Princess Penelope's Dream

January 24, 2011
It was a Sunday morning in King Bradley’s kingdom. Every Sunday, King Bradley would hold a meeting. Today was a little different. The sun wasn’t out and the birds weren’t singing their songs like they normally do. The kingdom was awfully quiet. Princess Penelope woke up from her sleep drenched in sweat. She had a nightmare. She ran to her father to tell him about her dream. “Father, don’t hold the meeting! The Prime Minister isn’t what he seems to be. He’s up to no good! I saw it in my dreams!”
King Bradley laughed. “Nonsense, Penelope. It’s just a dream.”
Penelope cried, “Please, father!”
“Penelope, not now. I’m busy. Now run along and play while I hold the meeting.” King Bradley left and went to the meeting as planned. Just after the king left, a poor young boy snuck into Princess Penelope’s room by accident. He was looking for food to steal but didn’t expect to find the Princess here. Without anyone else to trust or turn to, Princess Penelope told the young boy about her scary dream and why she was so upset. The boy was interested and wanted to help but didn’t think he could make much of a difference. When he apologized for not being able to do anything, he left quietly climbed down the big old oak tree outside Princess Penelope’s window so he wouldn’t get in trouble. As soon as his foot touched the ground, there was a loud crash and a high pitched scream coming from inside the castle. Princess Penelope’s scream was loud enough to make his ear bleed. The young boy tried to climb back inside but could not make it, so he ran around the front of the castle to warn the guards and to try and protect the Princess but as he got to the gate, the Prime Minister was riding out of the castle with Princess Penelope over his shoulder unconscious! When they rode by, the Prime Minister hit the young boy knocking him out. A small golden flute fell out of the Princess’ bag and landed near the young boy’s face. The Prime Minister rode off to his mini castle in a desert near the kingdom.
The young boy awoke several hours later. When he picked up the flute, he could feel a special magic flow through his body and he mysteriously knew how to play a beautiful song. The song had a strange feeling about it. It seemed like it was leading the boy towards a specific place. Behind the castle, in a secluded building, was an abandoned church. When the boy reached the front of the church, he saw writing on the wall telling him to play that song again. When he played, the wall opened up and let him into a secret room with a pedestal in the middle with a large sword sticking out of it. The boy was very excited from everything that had happened, so he ran up to the sword and lifted it out of the pedestal. Immediately he was overcome with power and magic and the entire room lit up white. By the time the blinding light faded, the young boy was not so young any more. He went into the future just by touching the sword. On top of that, he was standing in a dark place with a large being in front of him. The magical being spoke and explained to him what had just happened. It turns out that the Princess’ dream was real and the Prime Minister was actually an evil wizard who tried to take over the kingdom over the years. It was the boy’s duty to save the kingdom. Seven years have passed since the day the boy pulled the sword and the entire kingdom has changed since. The plants no longer grew and the fields weren’t green with life anymore. The river has dried up and the sky is always filled with dark clouds all because of the evil Prime Minister’s power. The magical being instructed the boy to train for 3 months to gain power and to ready himself for fight against the Prime Minister. With no other options, the young boy accepts and leaves the temple in search of a way to train.
For the following three months, the boy journeyed across the entire kingdom defeating enemy upon enemy, saving town after town, and slowly restoring the kingdom to how it used to be. He was forced to train and practice his sword skills for 3 months before the magical being summoned him back to the temple where he found the sword. When he got back, the magical being was impressed by his progress and new abilities and granted him one last skill that would allow him to get inside the castle, since it was protected by a barrier. He took out the magical flute that started the whole journey and played that same song again. When the music began, the protective field around the gates started to fade. The boy had taken the first step to ending all of this madness.
The boy ventured through the castle and made his way to the top of the tower where the king’s throne room is. The Prime Minister sat in the king’s throne with the Princess locked up behind him. He was smiling and laughing quietly for some reason. “Listen here Prime Minister! I’ve come to restore the kingdom, free the princess, and destroy you! No one who is as power hungry and greedy like you could ever be a good enough ruler for this kingdom!”
The Prime Minister simply laughed at him and smiled some more. “Foolish boy, I’ve watched you progress this entire time. I remember you were the little brat I hit the day I kidnapped the princess. When I saw you training, I was relieved to know that the only person in the entire kingdom capable of defeating me was just some little teenager that I can easily defeat. You would be stupid to try and stop me!”
“Stupid or not, it is my duty!!” The boy charged at the Prime Minister with the Sword pointed at his chest. The Prime Minister attempted to block the attack but it was no use. The sword’s magical powers prevented the Prime Minister from even fighting back because of how purely evil he was. The boy killed him instantly and then proceeded to free the Princess. She was forever thankful to him and was glad to take the place as Queen of the kingdom. She awarded the boy the biggest honor and awards he could receive for saving the kingdom and lived at the castle for a long time.
The boy did realize that he was forgetting something. He forgot that he was 7 years in the future and that he needed to go back to his own time as a kid and live his life properly. He said good bye to the Princess and assured her that they would meet again correctly. He went back to the temple one last time and put the sword back in the pedestal. As soon as he let go, a bright white light lit up the whole room again. He was brought back in time to his childhood, only hours before his first meeting with the Princess. He immediately ran to the castle, demanded to speak to the king, and explained the entire story of what happens if he holds the meeting with the Prime Minister. King Bradley trusted the young boy and his daughter and had the Prime Minister arrested and jailed for the rest of his life and the kingdom was never in harm again. The princess was so delighted to see him again that the two lived peacefully in the castle for a long time. The young boy eventually married the princess seven years later and became king and the two of them lived their lives happily all because the young boy wanted food that one day.

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