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May 24, 2011
By Anonymous

A dark night even under the full moon, you could hear howling and smell a scent of blood. The scent of blood doesn’t smell like the normal vampiric smell and it almost smell beast like. Inside a broken shackle at the glorious vampire city lived a hermit name Jax. Jax was a master at archery, he use to be a woodman until recently he moved in. No one really knows the reason Jax moved in and I’m sure that even Jax know. Jax was at age of 219 which were pretty young for vampire, most were over few thousands. Jax since last month had stocked up a big pile of silver, and he were making silver arrow with them. As you have read stories werewolves can only killed by silver, but no it just more effective than most arrows. Jax picked up a stone and spent next few hour making silver arrows.

Next night things gone fishy, the howling stopped and the scent of blood got closer. The vampires felt a scent of danger, but it became normal for them to be attacked by the barbaric werewolves’ tribes once in a while. Jax was pretty armored and prepared. He wore a animal skin as cape, wolf head for shoulder, and clothing made out of animal furs. From far away you can’t really tell him from the werewolves. Jax looked up as the moon reflected in his yellowish cat eyes, not all vampires have cat eyes only those who are royal blooded does.

At mid afternoon the werewolves were setting up their invasion, they were not organized but furious and wild. Charging at castle gate and slashing it with their giant axes making the seem so invulnerable gate crack in the center. Vampire soldiers were holding their shield and sword, sweating in their heavy gear getting ready to kill werewolves that get through. The werewolves broke the gate and rushing at the soldiers swords, first few waves of werewolves died, but it was a matter of time till the vampires were overwhelmed.

Jax came out and yelled “Hey werewolves scum over here!”

This drew attention of a few werewolves to Jax. Jax standing on his ground getting an arrow out and cut open the first beast’s stomach that charged at him, the gut was spilling out and Jax simply did not care but it angered other werewolves and causing them to charge at him. Grabbing his bow holding the handler of the bow tight and letting go as soon as it aimed at their head, Jax arrows pierce through the werewolves flesh and it was a matter of time until Jax slaughtered fifty vampires.

Vampires from houses came out with gear and joined Jax and fought by his side, within 2 hours they retaken back the park and gather all survivors they could find to the park. Jax settled up a base in the park and defended the weak as he was getting support from those vampires.
“Hey can you get the camp some supplies, we are going to be here for a while,” ordered Jax.

“Alright me and a few soldiers will go gather us some supplies from ruins and by the way what is your name?” replied by the guard.

“They call me Jax, what yours?” replied Jax.

“Name’s Jock Sir!” replied Jock.
Few hours later Jock and five soldiers went out, Jock had white hair,
brown pale face, red blood thirsty eyes, and even though not trained like Jax he had tuff build. When he and his man walk past the bank they were jumped by werewolves and Jock waved sword at the werewolves at the other mans held their shield up. Under four minutes those werewolves either got cut in the chest or bashed on the head. As they move on they began to look for food at the bakery first. The bakery had some French blood breads, bloody cheese bread, and some bloody lemonade with fifty percent blood. They stocked 4 crates full and continue looking for food in the super market. As they entered it two of them were jump by the hidden werewolves and the other three raise their shield to defend the injured soldiers, Jock ran there and ends the werewolves before they do any more harm.

“Can they make it back to camp?” asked Jock in a deep voice.

“No.” replied by a older soldier in a sad voice.

“We need to set up some defense here till they recover, I’ll go back to gather reinforcement and also deliver the foods while you guys set up some defense for the injured.” replied Jock.

As Jock left the werewolves attacked the camp, you could hear screaming but it wasn’t from the vampires. They were handling it pretty good, Jax hurried to the camp because the werewolves didn’t stop attacking and he knew they couldn’t last that long. After few minute Jock reached the camps and handed then handed the survivors the foods they gathered earlier.

“Jax, we were ambushed, any guards to spare?” asked Jock.

“No sorry.” answered Jax.

“Wait we will come with you!” volunteered by a few survivors.

The survivors bashed some emptied bottles and head out there with Jock. Most of the survivors were using broken bottles as weapon, but some had sharpened daggers. When they reached there through the same path half the soldiers were already dead with their blood and gut spilled on floor while the two injured survived. Jock and the vampires loaded their bag with supplies while this vampire with a large build carried the two injured soldiers and headed back to camp.

They ran back and when they nearly reached the survivor camp they saw Jax were still fighting injured, but everyone was dead, Jock nearly cried when he saw this mess. Jax fainted after he slain last werewolf and fell on the ground. Jax landed his head on a stone and bleed to death quietly as Jock tried to help. This mess made Jock felt alone, he led the survivors to a safer spot in the city. They traveled through houses and stores on their way following the marble tile road they walked past Jock’s house they stopped. Jock invited them inside and they rested a bit. It was almost morning so they hided in the dark till the next night come. It was quiet not much happening except that peoples were crying, but one thing was sure, the werewolves had left the city and they can rebuild it.

-The End-

The author's comments:
Meh im very horriable at writing

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