The Five

March 3, 2011
By The_Silent1 BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
The_Silent1 BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
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To live is to die.

Five kids sit on a still catboat in the setting sun, waiting for the evening tide to push in the fish they had happily been waiting for. All wear hats, while a fat kid has a black hat. The kid with black hair and green eyes, his body lay hidden in the shadows of the mast, looks up into the setting sun. “It’s a beautiful day, eh Polo?” says that kid in the shadows to the kid to the right of him. “Shut it, Marco, You’re going to scare the fish away again.” exclaims the tanned kid sitting next to the rudder. “Hey Mike, pass the worms while you’re scaring the fish away, will you?” whispers Polo while Mike gives him a rude gesture. “Ha, you might not want to hold that finger to all of us Mike, otherwise we might have to make you bait!” sneers the eight year-old kid next to Marco. “Ha, go dunk you’re head blonde!” exclaims Mike as he fearlessly leaps over Mathew and noogies Joe. “Yaw, wake the fat kid to the sound of violence, will yaw?” Mathew says sarcastically. “Oh bother” sighs Marco, when he unexpectedly feels a huge tug on his fishing rod. “Oh I have a big one! Quick, get the net!” says Marco while Polo scrambles to get the desired equipment. Suddenly, it seems like the whole ocean heaves up into the air and the sun is blotted out with the lost of light.

The sea settles, along with the light of warmth. When Marco gets up, his feet step on the deck and he slips on a slippery cold thing and he lands on his back, but bounces a little after hitting another slimy gross thing. “Ugh, who puked on the deck?” asks Mike as he slowly rises up. “It’s not Mathew’s puke if that’s what you’re thinking, but rather fish, more precisely, tuna. Plus there is a lot of them on deck” says Polo as he kicks tuna off the side of the boat. Each tuna goes with a plop into the ocean, but instead of sinking, the tuna floats back up. “And there dead, which is not surprising since Mathew probably farted when they landed on him” Polo adds as he carefully makes his way to Joe and Mathew to pick them up. “Oh my god, I think I see a shark… and its coming right towards us!” exclaims Marco as he hurries into the lowest point in the boat. A huge CRUNCH is soon followed and Mike yells “The shark just ate the rudder guys, and it’s munching the rudder without a care in the world! Now the shark has sank underwater, what should we do?” “We should get it on up here, and let it die here so we can live another day!” Marco yells in answer of Mike’s worried yelling. “Let’s just stick someone in the water so we can attract it” puts in Joe, and everyone looks at Mathew. “What?” asks Mathew as he is quickly enclosed and everyone shoves him to the edge on the boat’s bow. “Make a lot of noise!” “Wave your arms wildly!” yells everyone as Mathew does as he is told. Soon, a shark fin appears from the water and while everyone watches a twenty foot shark leaps out of the water and almost slams into Mathew, but he leaps into the water at the last second with everyone included as well. Everyone resurfaces and watches as the impressive shark slowly dies on the eighteen foot boat. All is silent, not even the shark dares to breathe now, as a huge shadow suddenly appears under every kid and they are flipped into the air by the giant of the sea.

A huge moaning sound rings under water as the five kids splash into the depths. Mathew goes up, bouyant with the help of his fat. Joe and Mike resurface as well and cling to a floating wooden board, what is left of there ship. Marco and Joe are still in the air, with slimy tentacles wrapped around them. "What the heck is it this time!" screams Marco as he hangs upside down, his face turning awfully red. "Judging by the slimy, sticky stuff on us, it is probably a giant squid!" yells Polo as he is plunged back into the figid waters. "Polo!" shrieks the already delirious Marco as he is slowly slipping out of the squids grasp. "I don't think this will be easy to kill, judging by the size of this thing," says Joe to Mike as they dodge the dead shark being thrown at them. "Ha, no kidding, this would probably be a seller in the oceanic museums back home," throws back Mike as they both paddle their way to Mathew on their small piece of wood. When they get Mathew he isn't breathing, but his leg twitches in a hopefull sign of life.

A huge shadow appears beneath all creatures present and a spout of water sends Polo out of the sea and Marco onto the back of a huge animal, as long with everyone else excluding Polo. The giant squid shrieks in despair of losing warm food and dives under water, leaving the sodden Polo in the water. "Polo!" shouts everyone as the whale causally swims towards Polo and dives below and flips Polo onto it's back. "Are you okay Polo? Polo? Polo!" shouts Marco as he carefully steps his way towards Polo. "Oh my, he, hes dead!" says Marco in utter confusion as he sits on his rump. Everyone sits still, in silence to memore Polo in grace and gratitude for giving his life for those who may live on. "Hey, is that land? I thought we were hundreds of miles away from land... Maybe the whale is faster then he, or she looks?" suggests Mike as he wobbles on his knees. "No, that can't be right," ponders Joe in thought, "He is like tubby, big and slow". The whale approaches the landmass, and swims up a shallow channel. There is smoke coming from the forest, and the whale beaches itself on the sandy coastal beach. An echo of laughter can be heard where the fires are.

Natives in paint rush out from the trees, sharp hunting sticks up and ready. The kids see these and slide down the tail, with all the kids thanking the whale for more sacrifice on there behalf. The kids hide in the trees, scared of the Natives making dinner from their beloved rescuer. The Natives climb on the back of the whale and sees Polo, a white husk on the black husk, and wails. All four kids make a run for it through the trees, and make it through high bushes, dense forest, then marshes, but never find the end to the horrors. "Some home this is making out to be," whispers Marco as he keeps running through the never ending nightmare.

The author's comments:
Basically your tipical narrative essay you do in class. Rated high in class and hope it does here to.

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