January 28, 2011
By Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
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As I await the guests to arrive for my mother and fathers 30th wedding anniversary, I put on my finale pieces of jewelry.

“Charlotte come down, guests are arriving honey.” Charlotte’s mom announced.
I put my ruby necklace down and headed down stairs. Guests approached my to congratulate my parents on their 30th year married. I walked into the grand entrance of my house and saw a mysterious looking couple, they looked familiar as if I have seen them before.

“Mom.” I whisper.

“Yes honey.”
I move closer to her so that no one hears me.

“That couple over there, do we know them?” I look over and question.

“I actually don’t know, maybe one of your fathers fellow co workers.” She looks and gives a nod then joins back to the party.
They look over at me and wave, I smile back and go to get some caviar. I turn to see adults from early thirties to late fifties laugh and discuss politics. At this point I feel like faking sick and heading to my room to watch TV. I turn around to find that odd couple creeping around like snakes larking for prey. I look over at my mom to see my mom talking to the Head of my father’s company. I over hear there conversation.

“Excuse me for one second.” My mom says to the man.

“Of course.” He replies.
My mom walks over to me with a smile lying across her face.

“How are you enjoying the party Char?” My mom asked.

“Honest?” I replied.

“Yes, honest.” My mom giggled.

“I don’t know ANYONE, and I’m bored.” I say in the nicest way possible.

“I know what you mean, you can go upstairs I’ll tell everyone your feeling sick.” My mom says with a loving smile.

“I love you, mommy.” I say as I hug her.
I slowly and surely walk upstairs to my room. As I enter my room I head to my closet to change into my pajamas, and take off all the jewelry and makeup. As I exit my closet and begin taking off my jewelry I notice that my Ruby necklace is gone.

“What, I left it right there.” I say to myself in disbelief.
My mom walks in, with a tired look on her face.

“I came to make sure that your okay, and that your ready for bed.”

“MOOMMMM!” I shriek.

“What’s the problem?” My mom panics

“I left my room with the Ruby necklace you got my last week right there, and now it’s gone! I left it there, right there.” I explained.
Mommy walked over to my dresser and looked around and then double-checked.

“Are you sure you did not misplace it?”

“Positive, I left it RIGHT THERE!” I exclaim.
My mom looks at the door and listens to the violinist play as the party continues. She looks over at me and looks back at the door.

“Was your door open or closed when you left your room?”

“Open, I rushed out.”

“Do you think anyone came up here?
In my head I thought of the odd couple, but who am I to judge, I have never even met them.

“I have no idea.”
The problem is not that I lost an expensive necklace; the problem is that my parents got it for me, its valuable. As we sit on my bed, we see a shadow coming from the halls. It is not my father because he would never leave a partying he is hosting unless an emergency. My mother looks at me, and slowly beings to stand up. I got up and rushed to the hallway, another shadow was spotted by my mother. My mom went over to my side table and grabbed a home phone and slowly dialed 9-1-1. Once I saw her dial I got nervous. When we saw an actual body that’s when my mom hit the final 1 and hit send. The police said there on there way. My dad came up the stairs and asked why my mother was not apart of the party. My mother explained everything and my father went to the other side of the hall, when he spotted the person, my father ran and attacked. The guy was on the floor and my dad did not know weather he should wait for the police or just take care of the thief right then and there. The thief as we look closely was the husband of that odd couple I saw. The police came and arrested him and I got my amazing necklace back.

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