Sycreas and the spirits of Demenazen

March 9, 2011
By Jakson5Freak BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
Jakson5Freak BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
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Sycreas was a young man who worked as a farmer. He was supposed to have inherited the throne of Estonia from his real father, but a power-hungry man murdered his parents and took the kingdom over while he was an infant. He had strange white hair, and he wore it very long because he couldn’t afford a hair cut. Often he would go to the city market to sell his produce, but one day when he was selling produce an old man walked up to him. Sycreas thought he was a customer. “Sir, are you interested in buying anything?” Then the old man answered, “no, but I do have one question for you? Were you related to the old king of Estonian?” “ Why would you think that?” Sycreas said with a confusing look. “Well the old king was the only one of the people to have such a strange hair color, just like yours.” The old man stated. “Well, that does not prove anything.” Answered Sycreas. The man then disappeared into the crowd. He had never thought of himself being the only person in town to have very light colored hair. Then he overheard the sellers next to him “I’ll be trying out for the Kings task too” Said a. woman, “The King ought to offer a huge reward.” Hmm...I haven’t heard of a quest, but if the king is offering a reward, I could get out of farming and become a rich man, Sycreas thought.

The king of Estonia was named king Hendrendite. But he was also the same person that killed Sycreas’s parents. King Hendrendite didn’t do it on purpose, though, because a demon had possessed him and controlled his body. So after the market closed he went to the castle. “What is your purpose here?” said the guard. Sycreas answered, “To try out for the quest.” Then the guard called King Hendrandite to judge him. “I didn’t say that anyone could just come here, you need a written invitation from me.” King Hendrandite said, “now who’s the per-” he paused,” I’ll let you in.” He said looking at Sycreas’s white-ish hair. He is the real heir to the throne. I must get rid of him.

When the gates opened Sycreas was taken to the main hall. “I hear you have been looking to go on the quest that I offered.” Said King Hendrendite, “You do seem like the right person for this quest.” Sycreas then said “so what do I have to do on the quest?” King Hendrendite answered, “You need to get the four stone from the island and bring them to me.” The demon possessing King knew that the four spirits in the stones could release him from his human host. Sycreas was stunned by the level of the task. “Well if I complete the task what will my reward be?” “I will reward you with one thousand gold coins.” King Hendrendite answered Sycreas then accepted the task.

Sycreas thought that it would be easier to retrieve the stone from Estonian first since he lived in that region. After hiking for a period of time, he came across a large temple. The stone must be in here somewhere. Eventually he tripped over a large bright red stone. It was shimmering and looked somewhat like an uncut ruby and the size of a rat. Now that I have the first stone I must go the next region and search. Sycreas set out to the western region, Lokeshire.

He stopped at a market to buy some food when he saw a beautiful woman. His eyes were caught on the sight. “Hello, madam, May I ask of your name” Sycreas said very politely. “My name is Passediana, and what is yours?” she asked. “My name is Sycreas. You are very beautiful” sycreas complimented rather elegantly. She took notice of Sycreas’s strange features like his hair and his tallness. I never seen a man with such strange features as him, But he seems very kind. I don’t know why but I find him very attractive. Passediana thought. “Well, I have to go”
Sycreas answered.

Sycreas then continued the task that had been given to him by the King. It might be a faster route if I cut through the middle of the island. He thought. He then saw a large tower casting shadows on the forest. I don’t think that going up to check out the tower will take much time. Inside there was an inscription on the center column. It read “Orcinayith, you have been sent to this island by Athena, your mother. She did this for your own protection. Live here with your four younger siblings and guard them well. If need be, send them to the four temples and there they will be sealed inside of a stone. The temples cannot be destroyed, nor can be entered by anyone accept by the boy in the prophecy. He shall be destined to defeat many evil demons and monsters. Guard well the island. - Athena and Prometheus-” Sycreas had been perplexed further then he had ever been.

