The Two Kingdoms

March 13, 2011
By Anonymous

The Two Kingdoms

Chapter 1
In a land a long time ago there lived a King named George. He was very wealthy. He owned a magnificent palace and acres of beautiful land. His kingdom was named Cool Land. The people loved him because he was a generous man. He was never mean or selfish. Most of the money he had went to the charities or the people. Many dangers lurked outside the castle walls. George decided that he wanted to build his castes walls a few more acres to include more people who were suffering living outside the castle’s walls. He ordered his advisers to expand the walls of the kingdom immediately. George said in his rough and deep voice “I want to expand the walls of the kingdom because others outside the walls are suffering and we need to help them.

“Yes your majesty.’’ said Bob, the chief advisor.

“Call me George.” the King said.
“We will get this project started with the people of the town and the people who live inside the walls.” replied Bob.

“When will it start?” asked George.

“At first light of day tomorrow.” answered Bob.

“Good, send out the messengers to tell the kingdom.”

“Right away sir.” said Bob.

The next morning things went well. The preparation for the event was enormous because the kingdom was so large. Many archers were placed around the fence to protect the new boundaries. Swordsmen were patrolling the ground to keep things in order. The other kingdom was 500 miles away and ruled by an evil man. Many of the people there escaped to live in Cool Land. The Bad Lands were dark and fierce.
Once the morning excitement was over the castle’s largest machines took over and used cement blocks and laid them around the new perimeter of the kingdom. The workers were promised a party when the work was completed. They worked as fast as they could to please their King. The project would be completed in one week.

The next day the workers were in a happy mood until a messenger came outside the new border. The messenger named Fred came to the gate and said to the guard “I have an urgent message for the King that can’t wait! Can you let me in?”

The head guard Joe said to Fred “Yes, but we will need to escort you in to see him.”

“Okay thanks, this is a matter of life and death!”

“Then we will hurry in to see him.”

So Joe and Fred ran to the King’s quarters in the center of the palace as quickly as they could. Once there they knocked on the King’s door urgently. George opened the door and asked “Who are you, and what do you want?”

“I’m Fred your majesty.” replied the messenger

“Your message is?” asked the King.

“Sir we have word that we are going to be attacked by The Bad Land’s Kingdom!”

George stroked his beard and answered “Yes, I have been preparing for this day for a long time.”

“So how will you tell the kingdom?” asked the head guard Joe.

“I will announce it to them immediately.” said George gravely. “Sound the horns!”

So that afternoon George called the kingdom to a meeting. All the people who could fight were ordered to go to the battle and training fields. The able bodied people met up at the fields and with them they brought some of their own weapons to fight with. Others that couldn’t get weapons were given a sword, spear, or bow and arrows. Many knew how to use the weapons and were partnered up with the people who didn’t know how to fight to train them for the battle. Many scouts were sent out to see how far away the Bad Land’s people were.

One of the scouts returned to the castle with bad news. The scout said to George “I have seen their army and fought two of their scouts. Their army is huge. They must have recruited fighters from The Place.” The Place was where the worst know criminals lived.

“This is not good news, but I know one of The Place’s fighter’s weaknesses.”

The King had once had a friend as a child who had gone to the dark side of life. His name was Richard and he fears fire. Richard’s family had all been killed in a fire when he was a young man. This had made him live a life of nothing but misery.

“Tell the archers to ready the fire arrows and use the metal catapults to load flaming wood or rocks.”

“Right away George.” replied Joe.

The scout ran off to go tell the archers and catapult managers about the weakness. The swordsmen who were skilled enough got to use the special swords they made that held fire. The entire kingdom prepared. The hospital was set up for any injuries. Each house prepared themselves and waited in silence.

At the stroke of midnight under the full moon, the battle began with the Bad Land’s first strike on the palace gate.

Chapter 2

Clang, clang the swords were clashing fiercely as the two armies fought for control over the land. So far the armies had lost many soldiers in the battles. The war was yet to be won. Many of the Generals had died on the Bad Land’s side because of forceful opposition. They did not have the expertise to defend themselves. Their losses were heavy.
“When will this battle be over?” asked George the King.
“Soon, because they don’t like the fire pits set up around the castle,” said Joe. Since the battle started Joe had proven himself as the King’s right hand man.
“Are the archers still shooting the soldiers who are trying to put out the fires?” questioned George.
“Yes Sir they are!” replied Joe.
“Joe, tell the catapult men to attack their camp firing deeper behind their line of defense.” George commanded. “We are going to attack for twenty-four hours straight if we have to to end this. We won’t let up at all!”
“Okay, I will command the army Generals immediately with your orders,” replied Joe.
“We are going to attack for five days straight and we won’t let up at all.” informed George.
“Okay I will also tell the army Generals and I will also make an announcement.” said Joe
Joe ran to the catapults first and told them what George had ordered them to do. The men moved swiftly. They were going to be heroes. They drove the catapults out of the hangar and rode down the road to the fire pits. The fire managers let them continue along their way. The catapults were soon in firing range of the Bad Lands. They opened fire on them. The Bad Land’s fired back but they were weak. Their shots soon got weaker and then they suddenly stopped. The catapult men waited for one hour but nothing stirred. They sent a messenger to inform the King.
The messenger reported back at the castle and the King immediately sent out new orders. “Joe tell the army to dig pits around the castle walls and set sharp stakes in them.” Joe had the men move swiftly to complete this task.
Several hours later as night and darkness fell the Cool Lands General was ready to sound the final attack. Bang, Clang, Hiss! The final battle began. The Bad Lands had hidden their men in underground tunnels as their last tactic. The men in the tunnels were soon eliminated by the fiery catapults. The remaining Bad Landers ran in panic right in to the pits of stakes.
The Cool Lander’s had much of their army intact. The Bad Land’s army was in pieces. The people who had been forced to live in the Bad Lands walked forward with a white surrender flag and begged to live in peace again. King George agreed and set new laws in place for all the land to live by. The Cool Lander’s cheered and congratulated each other on their bravery. A grand banquet was held to celebrate the joining of the people and to remember the dead. The Kingdom was once again happy and peaceful. The dark shadow of the Bad Lands was no more. George ruled the kingdom like a true king should.
The End

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a project at my school. I just deciced that I wanted to write this.

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