started to disappear as they were pulling into the shore and awaiting them was an old man dressed in tribal gear with tiki torches lit up all around him, things were starting to get real. Screeches of bats, roars of tigers, fluttered the air as the night wasn’t so silent. The kids weren’t really expecting this, they just wanted a nice vacation but they just might of bit off more than they could chew.
As the boat pulls up to the island there were already cameras rolling filming everything. When they departed from the boat each person in the group had to individually greet their host, and explain a little bit about themselves and their backgrounds to her. The hosts name was Lorina. Lorina was about 5’8” and she is a beautiful half Native American / half Hawaiian women. Surprisingly she was very nice and only being 23 years old Lorina was the perfect host because she could relate to the youth of the kids. After the meet and greet the kids decided that it was best to get some rest because they had a long trip and they also had a big day the next morning awaiting them. So they all went into the tents and crashed.
The next morning the kids felt like they were at a summer camp. Only an extreme summer camp. They had to make their own boats out of stuff on the island and they had to go searching for food. Before they could search for food they had to make weapons so that way they could go hunting. They built their boats out of wood, bamboo and vines; surprisingly they worked reasonably well too. The next following days went by somewhat quick and week one comes and goes. The young adults were doing good living out of their tents with their makeshift fire pits and benches. They spent each night by the fire eating dinner and telling stories. For food the guys split into two groups each taking girls. One group was in charge of lurking into the jungle and hunting birds, small animals, and anything that had the potential for making a good meal. To do this they each had a carved spear on their back, a knife in their boots, and the TV. series supplied them with two bows and arrows. The other group had a different task though. The second group went into the ocean to go fishing. There was a pretty big selection of fish in Masai. Some would put up a deadly fight though while others were casually caught. They came in all sizes, shapes, and even colors. To hunt these exotic fish they had some nets they were giving and they also used hand spears that they carved. The hunting was just their daily ritual of getting food. Besides this the group mostly just wanted to enjoy their time here so they would have competitions and play football and other fun games. They would play these games with coconuts or anything else that they could use as a ball. Everybody also joined in on their midnight swim sessions in the ocean. But during the night these swims could get sketchy because a lot of large predators such as sharks would move in to attack. Sunday night was coming to an end and the group was roasting some of the freshly caught crab over the fire. Tensions were rising somewhat high because Will made a mistake while on the hunt and scared off a couple of hogs and Tony was being rude to him for his slight error. Mason always wanted to protect the weak links in the group so he stood up for Will. Even though only a week had gone by people wanted to leave this place. To cheer up the mood the guys decided to have some bonding time by setting up a hike the next morning. This hike leads from their campsite at the beach through the jungle, and some caves to the top of the mountain where they would be accompanied by beautiful views. The girls were also going to have their own time together by sitting out on the beach and relaxing in the sun.
The guys ventured off into the jungle for their hike. Things were going very well. The sun was shining down on their backs and the birds were singing their beautiful melodies. Nature’s beauty was gleaming. They were crossing through the bottom of a creek that led down from a waterfall and they made it safely to the other side. When they reached the other side there was a surprise awaiting them though. This amazing day quickly turned to a dark pit they were stuck in. A group of wild hogs quickly came out of the bushes and were ready to attack with drool hanging from their face. They guys were already here and couldn’t turn back and run but they came well equipped with their spears. Matters didn’t seem like they could get to much worse but they did. The hogs ran away in fright of something… something much bigger and more powerful than they could ever be. A black panther leaped out over and out of the bushes. The panther wasn’t shy and quickly leaped towards Kalvin to get a chunk of meat off him. Kalvin was to quick and dodged it. After that the panther leaped towards Jr. and he wasn’t as fast, the panther got a hold of his leg. The panther started to run with him crunched in between his jaws. They disappeared into the woods very fast. The guys chased after and they threw their spears and landed a few shots into the panther’s side. This slowed the wild beast down and he came to a standstill. They slain the beast and recovered Jr. They had to rush to get him back to the campsite because he was majorly inured. When they got their he was immediately rushed to the mainland to receive medical attention. This incident made everybody very controversial about the situation of spending the next month or two on this island. As Jr. was rushed to a hospital in Hawaii because of his rapid blood loss the group talked about what was best for all of them the next day. They came to a decision that it would be best to leave the island.
May 3rd, 2027 the class leaves the island of Masai and head to Hawaii. After that they immediately get rushed back to Washington because their paid vacation privileges were lost. The friends went back to their daily lives and soon after Paul came up with another trip idea. This time they were going to backpack Europe…

The author's comments:
I like stories with adventure and having the unexpected happen. My friends and I always are up to fun stuff and our adventures inspired me to write a story like this.

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