“Wait if I entered the temple in Estonian, then that means -” He was interrupted by another voice. “Yes, you are the boy in the prophecy.” Called out a strange voice. “I am Orcinayith, God of the mind and protector of Dementazen.” Even more confused Sycreas thought that is was going insane. “I live in the four winged tower” explained Orcinayith. “This tower holds the island together by being linked to the other four temples. I fear that this tower may be destroyed which will cause the island to break apart.” Sycreas recovered from his speechless state. “How can anyone destroy the tower?” He asked Orcinayith. Orcinayith looked at him then he showed Sycreas a Large map on a wall. “You are the heir to the throne of Estonia, but your family was killed by a man hungry for power. “So, King Hendrendite murdered my real family?” Sycreas said with a surprising tone.” he did, but not on purpose. He was possessed by the Demon, Rawkshaw. But Hendrendite is still possessed by him, and that’s why he wanted you to find the four stones so he could be released from his host.” Orcinayith explained to Sycreas. Taking the red stone out of his pocket, he handed it to Orcinayith. “Is this one of the stones?” he asked. Orcinayith put the stone on a table, then he smashed it. Out of it came a bright red ball of light. Sycreas was amazed at what was happening. “This is one of my brothers. His name is Dynacus” said Orcinayith. The red ball was now growing wings, and as it floated around, Sycreas felt a very strong pulse exerting from Dynacus. “Orcinayith, you freed me!” exclaimed Dynacus. “Yes, but this boy retrieved you from the temple” Orcinayith explained. “You must be the person in the prophecy! I thank you for what you have done.” praised Dynacus. Sycreas then looked at the map. “Can the power of the spirits defeat Rawkshaw?” Sycreas asked Orcinayith. “Yes, they can defeat hem, but the spirits must all be together in order for them to use their power to destroy the demon.” So the three set out to find the rest of the spirits. Orcinayith explained to Sycreas that Dynacus was the spirit of power.

When they reached the next temple in Lokeshire, Sycreas found the next stone. “This one is the spirit of will power and courage. Her name is Vollinese.” Explained Orcinayith. Sycreas handed him the yellow stone and Orcinayith broke it to reveal a yellow ball of light with wings. They went to the northern region, Shentoran, to find the third stone. But when Sycreas arrived at the temple, the entrance was looked by a huge boulder. “What are we supposed to do now, since it’s impossible to get inside the temple?” Sycreas said questioningly. “There is a way to get inside” Orcinayith said, pulling something from his robe. “This is the staff of manipulation” Orcinayith explained, “With this weapon, you can use the spirits power by channeling it through one of the 5 indentions on the staff “. So Sycreas used Dynacus spiritual energy with the staff, and he charged at the boulder. A large crash was heard, and there was dust every where. When it cleared up, the boulder had been reduced to pebbles. “There’s not even the slightest scratch on the staff” Sycreas said in amazement.

Then went inside the temple to find a blue stone. This spirit is Sersophine and his powers are wisdom and self control. When Orcinayith awaked the spirit a blue light shone out. Sersophine had a blue body and also had wings like the others. “So that leaves only one left.” Sycreas said.

The last spirit was in the region Respernon, but upon reaching it they saw that the temple was located three miles off the shoreline in the sea. Sycreas thought that it would be best if he asked Poseidon for help. “Who calls me?” Demanded a loud voice. Poseidon came out from the sea. “We need you to provide us with a boat to get to the temple.” Sersophine answered. Poseidon looked at them, them with a booming voice he shouted at them. “It is my duty to protect the sea and to guard this temple.” Sycreas did not know what to do but Sersophine went to one of the notches on the staff and suddenly Sycreas knew what to say. “Well if the island gets destroyed Zeus will surely punish you.” Poseidon looked confused, so Orcinayith explained to him why this was such a big deal. Poseidon lent Sycreas a boat so they could get across. As they were sailing to the temple Sersophine managed to get out of the staff. “Was I possessed by you Sycreas asked?” “I only possessed your mind” Sersophine answered.

When they finally reached the temple on the smaller island off the shoreline, Sycreas and the rest of the spirits started looking for the last stone. However, inside the temple there was no light. “I can’t see anymore, it’s so dark in here.” Sycreas said. Vollinese flew up to Sycreas and she said “use my ability and I can light up the room.” So Sycreas put Vollinese on one of the notches and a large beam of light shot out of the staff. Suddenly the temple was full of light. Sycreas then found a green stone and he gave it to Orcinayith. When Orcinayith released the spirit an ominous wind started up in the temple. The spirit was a light green color and also had wings like the others. “That is Cognetinie.” Said Dynacus. She is the spirit of emotions and knowledge. Sycreas and the others exited the temple and got back on the boat.

“Now that I have all of you, I can get rid of the evil spirit that is possessing King Hendrendite.” “Well yes, but it will not be easy. In order to kill the demon, you have to release it first.” Cognetinie explained. Upon reaching the shore Sycreas accidentally hit the boat on a reef, causing it to scratch the boats bottom. When they returned the damaged boat to Poseidon, he was very angry. But since one of Cognetinie abilities was emotions, she controlled his anger and turned it into peacefulness so they could pass.

