Child's Play

May 26, 2011
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I broke the latch on the gate to get in. The wind was blowing on the window like it was trying to kill, witch of course it was. I got into the house with no trouble at all and found a nice long knife in the kitchen. The cat died first, I left its body by the widow and its blood on the table. I snuck in the firelight my body casting malevolent shadows into the house. On the floor were ransom notes that will never be paid, the flowers wilted and weak, a single boot standing by the fire, the old man of 75 and the child sleeping in the face of danger. The old man died without a sound with a knife in his ribs. I grabbed the kid and taped his mouth shut. I knocked the logs out of the fire and the place started to burn.
“No need to leave any evidence,” I thought”
I grabbed the kid and threw him into my car. We sped off into the night after all I had many more houses to hit and many more jobs that needed to be done.

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