One Night

April 20, 2011
By Luke Krueger BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
Luke Krueger BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
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It’s a Friday night; I am just sitting at home needing something to do. After much consideration I decide to call my friend, Jimmy.
Ring, Ring, Ring “Hello?” asks Jimmy.
“Hey, it’s Luke. Do you want to come over and hang out tonight?” I ask questionably.
“Yea sure, it sounds like a blast, I’ll be over in an hour,” answers Jimmy.
“Ok, see you then,” I say as a hang up.
Well I wait for Jimmy; I go outside and hit some golf balls. I hit them pretty close to my target, but there is always room for improvement. I then go inside and begin to watch TV, until the door bell rings.
“Hey Jimmy, come on in.” I say, “What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know I could do anything right now. I guess I haven’t played COD in a while, lets do that,” says Jimmy.
Jimmy and I go downstairs where my PS3® is. I find the right game, put in Black Ops, and we begin to play.
“Oh, no way that noob killed me!” I complain.
“Yea I know, there was no way he could have seen you!” agrees Jimmy. “I’ve had enough of this, let’s do something else.”
“Yea I agree, how about seeing a movie?” I ask.
“How about going to the movie Soul Surfer? I heard it’s very touching,” says Jimmy.
“I hope you’re kidding. That movie looks really stupid. I was thinking about Source Code, or Limitless.” I argue.
“Ok fine, we’ll go see that I guess,” says jimmy.
“Good, I’ll drive,” I say.
Jimmy and I are going to the movies, listening to loud rap music all the way there. The ride was going fine until we were about half way there. Suddenly the sound of squealing tires come from behind us and I spot an out of control car. The car soon rear ends us and both of us are spun around until we stop in the middle of the road.
“Are you ok Jimmy?” I ask.
“Yea, I’m fine. Just a little bruised.” replies Jimmy. “What happened, the last thing I remember is we were jammin to music and then the car hit us.”
“Yea, that sounds about right,” I say “I saw an out of control car behind us a then the noobcake hit us. Lets go see if he is alright.”
Jimmy and I get out of our slightly damaged car and look around for the other car, but it is no where to be found.
“Where did it go?” Jimmy asks.
“I don’t know, I guess the guy wanted to get out of here so he didn’t get in trouble.” I say.
“Yea, he was probably drunk,” says Jimmy
“I wouldn’t doubt it,” I say laughing. “It’s too bad that we missed our movie though, it took a long time to get going after that crash. What should we do instead?”
“Let’s go to Wally World!” says Jimmy excitedly.
“Alright, let’s do it!” I say.
Jimmy and I then head to Wally World, also known as Wal-Mart. It takes about 15 minutes to get there. I find a good parking spot and we head into Wal-Mart. We immediately walk to the electronic section to check out the latest technology.
“Wow, check this out!” says Jimmy. He’s holding the latest new game, Ninja’s vs. Plants. “Oh my gosh; it has over 200 plants you can fight with and over 4 Ninjas you can take on.
“Wow, that does look amazingly awesome!” I exclaim!
“We should get it!” says Jimmy excitedly.
“I don’t know it’s a lot of money.” I say.
“Oh come on, it’s only $100!” complains Jimmy.
“Only $100! That’s a lot of money; I don’t have that much dough. I doubt you do either.” I state.
“Oh, ok fine. We’ll get something else.” Says Jimmy saddened.
I then go over to the new TV’s and look around a bit. Jimmy goes to the new released movies and searches through them. We meet up a few minutes later and look through new CD’s.
“Let’s go, this is getting old.” I say.
“Yea, I was thinking the same thing.” Jimmy says.
Jimmy and I then begin to leave electronics when we see someone we recognize. We then walk over to see.
“Holy crap is that Justin Beiber?” Jimmy asks.
“Oh my gosh, I think it is. Let’s go see what he’s doing in Wisconsin in a Wal-mart.
“Hey, are you Justin Beiber?” asks Jimmy.
“Yea, I’m him, and I know what you’re going to ask. You want my autograph don’t you?” Says Justin Beiber