Sycreas went back to the four winged tower to discuss how they were going to defeat the demon. “First of all you are going to need a stronger weapon. “ Said Orcinayith. “This weapon is not strong enough to defeat Rawkshaw.” Orcinayith took the broken stones from which the spirits had been taken from and he also took Sycreas’s staff and placed them all on the table. He combined them and now there was a new weapon on the table. “This is your new weapon. I trust you with it because you knew what you were doing with the old one and because your spiritual energy is strong enough to handle it.” Orcinayith handed Sycreas a ten foot staff. It was made of red wood and at the top of the staff there were five shards, each from a different stone. The shards were separated by bands of metal. “This staff is very light weight and it is much stronger that the other staff.” Orcinayith explained, “The shards at the top of the staff are able to channel the spirits power. The Shards each channel a spirits abilities and it unlocks their full potential unlike the other staff.” Dynacus jumped into the conversation,” this staff is formed by spiritual energy which allows it to defeat demons.” He explained.

After Sycreas learned more about the staff he realized the time was getting was getting late. “How are we going to get back to Estonian?” Sersophine asked. “Well we could ask Apollo for a ride.” Cognetinie answered. Sycreas went to a nearby hill and shouted for Apollo. “Apollo, these spirits and I need to ride on your chariot to Estonian.” Apollo was very perplexed. “Well you would burn up seeing that you are mortal.” He said. Hearing his comment the four spirits looked at each other. “We can create a shield that will block the heat from reaching him.” Said Vollinese. So Sycreas, the four spirits and Orcinayith rode on Apollo’s chariot. Along the way Apollo woke up Leo the lion, but Sycreas hit the beast right when he was going to pounce.

When they got off Sycreas remembered the woman in Estonia. I almost forgot about Passediana. The other events must have pushed her out of my head. I hope she’s alright. They were approaching the castle of King Hendrendite ready to fight Rawkshaw. Sycreas opened the door “Welcome back Sycreas.” Said King Hendrendite. Sycreas did not accept his warm greeting. “I know that you are possessed.” Shouted Sycreas. King Hendrendite looked at him grinning. “Well I guess you figured out my secret.” Sycreas knew that he could only kill the demon if he released it. So he told the spirits to release Rawkshaw. Out of king Hendrendite’s body emerged a large armored beast. “Come at me all you want, but you will end up dying “, growled the monster.

So the battle raged on between Sycreas and Rawkshaw. Sycreas came at the monsters head and landed his attack but he was grabbed and thrown against the wall. Sycreas was unconscious and was about to be killed. “No, you must get up!” Shouted Orcinayith but Sycreas was still unconscious, so then Orcinayith gave up his powers for the return of Sycreas “now Sycreas use all of our powers at once” said Cognetinie. Sycreas channeled all their energy into his staff. The weapon started to turn a bright whitish color. Sycreas struck the monster on the head and the staff cut right through. He had defeated Rawkshaw.

After a moment, Passediana walked in. She paused, stunned by what she saw. Both of their hearts were set aflame by love. Then Passediana ran to Sycreas and kissed him with great passion and care. The two embraced each other from their hearts as they stood in the palace. The night air was fresh and breezing as Sycreas and Passediana were married. Sycreas looked in her eyes and saw a sparkling blue gem. They embraced again, until Orcinayith barged in. “Sycreas, Do you still have your staff?” He asked. Sycreas picked up the staff from the ground. “Why do you need to know?” he answered. “Well, Rawkshaw isn’t dead. He’s still alive” Cognetinie said. Passediana ran over to Cognetinie. “How can he be still living!” she yelled, “I saw its body on the floor. In fact, its still there.” Sersophine flew to Passediana. “Yes, Rawkshaw is dead, but demons who posses a lot of power like him can continue living in the after life.” he explained. Both Sycreas and Passediana were terrified. “You mean I have to fight Rawkshaw again” Sycreas said in disbelief. “It is your destiny.” said Dynacus. Orcinayith flew over to Sycreas. “I gave up my power for your return when you were facing Rawkshaw, and now I am a spirit. I am not strong enough to hold Rawkshaw’s spirit off from destroying the tower, so if you don’t defeat him again he can destroy Dementazen.” he then said to Sycreas. Sycreas had a change of heart, as his mind was racing. So, it comes to me. If I go, I might not return alive. But if I don’t, then it’s only going to be easier for Rawkshaw to take down the tower. And what of Passediana if I don’t come back? I don’t want to be without her, but if it’s my destiny I must go. Sycreas turned to Passediana, with a sorrowful expression. “I must defeat Rawkshaw, but if I don’t come back, you must warn the people of Dementazen to flee the island, and keep me close in your heart.” Sycreas told her.

