Assassin for Hire : A Day Out

March 15, 2011
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There is no explaining how extremely awkward I feel right now. Sitting in the food court at the mall, sipping in a large Dr. Pepper. I’d much rather be making some money now, so I don’t have to worry about it later on. I don’t know how I got convinced by Alice to even come here with here. There are so many people, and people are something that I try to stay away from. I know I wear that helmet when I’m doing my…job, but what if somebody recognizes me?

I can tell you for one thing that assassination jobs don’t always go down smoothly. And once you try to ice somebody, it’s not easy to get another chance. In my business it’s almost always important people, and once an attempt is made on an important person’s life…fat chance I’m getting another chance, in the near future.

As of right now it’s

Sandhawk: 90%
Lucky B******s: 10%

I’ll get those lucky b******s back someday; regain my honor as quickly as possible. Though in the meantime I’ll sit in the mall food court, while some rather…interesting looking old woman stares at me from the corner. It’s only then that I see the massive rock on this woman’s finger, and then I realize something…my life really has a way of getting into my job.

This is the broad I’ve been searching for, for two weeks now. Rich old bad, apparently her kids hired me. They want in on the fortune, and I’m a good as shot at them getting it. They want to get the old lady out of the way, before she writes her will away to her cats or something like that.

I noticed her drop something, and walked over to the woman. Bending down and handing it over to here. “Here…you dropped this.” I said, as I handed her the purse she had been holding. She grinned happily, still young enough to get around by herself in public. I stared her over, my eyes staring out from behind glasses. Even if it didn’t help my blind eye at all, a monocle really wasn’t my thing.

She thanked me, and I felt something in my chest drop. I killed for money; I did not kill innocent people, like this.

“Have a nice day, alright?” I asked, as a placed a hand on her back, and she seemed to shudder slightly. I frowned, wondering if she could sense the demon that flowed through my veins. She mere nodded, and I hissed under my breath, walking back over to my friend.

I was definitely going to kill tonight, though not for my job. I could see two blond head’s rolling in my mind’s eye, younger though. I wouldn’t get paid for this, but I would get satisfaction out of it. Seeing those two ungrateful twins falling, who could place a bounty on their own mother’s head.

My honor code may confuse you, it’s my honor code though. You wouldn’t understand it, I don’t expect you to at all. All I know is I could never hurt that woman.

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