January 31, 2011
By Jenna Ward BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
Jenna Ward BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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While standing over her dead husband’s body, she felt free. “he lies” she thought. “He thinks I’m crazy.” At the thought of this she smiles. She puts the gun in her bag and starts to pack her stuff, knowing the neighbors probably heard the gunshots and the cops are probably on their way. She grabbed her bags and jumped in the car. “I’ve got to find my son” she declared.

When officer Raldin arrived to the scene, he shuddered at the sight of the body. There had to be at least 10 gunshot wounds. He has only been on the force for a year, and hasn’t seen anything as gruesome as this. “Neighbors heard gunshots, and saw the wife leave the house with a duffel bag” Said the chief. “Well got any information on our suspect here?” said officer Raldin. The chief started listing off information. “Name is Sarah Bennett, age 29, height 5’8, Caucasian, last seen wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans, and is currently under a restraining order form a young boy named Raymond Davis. Doctor Records are pretty much good for both of them but on hers it shows that she was pregnant, but the child died during birth.”

As she pulled up to the school she looked around for her little boy. She saw him walk out the doors of the school and sit on a nearby bench with a couple other kids. She hopped out of the car “Hi Raymond!” she said with a smile “your coming with me today, were going to have lots of fun!” the 5 year old boy jumped up and walked off to the car with her. “Where’s mommy?” he said. “She’s busy, so you’re coming with me” she said back.

Just before the police could leave they got a call over the radio. “Missing child, Raymond Davis, 5 year old, blond hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing a school uniform, he was also last seen outside of Riverton Elementary school. Officer Raldin jumped in his car already knowing where the kid would be, but where are they going?

“How was school today Raymond?” she asked him. “Good, I got an A on my spelling test!” he replied. “Good job! I am so proud of you! Would you like a snack?” she said offering him a box of animal crackers out of her bag. “Thank you” he said as he took them. “Where are we going?” he asked Sarah. “Oh you’ll see I have a surprise for you.”

As officer Raldin was sitting in the office with the little boy’s parent watching them sob, he tried to think of all the places she could be heading. All public places he ruled out, she’s obviously thought this through. He tried to think what he would do with his son. It’s been a while since he has seen his son. Ever since the divorce it seems like he never sees him as much. He knew the first thing he would do is spend some time with him at home, where it would be just me and him spending quality time together. “Chief, can you find out if our suspect owned anymore houses or maybe any family that do outside of town?”

Sarah pulled into the driveway of a beautiful, countryside home, complete with a swing in the front yard. The house was surrounded with pastures full of horses, cows, and a creek. She knew that the house was vacant, ever since her parents died. She planned on moving in and even had everything remodeled and ready, but when the hospital took away my son, my husband said we couldn’t move in and that o wasn’t stable enough. I’ve got my son and I’ve got my house, I don’t need him. “Were home Raymond!” she said. Raymond stepped out of the car and looked around. “This isn’t home.” He said. “Sure it is, I’m your mother remember? The hospital took you away from me when you were born, but it’s okay because we’re together now.” “You’re not my mommy.” He cried. “Yes I am, come with me I’ll show you.” The little boy slowly followed her into the house; a little unsure that was going on. She led him though the house and back into a room. The room had blue wallpaper and a small child’s bed in it. It had a toy box with all kinds of racecars and trains. “This is your room.” She said. The little boy barely even heard her as he ran over to the toy box and started to play with the cars. Sarah smiled and sat down to play with him. “Don’t worry mommas going to take care of you.” At the sound of momma the little boy perked up. “Where is my mommy? I want my mommy!” he started to cry. “Now just calm down a min...” but before she could finish she heard the door burst down. How? She thought. She knew there was no time. She picked up Raymond and ran out the back door, grabbing her gun out of her bag on the way out.

While the other cops searched the house, he decided to check around the house that when he spotted her running out the back door. “She’s out back!” he yelled and drew his gun. “maam stop where you are!” instead she jumped on one of the horses with the little boy in front of her. That’s when she turned around, gun in hand and fired at him. Pain started piercing from his shoulder, but he knew what he must do, as he raised his gun and fired. For that spit second he prayed to god that he wouldn’t miss, or that she wouldn’t duck, remembering the little boy is up front. She fell to the ground, while the boy held on for dear life on the horse as he screamed. The boy finally tumbled off and landed in a patch of tall grass. The police surrounded him to rescue the little boy and take him to his real mother.

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