Sycreas and the spirits left Passediana in the palace as a tear ran down her face. When Sycreas reached the four winged tower, he and the spirits could sense a very dark aura. “Rawkshaw’s ghost will be harder to kill and much more powerful than his physical form.” Cognetinie told Sycreas When Sycreas reached the top he saw a large black shadowy figure with two piercing red eyes. It turned around, sensing the spirit energy coming from Sycreas and the others. “Ah, I am so glad you could make it. You’re just in time for the destruction of your pathetic island.” Rawkshaw said. Sycreas got his weapon from a sheath on his back and charged at the ghost. “Not without a fight you aren’t “he said. But his staff went straight through Rawkshaw’s ghostly form. Sycreas was then slashed at by one of the demons claws and was forced backwards, landing on his back. Suddenly, Vollinese appeared to Sycreas. “He’s a spirit now, so the only thing that can harm him is spirit energy” she explained. Sycreas then channeled the spirits power, along with Orcinayith power into his staff.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Passediana was thinking about Sycreas. What’s happening over there?, she asked herself, is Sycreas hurt badly, or is he even still alive? No, he couldn’t have failed yet; I know he’s much stronger then that. But if he doesn’t come back, I don’t think I could go on living. I need to be with him. So Passediana ran out of the castle, towards the four winged tower. Sycreas lunged at the demon striking him on the shoulder, but then he disappeared. “What? Where’d he go?” Sycreas said out loud. “Behind you!” said a ghostly voice as Sycreas was struck on the back. Sycreas was feeling weak, and he was badly hurt. “Stand up and give me a good fight this time” Rawkshaw yelled. But Sycreas wasn’t listening, because his mind was blanked out. Suddenly, Passediana got up to the tower, and she saw Sycreas, lying face first on the stone floor. A weird aura was appearing around Sycreas, and Passediana could see it and sense it. Sycreas got up, and leaped at Rawkshaw. He landed his attack on the ghost’s leg. But he struck again, this time a solid blow to the head. Sycreas was acting very unusual; something was causing him to act very strangely. The aura surrounding him was growing stronger as he was delivering blow after blow, each one more powerful than the last. Now he was striking the demon with immense power as if the monster were a bug. Finally, he smashed the demons stomach, causing it to fly backwards. Rawkshaw was now truly dead. The aura disappeared, and Sycreas fell on the floor. Passediana ran to Sycreas as he collapsed and she carried him back.

“What happened? Did I kill the demon?” Sycreas asked as he woke up. “How did I get up here?” he asked. Passediana was sitting next to him “you did defeat the demon but you passed out” she said, “I was there to see it so I carried you back to the castle.” Sycreas looked around as if he had lost something. “Where is my staff?” he then said. Passediana pointed to something lying next to him. “Don’t worry, I go that too.” She said. The five spirits appeared to Sycreas. Passediana went up to Orcinayith. “When I saw Sycreas with an aura around him, I could also feel It.” she told him, “and he was also changing a lot when the aura got stronger”.

Orcinayith flew over to Sycreas and rest of the spirits followed. “Sycreas, at some point when you were battling, your spiritual energy must have reached its boundaries”, Orcinayith started, “and when a person has extremely high spirit energy there spirit and mind leaves the body”. “It’s a very rare gift”, Sersophine added. “You defeated the demon, now there can be peace.” Said Dynacus. “But there are still more demons and evil beasts in the world that can cause havoc.” “Sycreas, can you handle them?” Asked Vollinese. Passediana barged into the conversation, “not unless I can come with him and fight along side him.” Therefore, the spirits prepared her a set of two rapiers that were indestructible and a bow whose arrows can pierce through iron. “These weapons have been forged with spirit energy, just like the staff.” Sersophine explained. “However, you cannot use the spirit energy like Sycreas can. Since you said you could see Sycreas as a spirit, you could also have the ability to become a spirit” Passediana thanked the spirits for the gifts. “Sycreas, we will battle along side of you also.” Said Cognetinie.

Right then, King Hendrendite, not possessed any more, barged in. “But who will be the King then?” he asked. Sycreas pondered, and with much thought he answered. “You shall keep the thrown. I have no practice at being a king and seeing as you have been doing it for a while, you’re the most experienced”. King Hendrendite thanked Sycreas greatly for his thrown and had a celebration feast before Sycreas and Passediana left the island with the spirits. On the departure, Sycreas and Passediana embraced each other again much like they did when Sycreas was in the palace. The two of them and the spirits sailed out to explore the distant oceans and lands that lie ahead of them, and defeat the demons that lurked there.

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This was writen by me with the help of my brother

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