The Island

May 30, 2011
By jayde jones BRONZE, Slc, Utah
jayde jones BRONZE, Slc, Utah
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The crowd was going wild as the ship pulled away. The crew was off to another adventure. This wasn’t the first time they had been on an adventure, but they had never discovered anything new. They could feel something good was going to happen. It was a perfect day to go sailing and the skies were blue. Nothing could go better. The three-crew members of “The Crew” were three wild young adults, Ross, O’neill, and Jess. Ross was more or less the leader; while O’neill was the big strong guy that is super athletic. Jess is the only girl in the crew that seems to get into trouble. She’s not afraid of anything and is always in the middle of adventure. Although it was a clear day, they were prepared for the worst. They didn’t know what to expect, or how long they would be gone for. Their plan was to see some wild life and pretty much just have a good time.
It was day 6. So far they had seen everything they wanted, dolphins, sharks, and whales. The one thing they hadn’t found was a cave. They wanted to try and find a cave before they headed back. O’neill was more of the explorer type, so he was all about finding a cave. Ross and Jess agreed that they should go explore. After sailing around for a good two days Jess had spotted something far, far away. Was it another boat? They went to see what it was. It happened to be a little cliff. This cliff was full of huge caves that were easy to climb to. They tied off the boat and started climbing. After messing around and taking some picture of what they found they figured it was probably time to head back home. Jess and O’neill were already jumping in the boat when they heard Ross yelling for them. They quickly went to see what the matter was. Ross had crawled through a tiny hole of a tiny cave, when all of the sudden he fell into the nicest feeling sand he had ever felt before. Jess and O’neill quickly fell through the hole after Ross did. They all looked up to see green palm trees covering the area. “It must be a dream,” Jess whispered. O’neill’s mouth dropped, as he walked forward towards the island. “Hello! Is anyone here?” Not a sound replied. Most people would be worried when they realized there is no way of getting back up to the little hole, but they weren’t.
The drop had been higher than they thought. It looks like… they’re stuck. They weren’t even a little worried; they figured they would make the most of it and go explore the island. “I wonder if there are any people on the island,” Jess said. They decided to all split up in different directions and check it out. Jess went left; O’neill took the middle and Ross, right. They decided to meet up back at the cliff when the sun goes down. Jess was a little nervous to see what would appear in her pathway. While walking around she noticed fruit trees everywhere. She figured it’s a very necessary thing to have food if they were going to live on the island until they could find a way out. She quickly made a basket and gathered some fruit to show Ross and O’neill. While O'neill was exploring he found some great tree house trees. He made himself an axe and started chopping wood. On the right side of the island, where Ross was, there were people. Ross was so excited to see people that he ran to find O’neill and Jess to show them. When Ross found the other two, he explained what he saw to them. They were so curious to see what these people were doing. Were they vacationing? Were they stranded on the island too? Or were they different kinds of people that originated from the island? They quickly ran over to observe what these people were like. There were also three other people building some sort of house, but more of a shelter. They couldn’t see much, but they could see there were also two boys and a girl. Jess, being the adventurous one, was the first to run up to them to say hello. The three people looked shocked to see what was going on. “Have you come to save us?” the girl replied. “Save you?” Ross said. “No, we had no idea you guys were here. How long have you been here for?” “Were not very sure, but we are thinking we have been here for a month or so,” the taller boy replied. “Can you please help us? Were running out of food, and we don’t know how to get out of here,” the shorter boy replied. As they all got to together and with each of their strengths, they thought up a plan to get out of the island. The girl, Shae, and Jess both got along really well, so they went off together to think of something to do to get them out of here. The taller boy, Dan, and O’neill went straight to the cliff to see how high the little hole was and it was way to high to climb to. Climbing was their only idea, so they had nothing. The shorter boy, Steven and Ross were the smarter ones of the both groups. So, they drew up a machine that they thought would work in getting them out of the island. It was the best idea they had so they thought they would give it a try before it was too late. They all gathered together to start building this machine. The machine was supposed to be kind of like a human slingshot and launch them up to the hole. Shae and Jess went to gather everything that was needed while O’neill and Dan started building, with help and direction from Ross and Steven. Within three days the human launcher was done. The first one to try it out was Dan. Since he was the biggest, he knew if it didn’t work it would hurt him the least. When they set it all up and tried it out he didn’t shoot nearly high enough. Since Jess was the smallest she tried and shoot right to the perfect spot. She grabbed the edge of the hole and pulled herself up. Jess was the only one save now. Shae was about her same size and also launched right to the hole. They were the only two that were officially saved.

It had been about two weeks in the island and longer for Shae, Dan and Steven. They hated to admit it, but if they weren’t saved quickly, they could die from lack of food. Shae and Jess went to the boat that Jess, Ross and O’neill left awhile back. They weren’t exactly sure how to drive the boat, but they had to learn fast if they wanted to save the boys. Luckily Jess remembered what direction their house was. They went as fast as they could when all of the sudden a huge storm cloud rolled in and it started down pouring! The waves were getting bigger and it was getting very hard to steer the boat the way they wanted it to go. Mean while, the four boys back at the island was struggling to survive. They had little shelter and the storm also hit the island too. The storm was non-stop going for what felt like months. The girls in the boat finally got back to land. They got extra people to help and they also grabbed ropes and long ladders, and headed back to sea. They reached the cliff and climbed up to the hole. They had to climb back down because the boys were nowhere to be seen. They all split up yelling for them. As soon as they were found they went back to cliff. The ropes they lied down on the hole and cliff were just the right length. One by one they climbed the rope up to through the hole. They sailed back to their home. There was a crowd waiting for the ship as they arrived. Everyone started cheering for the save return of the crew, when suddenly Jess woke up. It was all a dream. Yes Jess was part of a crew and loved adventure, but was this island true? She thought to herself. That day she was supposed to go out to sea with Ross and O’neill. Maybe there really is a hidden island, and maybe there are three people that need help. Now Jess knows exactly what she is looking for today as she goes out sailing.

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