March 3, 2011
By SWAGG BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
SWAGG BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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After the group of kids heading to recess had passed out the door, Jay crept to the doorway. He looked both ways, checking that no other students were roaming the hallways. He slid through the doorway, and grabbed the silver door handle. The handle that was once shiny and new, was now polluted by rust, and fingerprints. He went over his plan to be the last one out to the playground, so he won’t get beat up. There was a boy who kept punching him, and taking all his money. This was none other than Joey Cartell. Jay took one last look into the dark classroom. Papers lay on floor, and trash was thrown throughout the small classroom. It made him sick to his stomach that he was being kept in such a room for seven hours a day. His thoughts were interrupted by the footsteps of someone walking through the classroom. This was it. The moment he would finally revenge himself. The moment when everything that was wrong in his life would become right. Jay crouched so that he couldn’t be seen, and as soon as the figure stepped through the doorway he pushed the door shut. He watched the door swing shut, almost as if the moment was in slow motion. In this time Jay remembered how hard he had pushed the door, and wondered if his anger fuelled his strength. Back to reality, the door stuck the figure. Almost immediately, the boy fell and began to scream and cry. Jay still crouched out of sight, debating whether or not to reveal himself to his victim. He finally worked up the courage to leave his hiding spot, and look at the damage he had caused.
Jay slowly peaked his head around the corner, to ensure the boy was still disabled. He slowly crept around the corner and witnessed what he had inflicted. He fell to his knees at the sight. There, laid a lifeless body, surrounded by puddles of blood. Jay pushed himself back to his feet and took a step back, but interested to see more he took a few steps forward. The puddles of blood surrounded the boy like water surrounding an island in the ocean. He felt his body beginning to shake. Was he scared of what he had done? Jay attempted to raise himself by standing on his toes, but his toes where shaking so bad he couldn’t stay balanced. He once again inched closer to the boy who still lay crying screaming. He had to find a way to shut him up before someone heard. Jay quickly took off his neatly ironed polo shirt, and balled it up. He grabbed the boy by the hair and pulled him closer. Jay stuffed the shirt he balled up into his mouth. Now all that could be heard was the sound of a muffled voice. He threw the boy’s head back toward the floor. A rush of adrenaline and many other emotions had began to rush through his body. Jay studied the boy’s face. His eyes were shinning with fear, and he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Jay smiled, and then noticed the hole from which the blood was coming from. There was a gash, about four inches long and half inch wide, on top of the boy’s forehead. Jay bent over the boy and searched through is pockets. He took all the money out of his wallet, and took all of the pencils he had.
Jay grabbed the boy by the shoe and pulled back trying to move him. He weight of the boy kept them both in the same position. Finally Jay got a good grip and began to drag him across the hall. He led him into a unlocked janitors closet. How appropriate, a room full of poisonous chemicals unlocked in a school. He positioned the body to where all the limbs where inside the closet and wouldn’t be as noticeable. Just then Jay remembered the blood streaks the body had made during the drag. He decided it didn’t matter, it’s not like he was ever coming back. He took one last look at his victim, and closed the door the janitors closet. He locked the door from the inside, just to make it a little more fun. He walked down the hall and went out to recess. All that remained of the incident was a huge pile of blood, and the boys name card, Joey Cartell.

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