March 16, 2011
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On a dark early morning John Hudson was sitting in the warm seat of the airport waiting for his old friend Josh to come pick him up. John was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans with a black hat. John stared skeptically at his watch. Where was my old friend Josh who was supposed to pick me up from this boring airport. Then I saw Josh in the distance walking this way trying to find me. I walked up to him and said “Hey Josh, how’s life been treating you.” “Great, it brought you back didn’t it?” said Josh. “Sure did” said John. “You ready to go.”
I wondered how our secret squadron would do against the local rebels who called themselves the MAFIA. Josh was lucky to have not been discovered. My other friend Robert Jones was killed on the day he was supposed to get the important mission me and Josh were getting today. “So when is Roberts’s funeral?” I asked. “I don’t think they even know if or how he died.” Said Josh. That’s odd I thought as Josh and I got in our military enhanced Hummer. I was glad they made all our windows blacked out, it made me feel safe. When we got to Josh’s house we went to the old telephone in Josh’s office and dialed 1346 in the keypad. The room sank into the earth leaving behind all the troubles of the surface world. When we arrived at the bottom I was happy it was still all here. If you think the pentagon is amazing you have no idea. Josh and I just walked through the sliding doors. We were at the base of PROJECT 9.
The Commander over our secret squadron came up to us. The Commander walked with us into a room with three chairs and a steel table with files on it. We sat down and got our assignment of destroying the local MAFIA that our friend Robert was supposed to get. We got our all access cards to the WALL and training facilities. Josh went off to lunch, but I went to holo-training. In holo-training I ran into a courtyard and sent off six rounds into four people and they instantly disappeared. Then I went to lunch and ate with Josh.
At 12:34 the Commander called us over. “Your mission starts now, good luck.” Said Commander. When we were going back up I knew we were both wondering how we were going to this job. The Doors opened and we went through the house and out the back door.
Josh and I had found out the MAFIA has been hiding out at a new headquarters at an abandoned subway entrance next to a wheat field. When we got there the field it was empty so we went back to our homes. When I got back to my own house, alone and safe, I got into bed and slept. I woke at the sound of footsteps and walked into my living room. I heard footsteps then in my kitchen. “Who’s there?” I said. Of coarse no answer. I turned around only to see a large pistol aimed at my face. “Don’t move.” The man said. “I don’t intend to.” Ha ha he wishes I thought. I said. Almost as if in slow motion I jumped on my table somersaulted over him then roundhouse kicked him in the face. He dropped the gun and I grabbed it quickly pointing it at him and the last thing I saw was a butt of a rifle swing around me and knock my lights out.
I woke up and looked around my newly trashed house. I didn’t know how bad someone could trash a house. I noticed the rifle had broken my nose because of the pool of drying blood where I was lying. I got up and saw that my door had been broken off its hinges. I walked outside to see on the side of my house was a giant R. “R, What’s that supposed to mean.” I said. Then I saw a small piece of paper on the ground. It said that I should give up the mission and that the Commander was corrupt. How do they know about the Commander I thought?
I was leaving Josh out of this one. I couldn’t risk him too. On the back of the paper there was a map that led to an abandoned parking lot on the poor side of town. I got into my fiery red corvette and raced down the road. I knew something would protect the mafia so I hit a button on the keyboard and two large machine guns popped out of the hood of my car. I pressed another button and a large rocket launcher came out of the back of my car and aimed at the road ahead. Many people saw me running through red lights and looked over in awe. As I neared the lot I turned my car to silent mode.
When I arrived I blew through the wall and fired rapidly shooting down soldiers and turrets everywhere. You could say it was a matrix moment. Then I jumped out and aimed at their leader… It was Robert Jones.

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