Bush Gardens

March 1, 2011
By samib123 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
samib123 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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“Sam, wake up!” my dad yelled. It was 6 o’clock on Saturday morning. I slowly got out of bed and made my way downstairs for breakfast. “Why am I up so early?” I thought to myself. “Oh, yeah, I’m going to Bush Gardens!”
My phone vibrated in my lap. I looked down, and it was Melody calling me. “I’m here,” she said.
“I’m coming,” I replied.
When we got there, I could feel my heart racing. I was so excited. All the roller coasters everywhere were so high and so fast.
“Which one do you want to go on first?” Melody asked.
“One of the smaller ones,” I said.
“Hah! No,” she replied.
The first one we went on was called the Loch Ness Monster. The longer we waited in line, the faster my heart would beat.
When it was our turn, I stepped into my seat, and the bar closed. Then, we slowly started moving. We got to the part where it starts taking us up to the top of the drop. “Melody!” I yelled. “I can’t believe you made me co…” but before I could finish my sentence, we dropped. I screamed as loud as I could, for as long as I could, until my throat hurt. We came to a part in the ride where it goes through a tunnel. It was pitch black, and I couldn’t see where we were going at all. I looked around, but all I saw was black. I looked down, and I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I closed my eyes and listened to the screams. They seemed louder than before. I grabbed Melody’s hand and squeezed tighter and tighter. Then I saw a bright light. “Hmm, the ride doesn’t seem so bad anymore,” I thought to myself.
When we got off, I realized I actually had a lot of fun. I was ready to get back on. But instead, Melody wanted to go ride the Griffon.
“Let’s do it!” I yelled. Of course, I was only excited about this ride because I hadn’t seen what it looked like.
It must have been one of the highest roller coasters in the park, or at least from what I had seen. And your legs dangled as you raced down these steep hills. We waited in line for almost a half hour. Each minute I could feel my heart moving higher in my throat. By the time we got in our seats, I’m sure someone could have mistaken me for a person who had just ridden the ride and was terrified of it.
When we started moving, I jumped. We got to the first rise, and it just kept going and going, higher and higher. I opened my right eye, then my left. I prepared myself for the drop. We were right on the edge, about to fall, and the ride stopped. I screamed so loud, people walking by must have heard me and looked up. “Why aren’t we moving?” I tried to ask Melody, but before the words could come out of my mouth, we dropped. It was so fast, and so high. I was scared out of my mind. Then we went sideways and upside down so many times, I could barley tell which way was up and which was down. Everything was blurred. I looked down at my feet dangling; I could feel my heart beating in my throat. It seemed to be going in slow motion compared to how fast the ride was going. Then it began slowing down again. “Is it over?” I asked.
“Yes.” Melody replied. Her hair was blown back; it looked as if we were still moving. It reminded me of a troll doll. Her eyes were huge, and I could see the excitement in them. “Wasn’t that amazing?” She said.
“Extremely amazing!” I said, my hands shaking. It took me a few seconds to calm down. It happened so fast, I went from scared to excited, to it being over, all it what seemed to be a few seconds. “I’m never getting back on that ride again,” I said.
“Great! I’ll save your spot in line,” Melody said. Then she ran to get back in line.
“Well, I guess I could ride it just one more time.” I thought.

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