May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Zach stares at the red SUV as his father drove away to what he claimed to be an accounting job. The red midsize SUV drove briskly down the street, Zach stared at the car knowing that something was not right. The car got smaller and smaller and it disappeared amongst the large green trees. *The boy was overcome with fear that his dad had another life. His body would go cold after each scenario went through his head. He did not want to believe anything that he was thinking but as he thought of all the mind numbing ideas.
The next day he decided to skip school and follow his dad to wherever he was going. So he hopped into his car right after his dad had pulled out of the driveway and started to follow the red SUV to wherever it went. His dad jumped onto the highway, Zac followed. This seemed like his everyday normal route to work. The exit was coming up, but when it did his dad did not get off the highway. Instead he went past the exit and kept driving.
What was he doing? Another exit came and he got off. Zach followed. The red suv pulled up to a worn down warehouse. The SUV was the only car outside. Why would he be here? The dad got out of the car in his normal work attire and walked up to the large warehouse doors. It was locked. The father pulled out a set of keys that the Zach had never seen before. The keys unlocked the large lock on the big metal door. The father was pulling the door open. He disappeared inside. Zach parks his car right on the side streetZach followed slowly followed him inside being careful to keep his distance. As he approached the door he tried to peer inside. But there was no place to see into the warehouse. Zach waited outside for a few minutes to see if his dad would come out. Minutes passed and he was still alone outside the warehouse. Maybe there was an opening somewhere on the other side. He scurried to the other side of the building to see. As he came around the corner he noticed a window with broken glass. He knew that this was his chance to see what was going on inside the warehouse. He gazed into the hole of the broken glass and could only see empty space. The hole needed to be bigger. He quickly turned around and looked for some sort of object. There was a rusty pipe lying on the gravel. He grabbed it and started to bang on the glass. With one hit it cracked and with another hit the glass came shattering down. His stomach dropped from the fear of someone hearing this ear shattering noise. The noise echoed inside the warehouse and he knew that someone must have heard it. He waited in silence without moving. Still as can be he waited and waited to make sure that he was safe. The 45 seconds seemed like an eternity. Knowing that there was no way that anyone had heard it, he peered his head in the window and saw nothing but what seemed to be a car covered by a tarp. He slowly creeped into the warehouse to make sure that he did not make another abrupt noise that would put his confidentiality in jeopardy. He knew that it was now safe to enter. He stealthily crawled into the window still keeping in mind that he could not be caught. As he pulled his leg through he started to gaze around the warehouse. It was mostly empty. The first thing he approached was what appeared to be a car covered by a tarp. He pulled the tarp off with brute force and there was a shiny corvette that had some sort of insignia on it. He wasn’t sure what it meant or why it was put on such a nice car. Looking around for other items he heard a deep gust of wind. A man came flying across the ceiling. It was his father!
The first thing that came to his mind was to hide behind the car. His father began analyzing the broken glass that was on the ground. He picked up a shard of it and looked around the warehouse. His attention was brought to the car that no longer had a tarp on it.
The dad shouted, “Who’s here?” He peered out from behind the car and said
“Me, Dad”.
“Zach? What are you doing here?”
“I followed you, Dad I had to know what you were doing, you have been acting very strange lately. Did you just fly?”
“Yes, yes I did.” Listen, “I need you to sit down. I have to tell you something.” The boy went and sat next to his dad who was wearing a complete sweat suit that was all black. “Six years ago while I was on a business trip in Europe, I stayed at this little Inn. One morning I had a headache and thought I needed some sort of painkiller. I got out of the room that I was in and went to go look for some. As I got into the kitchen I opened up one of the drawers and noticed a container and pills that seemed to be aspirin. I took it and went back to sleep. When I woke I felt very strange. I noticed that my muscles were much more defined and I felt much lighter on my feet. I knew something had to be up so I walked downstairs and heard a loud crash and realized that the Inn was being robbed. I was about to run back to my room but I was noticed and they called me down. Not knowing what to do so I complied. They sat me down in a chair violently and tied me up. When they were done they went back to stealing everything that they could. I decided to try and escape and I ripped right through the ropes like it was nothing. Knowing that I was much stronger before I found the robbers and decided to try and protect the inn. I found them rummaging through one of the rooms. I busted through the door and grabbed one of the intruders. The other one pulled out a gun and rapidly fired two bullets at my chest. I was remarkably unharmed. I then realized I was invincible. I overpowered both of the men and tied them up. I freed the in owners who were tied up and told them that I had to leave. I grabbed my passport and all my stuff and got on the first plane home. I quit my job and became an accountant. I had to keep these powers a secret. When I got back I started practicing and discovering these newfound powers. I quickly learned that I could fly I was invincible I had super strength and I could produce fire from my hands. I knew that I must keep it a secret and use it to help society but make sure never be seen or discovered.
“I cannot believe this,” Zach said in utter disbelief. You are basically a superhero.
“Now you understand why I have been so secretive lately. I’ve been protecting this country.”
“Protecting this country? What have you done?”
“There have been many tragedies that I have stopped from happening.”
“Like what?”
“The first thing I did was by far the most important. I saved New York City from a nuclear bomb.” His son was in shock and found it hard to believe that the father that he thought he had was now a completely different person. But he had to ask.
“What country tried to bomb us?”
“I don’t know, ‘ I was not able to figure it out where it was from, but I took it and flew it into outer space as far as I could go.” The son had so many questions to ask his dad, but he didn’t know what to ask or how to ask it. Everything was just happening to fast for him to comprehend.
“Dad, these past few weeks I thought you had some sort of double life. I was so scared.”
“Well it’s ok. There have been a lot of robberies these days and crime has been very high. Once it goes down I am going to be around for you and your mother a lot more.”
Zach felt so much relief run through his body. He knew that everything was ok now and there was no need to worry anymore.
“Ok, Dad Lets go home” he said to break the ice and create a little humor.
“I agree’, we should go home. Can you promise me one thing though?”
“What?” he asked
“Please don’t tell your mother The last thing I need is her to be worried and on my case all the time.”
“Ok, Dad. This will be our little secret.”
“Sounds good to me,” the father said.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a prompt for my creative writing class.

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