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A Toasty Adventure

February 27, 2011
By Anonymous

One day there was a piece of bread named Jackson. He lived in his loaf in the pantry with his brothers and sisters. It was a sad life because everyday, after the moment they were purchased from the pet store, two of his brothers, two of his sisters and his mother were taken from their home! So far, none of them have returned. Jackson thinks they were given a better home or sold. Jackson’s sister, Jess, was getting awfully lonely at the end of the loaf. She only had him for company. One day though, jess was also taken from the loaf. Jackson was scared now because he only had 3 brothers and two sisters left. He would be the next to go… wherever his family was going.

The next morning, while the slices were all sleeping, Jackson was taken. A large knife covered him in slimy stuff, and stuck him into a small metal slot. A small click sounded, and he was pulled down. He started to sweat and tan. Soon Jackson’s skin was hardening and darkening. He screamed for his family. The heat was excruciatingly painful. Finally he was flown up and out of the small metal slot. As thoughts of being saved went through Jacksons mind, his eye and half of his body was bitten off. Jackson screamed and blacked out.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Though Jackson died a painful death, he was finally happy and reunited with his family who had disappeared. It all made sense now-they were in heaven! Jackson was sad that he couldn’t tell his living family about their dreaded fate, but soon they would all end up in heaven together. The loaf family would be together again. It didn’t really hurt being eaten but Jackson already missed his brothers and sisters left at home. He would probably be only a few days until they went to heaven, also. It was a strange place heaven; it looked kind of like his pet store, nut a much larger space. Seeming to go on forever, Jackson wanted to explore this new world. Unfortunately, his mom said he would have to wait for the rest of their family until they could venture out. The loaf family had to wait a whole week for their three brothers and two sisters to come, and boy were they shaken. Now they just needed his dad, but it had been two weeks and he hadn’t shown up yet.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Back in the real world, a new loaf of bread was purchased. The loaf family’s home was thrown into a large black can along with the last piece of bread to the family: the dad. I guess he wasn’t wanted since he was an end piece. Either way, he knew his family was dead so he was considering eating himself so he could die and be in heaven with them. But about two weeks later of not being able to get anywhere with his plan, a garbage can snatched him up and squished him to death. Now he was in heaven too with his family, and he was happy as a clam.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Up in heaven the loaf family was happy as could be since their father had returned to them. They were all finally a family again and, fortunately for Jackson, they could go out exploring the new world now. They found out that outside of the very large new pet store, there was an even bigger world full of tons of stores of other kinds of pets! It was an extraordinary sight to the Loaf’s eyes. They never wanted to leave and they were lucky because they didn’t have to. Finally they were at peace, and together.

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CrazyKid said...
on Mar. 7 2011 at 7:57 am
This piece make me hungry!!!!

M.Kimmi BRONZE said...
on Mar. 5 2011 at 8:29 pm
M.Kimmi BRONZE, New York, New York
2 articles 0 photos 31 comments
this sounded like a piece for children, but its good. =D

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