Dameon Odel

February 14, 2011
By , Carson, WA
Chapter 1

Though it was incredibly late and a school night, Dameon couldn’t sleep. He lied there awake, waiting for the something to happen that he didn’t know would happen. It was as if he were chosen to live because at that moment he heard a bang outside. It wasn’t a loud bang but a quiet little sound that seemed to echo in his mind like that shattering of glass in a large room. It pierced his ears with a sharp pain, and even though it was miniscule, it was enough to draw him out of the warm sheets he slept in.
Dameon opened the door and stepped out on a small platform at the top of the stairs. He stayed there looking down into the crawling darkness below not knowing weather to go down or try to achieve something in the way of sleep before the morning hit.
Finally he made his decision and crept down the stairs. It was as if a black cloud had enveloped the entirety of his small house because as soon as he reach were the small amount of light from his room hit the shadows of the stairs he could see nothing, not even light he tried to walk back to his room but found that no matter how many stairs he climbed he still couldn’t see. Dameon began to panic and in his desperate attempt he fell. Dameon screamed as he crashed fell through the darkness, and finally was stopped by a wall. He gasped as the wind was drove out of him and began to wonder why it seemed his voice had traveled nowhere.

By the time Dameon realized the fact that this was no ordinary darkness that would casually be around a house it was to late he heard a muffled explosion the kind of sound you would here if you wrapped a firecracker in a blanket. He ran in the direction he thought his parent’s room was but before he could go any farther he tripped over a basket of clothes and fell to the ground. As he tried to get up he heard another muffled explosion and spots swam before his eyes, his vision darkened and finally Dameon got his sleep.
It was strange, it was the first time Dameon had ever been knocked out and he finally decided he didn’t entirely enjoy it. Dameon sat up and looked around. He was in the living room; it was as if an angel had stepped into the room because it was entirely sunny. The sun seemed to reflect of the carpet and gleam off of every smooth surface. He looked around. Everything was so vivid and vibrant that the contrast from the darkness hurt his eyes. It felt like he had been in the darkness for days and yet it had only been a few hours.
Suddenly there was a crash in the other room. Dameon slowly drew himself to his feet groaning as his vision blurred again. He walked through the modern house until he had passed through the living room and into the hall on the opposite side. There was what felt like a draft coming from his parent’s bedroom located around the corner of the hall and to the left. As Daemon turned the corner, he heard a gasp; no he didn’t here a gasp he was gasping. The hall and bedroom was completely obliterated, charred wood fell from the once perfect ceiling and onto the carpet. The smell was almost overwhelming and hit him like a wall threatening to make him pass out.
Dameon heard a creaking and looked up at the ceiling in time to see a large piece of the ceiling bow and cave in. he didn’t even move, he just stood there to shocked to do anything he watched as the thing came crashing directly in front of him. The noise would have hurt Dameons ears but he was far away now, everything seemed to move slower, noise almost didn’t even exist and the only thing that brought him back was the charred skull lying in the ashes of where his parent’s bedroom once was. Suddenly Dameon jolted and before he could do anything, or know what was happening, he was in the basement of his once happy home just as he was thinking life couldn’t get any worse boards crashed down onto him, rendering him unconscious.
Dameon immediately noticed the change in his surroundings. Everything was different, felt…different, but not in a bad way. He was more comfortable, everything so soft and warm. By the time Dameon realized were he was and why he was there it was too late. Women entered the room, the metal screeched lightly as she pulled back the curtain and walked in. Dameons Eyes flicked open and the women set down the tray she was carrying. Overall she was normal, she wasn’t exactly tall, and she had brown eyes and blonde hair that was obviously dyed. At first nothing seemed wrong but she soon turned around after a long pause and sat on the bed.
Before Dameon knew it, he was running, hospital gown flapping in the wind. He immediately ran into the room labeled laundry and closed the door behind him. Dameon grabbed a sack and began filling it with clothes. Now all he had to do was get some other supplies.

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