In a Dream

February 12, 2011
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As the alarm goes off Alicia habitually yells,” HURRY! HURRY! Security is on the way and we can’t get caught.” Dashing down the hall, Corey’s mind filled with incredulity about the mission. When they arrived at the main hall they slowed down and walked calmly and feigned nothing happened. As they leave the white house and return to the ware house both had a decrepit feeling. It was time to relocate.
“Where 1st”?
“My mom’s house”, said Corey.
So they quickly got on the next bus to New York. Upon their arrival they saw two municipals. They quickly ducked behind the seats to make sure their faces weren’t recognized. As they exited they looked around perpetually; hoping to slide right pass everyone.
As they arrived at the house, in the front yard stood four men in black and Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. It looked as if they were being questioned. Just as they made it to the end of the street a black car pulled them over.
The man walked up and asked “are you Corey Rogers’s sir?”
He read the name tag and said, “Yes Mr. Jones I am, and may I ask what the problem is?”
“We need you to step out the vehicle with your hands in the air”
When the man spoke Corey glanced at Alicia, who in return gave him a face of solace and confidence. She knew the plan and was ready to take action.
As Corey stepped out if the car, he moved slowly, and as the police arrested him, they demanded for the others to step out too. Alicia took a count of three then climbed over and took off.
Mr. Jones face filled with indignation.
Now that they were being followed they headed to the most public place of them all. THE MALL!
Dashing to the mall causing complete bedlam, Alicia prepared for rescuing Corey. Mean while Corey was token to the department for interrogation. Feeling complete melancholy he took it all as they chastised him he tried to think lucid. Then as the room grew empty and cold Alicia showed up and he was free, but they had to get a move on.
Now 4:30am in Chicago, Illinois they pulled up to a large reddish-brown building on 46th south Martin Luther King drive. It was Alicia’s mom’s house. She hoped they had not spoken with the government, if not, this could be beneficial. Her mom is a retired agent so they were hoping she would be amorous.
When they reached the top step Mrs. Thomas opened the door.
“Aww, my baby! How are you?”
“I’m fine mom. You remember Cory right?”
“Yes I do. Hi there young man, how are you?”
“Fine. Thanks”
“Mom can we come inside I’m in a bit of trouble?”
“Oh sure, what’s going on”
“Mom we stole something very important to the pres.!”
“Oh! What did you take?”
“Oh dear, let me go get my bag”
“Thanks mom.”
“Now what do u need?” Said Mrs. Thomas as she opened a suit case full of neat gadgets. So with all the material they drew up a plan and found it hard to get caught because their obscurity. It wasn’t easy but after everything was set they received a phone call from Pres. Harper.
Alicia answered and said “Hello?”
“Yea, this is Mr. Pres.”
“I know who you are! What do you want?”
“I understand you got something that belongs to me”
“And what might that be?”
“Now young lady just hand over my constitution and there will be no punishment”
“Under one condition, you have to free my brother, Carlos Carmelo Thomas, from tour federal prison!”
“Then say ‘bye-bye’ to your precious constitution”
“WAIT! I will have him released in the next half hour”
“Meet me under The L” she hung up and they got their things together, made a few calls and headed straight there.
About an hour later presidential cars came down the road and President Harper stepped out and walked over to Corey. Alicia quickly showed the constitution.
“Now where is my brother?”
Carlos ran across to her and she handed over the paper. As they drove off the V.P realized it was phony and shot at the tire. Then turned to make sure the President was safe.
“HE’S GONE”, she shouted.
Back in the car Alicia took the scarf and said “be ready to meet your worst nightmare”
“BEEP BEEP” the alarm clock went off.
“Ugh time to get ready for school”

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