Demon World and the One Hero

April 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Michael Wire is a sixteen year old boy who was born and raised in the outskirts of demon world. His mom always told him to not stray too far from the house because there are demons who love to eat people while his father is a demon slayer who takes Michael with him to slay demons against his mothers will. His father slays demons with his amazing sword known as Konmalah. His father always told him that one day he would take his place as the demon slayer. He couldn’t wait to slay demons. His father taught him how to weld the Konmalah. He says that it has a magical power that even he can’t unlock. One day when Michael and his father were training they saw a flash of light. They followed the light and encountered a demon. But he was no ordinary demon. He was the most powerful demon in all of demon world. His father and the demon had fought for days. His son tried helping but he was knocked out by the first move the demon used. His father was no match for the demon and had lost. When Michael came too he realized his father was dieing on the floor. Right before his father died he gave Michael the Konmalah and said “You must be one with the sword to unlock its power.” That was the last advice he had given Michael before he had died.
Michael did not know what to do. His father just died and he didn’t know what to tell his mother. He walked home and the first thing his mother said was where is dad. Michael began to cry as he told her the news. The mother was in agony when she heard the news. She always knew that this would happen one day but why did it have to happen now when Michael is still a young boy. She realized that she had to let Michael go even though she wasn’t ready. She told him to go off on his own adventure and avenge his father. When Michael left he made sure the first thing he did was unlock the power of the Konmalah.
Michael adventure was about to begin. He did not know where to go. He decided to just head north and train with what ever demons he faced. His first demon was a red horned Cyclops. He was almost on the verge of defeat until he saw an arrow fly past him. It had hit the Cyclops eye and blinded him. He took the chance and slashed the Cyclops in half. He wondered were the arrow had come from. Out of nowhere a girl came out and introduced herself. “My name is Michelle.” Michael was astonished by the beauty of this girl. He was in love. Michael told her his story and she said he wanted to help him. After that two years had past. Michael was now an 18 year old kid who has been training with his girlfriend Michelle fighting countless of demons. Then one day while they were in the forest Michael saw a flash of light and told Michelle to run. She remembered from his story that the demon was near. She told him you should fight and stop running. He thought he wasn’t ready but Michelle knew he was. They both ran towards the light and encountered the demon. They were no match for him. They were both on the verge of death. The demon was getting tired with fighting and decided to kill Michael using his own sword. The demon took the sword and stabbed him. Just then the sword and Michael started glowing. He finally became one with the sword. He became a new person. His strength was unbelievable. The demon knew he was no match so he decided to take Michelle hostage. But Michael was to fast. He got Michelle out off danger and killed the demon with one swing of the Konmalah. She told Micheael that she knew he could do it and they both lived happily ever after.

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ininininin said...
on Apr. 19 2011 at 11:56 pm
Not bad,very good


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