The boy who fought be a state champion

May 6, 2011
By Taylor Romp BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
Taylor Romp BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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There was this 12 year old boy named Ryan Damien. Ryan used to watch his brother Jason wrestle. After Jasons meets were over, Ryan used to go sit in his empty pitch black room, and think about being like his brother. His brother was a three time state champion and the weight class 152, but Ryan was terrafihide of losing all his matches and being nothing like his brother. Ryan goes to bed for the night.

Ryan wakes up bright and early and wakes up his dad and brother, when he wakes then up “he said boys when need to talk”. They both get up and ask the same thing what are we going to talk about? Ryan said about me wanting to wrestle. His dad asks why do you want to wrestle. Ryan said I want to be like Jason and be well known for what I do. They both said it is a great idea. Jason told Ryan you have a week before you get in that wrestling room working your butt off. Ryan asked Jason to show him some moves before he starts. Jason said I’ll sure will. Jason showed him a double leg take down, after a while Ryan caught the hang of it. Then Jason showed him what you do when you they are on their belly. He showed him a half nelson. A half nelson is where you put your arm under there arm and put your hand on back there head and get on your toes and push. Jason said that’s all I will teach you, your coach will teach you a lot more things and different things. Ryan told him thanks for taking time to work with him for a bit. Ryan is waiting for two days until he gets into the wrestling room he is oh most chewing his finger nails completely off. He is so glad to be a wrestler and to be in that room.
Ryan is 5’7 with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a problem swinging his hair to the right, but I guess it’s not a problem. It’s more like hair is in his eyes so he swings it over to one side. Everyone thinks he is a skateboarder, because of his hair. He also wears skateboarding clothes. Ryan wears a flat bill hat backwards and loves to ride his bike and do tricks on it. Ryan is a seventh grader. He goes to Freemont junior High. It’s his first year being there.
Ryan is in the Wrestling room now with 20 different kids he knows most of them in there. The first day of practice was rough. In the being they ran, and then the coach taught them some. Then had them try it for five minutes then they had to wrestle for eight minutes, Coach yelled against the wall they all had to run seven sprints all out and if they didn’t the coach made them run them again. Luckily Ryan’s group ran them all out because they didn’t have to re due their sprints.
Ryan has been training for a couple of weeks. He goes home every night and wrestle Jason and Ryan gets stomp every time. He has to go to bed early because he has to be up by five in the morning. He has districts that day and if he passes that he will be going on to AAU state. They are in the car now driving down the road. They have a two hour drive to get there. They get there and find out he has to place in the top four to move on. They been there for three hours and Ryan has his first match. Ryan goes out there and the match begins right away the kid takes him down and put him in a cradle. Ryan gets pinned. Ryan has won his second, third and four but lost his fifth match. Ryan is going on AAU state in a couple of weeks he placed fourth at district. Ryan runs to stay fit, he run three times a day.
Ryan is now on his way to state. He was there for hours. They Call Ryan over to the table They tell him he made it pass the first day. Ryan has his first match of the second day. He is jumping around to get his heart rate up. Ryan is wrestling for first time today but if he lose two times he will get first. The kid Ryan has to wrestle is short with blonde hair and blue eyes. Also is stocking. Ryan lost it to him and loses his second match he got third.
They are going home now. When they got back they threw a big party for him, he was mad. He just went to him room and went to bed.

The author's comments:
i made it to aau last year so thought i would make up a kid and he wants to wrestle.

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