“No, I really could care less that you sing songs that suck. Even I could do that. I was actually wondering what you are doing in Wal-mart.” I say.
“I just picking up a few items, do you happen to know where the training bras are?” asks Justin.
Jimmy and I burst out laughing.
“You’re kidding right?” I say.
“I always thought you were a girl, but I never knew for sure until today.” says Jimmy.
Jimmy and I continue to laugh.
“Are you guys done? I really don’t have time to take your crap. There is only one way to settle this….” says Justin.
“Oh yea, how’s that?” I ask.
“Dance off,” says Justin.
“Dance off? Really, that’s how were going to settle this? Wow you really are a wimp. Ok, dance off it is.” I say reluctantly.
“Okay how about the person who gets the most applause from these Wal-mart shoppers wins the dance off. Sound fair?” says Jimmy.
“That’s fair, you’re going down Beiber.” I say.
“We’ll see about that,” says Justin.
Jimmy runs over to customer service and asks them to tell the store about the dance competition. A short time later an announcer comes on and tells the shoppers to come to the dance competition. “Attention Wal-mart shoppers, will you please go to the electronic section to be the judges of a dance off between Justin Beiber and a guy named Luke. Thank you and enjoy your shopping, and remember. Save money. Live better. Wal-Mart.”
“Ok, who’s going first?” I ask.
“I will, because I’m the cooler one and clearly the better dancer,” brags Justin Beiber.
“Alright fine, let’s see what you got.” I say.
“I’m going to dance to a song called Baby, by an amazing singer Justin Beiber.” says Justin.
“You mean your dancing to the worst song ever, by a horrible singer called Justin Beiber.” I say mockingly.
“I’ve had about enough out of you.” says Justin. “Ok let’s do this.”
“You have 30 seconds to get as much applause as you can,” Jimmy says.
“Jimmy get ready to start the start watch in 3, 2, 1, Go!” I say to Jimmy.
Justin Beiber does some sweet dance moves; the crowd goes wild and cheers loudly. Justin comes over panting.
“Sounds like I won already.” says Justin
“We’ll see about that, I’m going to dance to the song Glamorous by Fergie.” I say.
“Wow, I’m not surprised at all.” Mocks Justin.
“What’s wrong with Fergie?” I ask.
“Nothing, its just….nothing, just dance white boy.” says Justin.
“Ok, start dancing in 3, 2, 1, Go!” says Jimmy.
I break out and do some sick dance moves. With a few seconds left I do a double back flip landing perfectly in the splits to end my 30 seconds of dancing. When I get up, I know I have done well.
“Ok, everyone clap if you want Justin Beiber to win.” There is a lot of clapping, crowd goes wild. “Ok now everyone clap if you want Luke to win.” The crowd erupts into applause. I know I have won by a clear margin.
“How do you like them apples?” I say mockingly.
“I must admit, that was some mean dancing. You are a worthy winner.” Says Justin.
“I won; I can’t believe that I beat Justin Beiber!” I exclaim.
“Well you do know some nice moves. Do you want to teach me some?” asks Justin.
“No. I personally hate you.” I say.
“Fine, I guess I’ll go find some training bras. See you later.” Says Justin as he walks away.
Jimmy walks up and looks impressed. “That was totally sick! Where did you learn those moves?”
“I learned them to make fun of nerds when I was a kid.” I reply quoting a movie I recently saw.
“Oh, ok….sure…” says Jimmy unsure.
“Let’s blow this popsicle stand.” I say.
“That was an interesting night.” Jimmy says while I drive home.
“Yea, I would have to agree.” I say.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you next weekend.” Jimmy says.
“Yep, see ya.” I say.
We get out of the car and I go into my house. Jimmy gets in his car and drives away. I just keep thinking what we well do next weekend.

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mlynch BRONZE said...
on Apr. 27 2011 at 9:09 pm
mlynch BRONZE, Summit, New Jersey
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I really liked this story!!! Keep up the good work!!! If you have time, could you check out my story "Just Like My Mother" in the realistic fiction section? Please rate and comment on it cause I need all the feedback I can get!! Thanks!!


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