The Neilas

January 26, 2011
By Hobbit BRONZE, Beachwood, Ohio
Hobbit BRONZE, Beachwood, Ohio
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It was last week when the aliens came. Did they come in peace? No. Did they come to kill us all? Sort of. They came because their planet had been attacked and destroyed. They came because our planet had the resources they needed to survive: , water and meat. They call themselves the Neilas. The Neila species come from the planet Nanometer. The Neilas were about 6’0” with silver, scaly skin and slit yellow eyes. They were without emotion. All they did was eat. Most Earth animals have gone extinct now, due to all the eating the Neilas have been doing. They roamed space in a ship the size of the Burj Dubai. They had roamed space for decades, before finding Earth.

They had reproduced a lot on their ship and there were thousands of them running around Earth, eating everything in sight, people included. The Neilas, carnivorous creatures, ate three times their weight.
They are carnivorous creatures.

My name is Robert Nolan, the Neilas ate both my wife and two sons. I am in the CAU, a new intelligence agency specifically for stopping the aliens, the Counter Alien Unit. My sole purpose is to kill all of the aliens, whatever the cost may be.

The Neilas were about 6’0” with silver, scaly skin and slit yellow eyes. They were without emotion. All they did was eat. Most Earth animals have gone extinct now, due to all the eating the Neilas have been doing. Lately, the aliens have been abducting their food, as opposed to eating them on the spot like usually. I found out that the aliens were planning a feast. It was time for their eggs to hatch and thousands more Neilas would be born. This had to be stopped or earth would be completely overrun by Neilas.

I entered CAU headquarters. My commander, George Mac approached me.

“We have an assignment for you. You must stop the feast from taking place or get in and somehow kill them all.”

“The feast is tonight, and I see only one way to take them out, with me inside.” I replied.

“Yes, Robert it’s a suicide mission. Our scientists have developed a bomb, a bomb that will destroy the whole ship. It will incinerate all of the Neilas, but it will also incinerate you.”

I gulped. “Ever since my wife and sons were killed, I wanted to avenge them. Now, I can do that and be with them at the same time. I’ll do it.”

“You’re a brave man, Robert. You won’t be forgotten”

I shook George’s hand for the last time. I grabbed two guns, a pistol an AK47, and a dagger, then I grabbed the bomb and detonator, and a silencer for the pistol, then walked out of CAU headquarters without looking back.

I hid behind a building near the spaceship and. I had my pistol ready and my AK strapped across my chest. There were two guards standing there. I connected my silencer then went in. I shot the guards then entered the ship. I needed to get to the heart of the ship where the cafeteria was. That would be where the feast was. I ran down Halllway. The signs were written in Neilian;. Neilas spoke English, but they still had their own language. I grabbed a Neila that was on it’s way to the restroom.

“Where is the cafeteria?” I asked it with my gun to its head.

“I’ll never tell you.”

I shot him in his thigh.

“TELL ME WHERE IT IS!!!” I yelled.

I choked him and banged his head into the steel wall.wall, which was made of steel.

“You’re going to tell me where it is. The only question is how much you want it to hurt.”


I gasped. That was the worst Neilian profanity swear ever.

”You little…” I didn’t finish, instead I expressed what I wanted to say through a punch, punch, kick, jab, then I slipped out my knife and stabbed him in the back. Nowhere lethal, but it still hurt a lot.

“I’ll put you out of your misery now if you tell me where it is.” I said showing him my gun.
“ Fine. Down Halll and make a right. When you see a janitor’s closet, turn left, and it should be straight ahead. If you hit the dorms you’ve gone too far.”

“Thank you,” I said, I reached for my gun, so I could do what I said I’d do. This Neila looked familiar. Then I remembered. It was him.

I had just arrived home. I opened my front door and saw that my house had been ransacked. Everything was broken.
“Audrey! Tony! Victor!” My wife and sons names echoed throughout the house. Then I saw him:, the monstrous creature. He was in my kitchen. I pulled out my gun, at the time I was working with the CIA, not CAU. I ran into the kitchen and saw the creature. He looked at me and started drooling. I fired, missed, jumped and fired again. The bullet grazed the front of his face and rivulets of blood came from his face. He made the most dreadful sound I had ever heard then ran. He broke a huge hole in the wall and was gone. I ran upstairs to my wife’s room and couldn’t believe what I saw. The skeletons of my wife, Audrey, and my sons, Tony and Victor lay on the floor. They were picked clean. The shock was too much for me. I collapsed. I grabbed and dragged all three skeletons and hugged them, then I started sobbing. If only I had gotten here sooner I could’ve stopped him

“I’m sorry,” I said through my tears. “So so sorry. So sorry.”
“I recognized the scar on your face that my bullet left.”
“I have one thing to say about that. Your family was delicious.” I grabbed the knife in his back and pulled it up. He yelped.
“Today, you and your family will share the same fate as my wife and sons. I blamed myself ever since then for their deaths. Sometimes I can’t even sleep at night knowing I failed them.” I yanked out the knife and he collapsed.
“You cannot stop us,.” the Neila said.
“Watch me.”
I grabbed him and dragged him along with me to the cafeteria. I ran down Halll and made right to the janitors closet then turned left. I saw the cafeteria and all the Neilas that were about to be incinerated, the species that had killed so many people and animals, my wife and children.
“Today you will witness the destruction of your species.” I said. There were eggs set out on a stage, the Neila eggs.
“Which one is yours?” I asked it.
“What do you plan to accomplish?” I pulled out my gun. “Fine, it’s the one to the far right.” I looked at it and raised my gun at the stage. “What are you doing?”
“Showing you how it feels.” I fired and the egg exploded green goo.

“NO!” the Neila said. “You will pay for this.”

“Sniles!” a female Neila yelled.

“I’m guessing that’s your wife,” I said to Sniles.

He eyed me. I aimed at the female Neila.

“NO! Please.”

“The only reason I’ll let her live is because she’s gonna die in a few seconds anyway.”

“What do you mean?” he hissed.
The Neilas standing near the egg were covered in goo and all the Neilas were enraged. They looked at me and charged.

“Watch this.” I said to the him.

I grinned.

“Come and get it,” I whispered.

Neilas came at me from all sides. I had my finger on the button that would detonate the bomb.
“Don’t do this. Don’t ! Please!”
They ran, three, I grinned, two, They grabbed me, one. I pushed the button, zero0. An explosion so large rocked the world as every Neila was consumed by flames and I, well I saw the light and I went towards the light.

The author's comments:
Neila is alien backwards

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