Story of M&M

May 1, 2011
I’ve been here for a few days now and I’ve learned that this place is a hell hole. A dictator named Bon-Qui-Qui rules the city known as The Undermine. I’ve made very few friends, one of the best friends I’ve made goes by the name of Bongo. Bongo is a yellow peanut filled M&M. He is missing part of his body because he was attacked by the 2007 attack of the baking soda invasion. He has been trying to escape for years and has drawn multiple maps to try to escape

“ Yo Bongo,” I said.

“Oh hey there Jayden,” bongo replied

I walked closer to bongo and whispered in his ear trying to avoid the guards just behind us, “ I think it’s time we attempt to break out of this place.”

“I agree,” he said as he put his hand in his pocket and pulled a map out, “this can be our escape route.” I studied the map very carefully making sure I understood every part about it.

After looking over it multiple, I returned it to him.

We spent the next two days getting supplies and getting ready. Our window for escape was very narrow, if we missed it by even the slightest of the second it could ruin it and we would have to wait another long time until we could break out once again. We were going to have to go in between the two guards’ rotation at exactly 8 o’clock.

It was now 7:56 and we were sitting there in our spot waiting for the right time. My heart was racing and my palms were sweating.

“Bongo, you ready to do this?” I asked nervously stuttering over some of my words.

“Heck yea boy! Let’s do this,” he replied and then we slid down the chute rolling on our sides timing it perfectly getting in between the changing guards. We quickly rolled from the ghetto to the party town. We stopped for a second to let the guards slip between us. Once they had switched the way they were looking we got our tooth pick launcher and hot them in the back knocking them out. We quickly took out both and took their uniforms.

Our objective was to use their uniforms so we could sneak past any guards that came in our way. After walking for what felt like forever across the inside we finally reached the exit. We quickly took off the uniforms fearing the heat would melt our shells.

“Alright Jayden this is the last step to our perfect escape plan. We have to roll through the pipe and shoot out the other end. We have to make sure we stick together throughout the whole adventure.” Bongo said as he took off the heavy weight weaponry. “Ready?”

“Yea, let’s go,” I said as we slipped into the tube. We were flipping around doing flips and loop-da-loops. Then we came to a split in the path and I panicked and went the wrong way. I threw my arms up trying to catch onto something and pull myself up and get to bongo. Then I started free falling and landed on something soft and bounced up and bongo came smashing down on top of my head. I was out cold.

I woke up soon later in a dark room with bongo at my side trying to patch up my cracks in my shell.

“Are you OK bud?” bongo asked.

“Yea I’m good I think. If you don’t mind me asking, where are we?” I asked.

“I think we’re inside of a closet,” a distance voice said.

“Who is that!” bongo said as he raised his toothpick launcher.

“It is I Chipoltlee,” the voice boomed as it emerged from the darker areas, “I assume you two are trying to escape the rule of Bon-Qui-Qui.”

Bongo lowered his gun and looked at Chipoltlee as if he assumed he was a dirty liar. Chipoltlee was a green M&M and was missing part of his shell. “Did you try to escape from Bon-Qui-Qui?” I asked.

“Yes I did and I have been planning my revenge on her for a very long time, if you two would like to help out your welcome to.” Chipoltlee replied.

“I guess we could help out, but Bon-Qui-Qui is invincible to everything right?” Bongo asked.

“Everything but one thing. Tabasco sauce.” Chipoltlee said.

“I never thought about that,” Bongo said.

“Here is my designs for the weapon we can use to shoot her with.” Chipoltlee said. As he stuck his hand in his bag and pulled out blue prints of the weapon.

I studied the drawing carefully, this was a very well thought out piece of weaponry. This was obviously not his first draft of the drawing either it was very detailed and had everything figured out. The Tabasco was shot out through a small piece of PvC piping by a small air tank. The distance that it was possible of shooting was up to 1 meter which is ridiculous.

“Are you guys down for doing this with me?” Chipoltlee asked.

“I’m down, how about you Bongo,” I said

“Alright I’m in, so what’s the plan to get back in the vacuum cleaner and get to Bon-Qui-Qui?” bongo asked.

“Well herei s the map of how we’re going to get to her and catch her and her guards off guard.”

“That’s very well designed I think that might actually work, but how are we going to distract the guards enough to give us the time to spray Bon-Qui-Qui with the Tabasco sauce.” I asked.

“Well that’s where you are going to come into play, you guys said that you used uniforms to sneak past the guards earlier right?” Chipoltlee asked.

“Yea,” me and bongo said at the same time.

“well I assume those uniforms are still up where you left them, if they are then you will get one and become a guard and get into the castle, once inside the castle you can distract the guards easily and we can slip in and end Bon-Qui-Qui’s life.” Chipoltlee said.

“Tomorrow morning we head back up?” I asked.

“yes.” Bongo and Chipoltlee said at the same time.

The next morning we set out back up the pipe to reach the uniforms we left two nights before. The uniforms were there, I slipped into one trying not to chip off anymore of my shell. After putting on the uniform I escorted them over to Bon-Qui-Qui’s castle. Chiplotlee had the Tabasco sauce gun in his bag ready to be used. We entered the castle cautiously after tipping off a few of the guards on the way up. We walked up the long stairs that looked like they lasted forever but was only 50 steps up. We got to the door and we entered the door to speak with Bon-Qui-Qui.

“Bon-Qui-Qui will now see you,” the speakers boomed into our ears.

“You ready boys?” Chipoltlee asked.

“Yea we sure are.” Bongo said.
We entered the room and I looked her in the eyes and before I could say hello Bongo hit me which was the que to attack the guards. I jumped up and smacked the guard to my right upside the head. I looked at Chipoltlee and he was running straight at Bon-Qui-Qui with the Tabasco gun in hand. Bongo was on top of the other guard ripping of his shell. Chipoltlee pulled the trigger and the Tabasco drop went flying at Bon-Qui-Qui and then Chipoltlee got hit on the side by another guard we did not get. I turned back to deliver the final blow on the guard I was killing when I got hit on the back of the head. I tried to open my eyes but all I saw was chocolate splurging out of my best friend’s body. I closed my eyes as I began to cry.

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