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February 18, 2011
By saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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The Merigold is a cruise ship heading through the Bermuda Triangle. It’s six hundred foot haul sailed through the ocean with ease. The five hundred guests on board partied and looked at the sites or the breaching whales and dolphins. The churning motors sent electrical impulses flowing through the ocean.

The three hundred foot creature swam through the ocean. It’s fifty foot caudal fin propelling it forward. It’s four limbs have webbed hands and feet with razor sharp, twenty foot claws. The body of the creature is alligator like The thick armored scales gave it natural protection. The head was of a shark, but had fifty foot tentacles extending from under its jaw.

The creatures ampullae of Lorenzini, small sensory cells at the tip of the snout that detect electrical impulses, detected the beating heart of a blue whale.

It’s powerful tail and claws propelled the beast forward at one-hundred miles per hour.

The blue whale glides through the ocean undisturbed. Feeding on plankton and krill, iit was a peaceful animal.


The whale didn’t even know what hit it. The creature launched itself and its prey out of the water. The goliath mouth, with five foot serrated teeth, wrapped around the animal, puncturing its blubbery hide. The whale spasmed while in mid air sending salt water everywhere. Blood now soaked the ocean. The creature then bit down with one hundred thousand pounds per square inch of pressure. The was separated into three parts. The head and tail section falling into the ocean. The midsection was then swallowed completely by the creature.

Going to complete its kill it suddenly became agitated by the larger electrical impulses coming from a larger creature.

The Merigold sailed. Sandra Brown noticed the giant pool of blood in the water and gave a bloodcurdling scream. Her husband, John Brown, rushed over to see what she was screaming about. The head and tail section of the blue whale rose to the surface. Sandra fainted, but John puke over the railing. By now all the guests were looking at the bloody remains.

“What could’ve done this?”, John asks a stranger.


The creature slams into the front of ship causing it to go vertical. It wraps its claws aroung the ship piercing the hull making claw marks.

The guests were knocked off their feet. Some went flying over the railing into the cold Atlantic.

The creature could not defy gravity and fell back into the ocean. The ship following, slammed into the ocean. The steel reverberated throughout cracking pipes and floorboards.

John was frightened. He looked over the railing at the people treading water. The monstrous mouth of the creature swallows all of the guests whole. He slapped his wife waking her up.

“Ow!”, Sandra yells then hits John back.

“We have to get off this ship!”, John yells back.

“Why?”, Sandra asks.

Just then the creature launched itself out of the water. The creatures enormous girth fell left onto the ship smashing the ship like butter.

Sandra screamed bloody murder as the ship began to roll. John slammed onto the railing, hanging onto his wife as she dangled over the ledge.

“Pull me up John!”, Sand screams.

John began pulling her up. Sandra was almost over the railing.


One of the creature’s tentacles wrapped around Sandra’s waist.

John looked into his wife’s eyes full of terror.

Sandra and John both screamed. Sandra was pulled down into the monster’s hideous mouth.

John sat there screaming.

The ship began to roll back to normal, but it was taking on water fast.

As the boat leveled out a stranger patted John’s shoulder. John turned showing his bloodshot eyes.

“Come on! There’s a lifeboat over there!”, The stranger yelled.

John got up and ran to the lifeboat with the stranger.

There was commotion everywhere. People screaming, wounded, and dead lay everywhere. People even began to commit suicide.

From the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, the creature circled under its dying prey. It’s final blow will be the kill. Using all its power and speed it launches itself at the middle of the Merigold.


Pipes, people, and flooring launch high into the air as the Merigold was split in half. John and the stranger were one of those people! He flew five hundred feet in the air. He thought about how his death would come from the impact of the water instead of by the horrible creature.


One of the tentacles wrapped around his waist. He realized what was happening and gave one last blood curdling scream as the creature pulled him into oblivion.

The Merigold eventually sank. The suction from the destroyed ship sucked the passengers to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. For those who survived, their souls were destroyed by the creature. The Merigold became another puzzle piece in the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

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Hope you enjoy.

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L.T.A SILVER said...
on Feb. 23 2011 at 9:15 pm
L.T.A SILVER, Hammond, Indiana
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Wow. that's good. There were a couple mistypes but overall it was good.


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