The Great War

May 24, 2011
By FaTKiD12 BRONZE, Alameda, California
FaTKiD12 BRONZE, Alameda, California
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One day a seal got washed up on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. The seal was no ordinary seal. The seal had a special ultra super power. The seals power was that he had super speed. So we’ll get back to the seal later but there was another animal on the island. The other animal was named Buddy.

Buddy was a Rottweiler dog. But he wasn’t an ordinary dog either. Buddy had two super powers. The super powers were super laser eyes and super strength. Buddy was stranded. He was only surviving on washed up fish or birds that swooped down to land on island. Buddy was stranded for over two and a half years. Also Buddy was a devil dog. (A devil dog is a U.S marine dog) Buddy served in the military for about 5 years.

So getting back to the seal, the seal wanted to get to the old prison and check it out. Buddy built a bunk in the one of the cells. The seal went into the prison and saw a little mouse scurry across the way.

The seal started to check out the cells. But then Buddy saw the seal. Buddy said to himself “yesssss, time to get me a little snack”. So then Buddy ran out and grabbed the seal by its flipper. Then the seal slapped Buddy on his nose. Buddy let go of the tight jaw lock he had on the seals flipper. The seal slapped with his flippers to the dogs face repeatedly ultra fast. Buddy was dizzy but he wouldn’t let this food go. So Buddy picked up the seal and throwing him back on the floor using his ultra super strength. But then the seal ran as fast as his power took him. Buddy couldn’t keep up. So Buddy went back home and waited and waited. Until Buddy got his lazy butt up and searched for the seal again.

But the seal went to the bunk to call a truce. But Buddy wasn’t there. So the seal waited until Buddy came back. Buddy was to lazy to search the whole island so he just went down to the beach and came back to his bunk. As soon as he came into the prison he could sense the seals presence. So he went around the whole prison to go the back way into his bunk. When he was in his bunk he was just starring at the seal and licking his lips. As soon as Buddy had the chance he grabbed the seal and brought him into his own bunk. The seal was running around the room ultra fast. Buddy was trying to kill the seal with his laser eyes. But finally Buddy shot the seals tail. The seal started to panic but buddy was so happy. But the seal wouldn’t give up. The seal upper cut Buddy. Buddy felt woozy. The seal grabbed the dog but the dog was too heavy. Buddy was barely starting to recover after that last upper cut. But then Buddy grabbed the seal and threw him up and shot the seal multiple times in the air. Just then when the seal couldn’t get back up, Buddy grabbed the seal by its neck. Buddy killed the seal.

But before the seal died he called the whole seal army. So when Buddy stepped out for a breather. He saw the whole army looking for him. Buddy ran to his bunk and closed the big vault-like door and hid. But buddy wanted to get a hold of his old devil dog elite team.
But one of the seals went right by his bunk and the seal looked like if he had a radio. So Buddy looked through his peep hole and look to see if there was any one by him. There was no one. So buddy grabbed him and cracked his neck using his strength. He took the radio and locked the vault again. He contacted the Marine Corp Depot. He asked if he could speak with Pork Chop. Buddy told Pork Chop where he was and how long he was there and what’s happening right now on the island. So Pork Chop went to get the old group together again. There was Pork Chop his power is super speed and can fly; there was Clifford he can transform into any figure, there was Spots he has super strength and can see through things, last but not least Lucy she is really tough and she has kung fu moves but she don’t have no powers she’s a real tech person also. Lucy works with computers and helps the team out with places and missions. So everyone suited up, got there gear, and got in the plane and left.

But what they didn’t know was that the seals could every thing that Buddy was saying. So they went straight to the bunk and tried to open it. They kept trying and trying. But buddy was using all his strength to hold it closed and he just kept praying that his team would come real fast. But Buddy couldn’t hold them no longer. So he opened the vault door and just started shoot with his laser eyes. He shot two but the other ones started to shoot there M-16 machine guns. But Buddy hit the ground so hard that a big piece of rock shield came and shielded him from the bullets. As soon as the shield was about to break Pork Chop came and ran around the whole army super fast and made a tornado. But then more army seals came with bigger guns. Then Clifford came and transformed into an ultra big indestructible 123 foot long brick wall to guard the elite team from the bullets. All of a sudden about 5 rocket launchers shot at the wall. The wall was still there so Pork Chop went around everyone while there were focused on the wall. Buddy picked up the wall and dropped it on the whole bunch of seal guards. All the seals ran back into the water but it was not over. The big king seal came out. Clifford ran at the seal. But the seal grabbed him and ripped Clifford in half. So Buddy ran at the seal and kicked him. He flew so far that Pork Chop had to fly there. But the seal right back up and punched Pork Chop. But then Spots saw through the seal and tried to find its weakness. But he couldn’t so Buddy and Spots dropped the seal. They got on top of the seal and started punching its face in. But he grabbed Buddy and he was about to rip him apart, But Spots punched him in the stomach. But he grabbed Spots and bit his head off. Buddy tried to help but the seal kicked him. Buddy got so mad that Buddy and Pork Chop made a wonder full plan. Pork Chop flew to go find some rope. Pork Chop came and choked the seal. He was holding him for Buddy, but then Buddy grabbed the seals neck and broke it. Buddy grabbed his arms next the ripped them off. At last the king was dead. It was only Buddy and Pork Chop left. When they got back home they buried Spots and Clifford. After this Buddy and Pork Chop retired. But they still go see there two friends again.

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