Mystery at the Middle School

May 25, 2011
By jonnboy BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
jonnboy BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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It was fourth quarter at Albion Middle School in the year of 2011. The school was being remodeled and things were just not the same. The seventh graders were more annoying than usual, and the school lunches were colder than usual, but that’s just the beginning of it…

John Wahlen was just a normal everyday citizen at Albion Middle. He was a very smart, attractive and athletic child who was loved by everybody. Although everything has to end doesn’t it? The three bullies at school named Charlie, Rachel and Blake were jealous of John’s popularity, so they devised a plan so sinister and evil, that John would be wiped off the face of the Earth.

John’s girlfriend Geo, found out about the evil plan that Charlie and Blake had. So she told John about this terrible idea and he was completely fine about this. Deep down inside John knew that they would eventually try to kill him. The thing was, John was expecting it…

The next week the big overthrow was just about to happen, and the entire school knew about it. When one seventh grader exclaimed,” Blake and Charlie are about to corner John! They are going to try to kill him!” Everybody went into a panic attack and tried to think of something to do. The only problem was that John desired this kind of behavior.

It started in the blue hall intersection of the main hall, Charlie and Blake were starting a riot. Even the Principal was eager to see this amazing action, she didn’t even want to stop this. All of the teachers wanted to see it too, Mr. Barrett even canceled his class. The lunch ladies Cody and Emily were so confused that they put milk in the deep fryer. This fight was going to be the best fight in Albion Middle’s history.

It started out in the lunch room with Blake and Charlie walking in casually. Blake had a beating stick and Charlie had a gun… Then out of the blue! John dashed in to save the day and beat out the bullies! He started out with Blake and countered when he tried to whack his face with the beating stick. John grabbed the stick and hit Blake in the thigh with immense power! A gun shot was heard through the entire school, a terrible thing had occurred, an innocent bystander was shot. It was Emily the lunch lady, John with his amazing reaction time, grabbed the gun and knocked Charlie out cold with the butte of the gun. Blake was getting up quickly, so John put Blake in the sleeper hold. The police watched the entire thing and did nothing to help. John was furious, he had a meltdown only to relies that the entire school was applauding.

John had to react quickly Emily was dying with a gunshot to the shoulder. John saved Emily by covering the wound with a lunch bag, and having the ambulance take her to the E.R.

John felt terrible this entire mishap was his fault. Emily could die, the school would have to have a ton of interviews with the police, and the school would have to expel two of their students. The reason that John felt that way was because he could have stopped the two bullies. On the other hand, the two bullies were stopped, and they were punished. Blake and Charlie were sentenced as juvenile delinquents in the Utah rehabilitation center.

All was well in Albion Middle School, the teachers were back to normal and Emily the lunch-lady was all better with her gun wound. Although the only problem was that John was not the same. He was always depressed and never wanted to do anything. John knew why he was doing this, because a whole new journey was just beginning with him. He could tell nobody, only he knows what will happen next.

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I wrote this for a school assignment.

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