April 23, 2011
By COURTENAY BRONZE, West Orange, New Jersey
COURTENAY BRONZE, West Orange, New Jersey
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I scrambled to my feet. And what should I see, but a huge tidal wave standing not too far from me. I quickly scanned my surroundings. It was total chaos everywhere. The skies couldn't have been darker. I looked closer, and saw my mother laying lifeless on the beach. Just as I was about to run to her, I heard the screams of my youngest sister. I turned to watch just as the wave swallowed her whole. She was only 6 and not a very good swimmer. I ran back as to at least save my mother. But she wasn't there. Nothing was anymore. It was just me, Wavezilla, and about a thousand miles of beach. I screamed for help and ran. But it felt as if I wasn't even moving. I mean, my legs sure were, but it was like running in place. It was useless. The whole world was turning against me. The sand was pulling me into the ocean. I was so tempted so look. A deep, booming sound was made as it pulled me in. Almost as if, someone or something were laughing. I gave in and looked just in time to see the wave engulf me. Right when it was supposed to smack into me, everything slowed down. The wave gave me a kiss of death, no pain required. And then, I woke up.

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