Adventure in Time: Saving the Jews

March 27, 2011
Bang! Bang! Bang! Decades ago, in 1940, all that could be heard in the city of Rotterdam, Norway were gunshots. Here, our heroic adventurer, Ricky Steen, could be found hiding inside a building. Ricky is actually a weatherman for the local news in Greeley, Colorado, but he had a secret. Luckily, he was the proud owner of the only time traveling device in history. It was a round ball, about the size of a baseball, and it had a place to electronically type in where you wished to go, the time you preferred to arrive, and the date. He’d observed the Egyptian Pyramids being built and Alexander the Great’s vast empire. Fortunately, an intriguing new adventure had unveiled itself, divulging Hitler’s plan for the Jews before it had gotten out of hand.
Undoubtedly, Hitler and his top officials were here with those plans; Ricky just needed to find where this evening. Even as this thought flashed through his mind, he spotted them speeding along in a jeep. They abruptly stopped in the building just west of him. Instead of just watching them scamper swiftly inside, Ricky sprang into action. He appeared on the roof and was going to jump onto the building they were in. However, he realized immediately after leaping that the roof was over 10 feet away. Frantically, he pulled the time machine out of his pocket and set it to 10 seconds sooner.

Now safely back on firm ground, Ricky bolted downstairs and into the ally between the buildings. He could unmistakably hear the low whispers of Hitler and his officials coming from a window adjacent to him. Slyly, he crept up to the window to eavesdrop. Just as he peered through the window, Hitler cast his shadowy gaze in his direction. As swift as a samurai, Hitler pulled out his Lugar pistol. Simultaneously, Ricky pulled out his time machine and set it to five seconds prior, milliseconds before the bullet would’ve pierced his flesh.

He was safely back waiting underneath the window. Nonetheless, he still needed to get to those plans. Since he knew WWII was a perilous time, he came prepared with a pistol and a few grenades. Without thinking, Ricky unharnessed a grenade and threw it toward the back of the building. Hitler and his officials were in toto, or totally, stunned. Consequently, those dupes rushed to their jeep in the front. Ricky sprinted to the front to cut them off. When they burst through the door, he tackled Hitler, who was holding the plans. While he snatched up the papers and booked it, all the officials could do was stand there, petrified and in shock.

Finally, he had his treasure. Unfortunately, this joyful sensation was brief. The Nazi officials, and Hitler, snapped out of their dazed state and began pursuing him in the jeep. Moreover, he met a platoon of Nazi troops as he rounded the corner. As a result, he was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The officials instantly called off the Nazi troops, once they arrived, and drove him to a nearby building. He was then isolated in a room with only Hitler and his Lugar.

“So, whoever you are, you decided you wanted to steal my plans concerning the disposal of the Jews?” Hitler questioned.

“It’s Steen, Ricky Steen. I’m a weatherman from America. And.…” Ricky began to say.

“I have no time for your small talk. I want to know why you wanted my plans and who sent you, and I want to know now!”

“I was trying to save the Jews, but no one sent me. I am on my own.”

“Ugh! I hate lying, Jew-loving Americans who waste my valuable time. I am done with you!”

Bang! Bang! Just like that, our hero is murdered by the bullets entering his throat and heart. Hitler crossed the six feet of ground to his bloody body and noticed something peculiar. He reached down and pulled the time machine out of Ricky’s jacket pocket.

“Hmm…What is this?”….

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jjwil82 said...
Apr. 7, 2011 at 2:19 pm
Another marvelous writing piece!
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