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January 31, 2011
By ryan stuart BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
ryan stuart BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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Once upon a time there were four kids at a lake. Their names are Billie, Ben, Ben, and Brock. They went to the lake one day to hang out and go swimming. They were having lots of fun and saw some girls. They went and talked to them and ended up getting invited to a bonfire there at the lake. So instead of going home they planned on staying there at the lake for the bonfire so they didn’t waste gas. So they were sitting around hanging out and noticed that Brock had been in the bathroom for a while. They didn’t think anything about it though. Suddenly Brock comes out of the bathroom says that he has a bad stomach ache. So Billie, Ben, and bob went to a store nearby and got Brock some Pepto-Bismol. They took that back to him and he took some but it didn’t help. So Brock says it hurts so bad that he wants to go home. The other boys on the other hand didn’t like that idea because they wanted to stay for the bonfire so they could hang out with those girls. So they tried to see if it would go away but it wouldn’t so they loaded up and left to go home even though they really wanted to stay for the bonfire. So they just about halfway home and Brock woke up from his nape and were sitting there not saying a word which was very odd for him to do. Then Brock says that his stomach doesn’t hurt anymore and the other boys said that’s cool but it’s too late now to go back now. Luckily Ben said it’s not to late so Brock said “get your towels ready its about to go down”. So the boys raced back to the lake just in time for the bonfire. They found the girls and got to hang out with them. Happily ever after the boys had fun at the bonfire, got the girls numbers and made it back home safe.

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