The End is Just the Beginning

January 22, 2011
By AngeloWriter BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
AngeloWriter BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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This story is the adventure of Fredrick Jones and his brother Alegri. The two brothers are in search of items that have the power to twist the very fabric of reality. What happens in this book, you must find out, for you are the reader. What you choose to do with this is your choice entirely. But if you choose to read it, you are going on a journey that bring you face to face with the very ends of your worst nightmares. You've been warned...

Chapter 1: The Begining
Our story begins in the himalayan mountains, where two brothers are seeking the truth to life. They have searched the world over for an artifact to answer their question, and that one item is in the very touch of their finger tips. It is an ancient staff of power known simply as: The Rod of Creation, said to be used by Moses himself. The staff is said to be able to create anything the user desires, including the answer to any question. However, what the two brothers don't know is that the staff is also a seal; a seal to it's very dark twin. The Jones' also have a rival, a rival that has been hunting them down for the very same artifact, but with much more dark power. The name of their rival is the infamous Johanson Mordecai, a man who's nothing less than the damnator and destroyer of the universe. "Are we almost there Fredrick?" shouted Alegri 10 feet below Fred. "The sensor says it's only another 20 feet higher, so yes!" "But there's only another 10 feet till the peak! How is that possible?" replied Alegri. "I don't really know, but the supposed cave is right above me!" Just then, Johanson, along with his sister, Emilia, were stationed one mountain over, ready to blast the brothers to bits. "You better have a good shot, because this launcher cost me a fortune!" ordered Emilia. "Don't worry, the Grim Reaper locks on and fires directly at the target." "Fine, just cause a simple avelanche, and have those bumbuling fools trampled by the snow and ice." "OK. 3...2...1..., Fire!" "No, wait!" But it was too late. The one thing Emilia forgot, is the sound the actual firing of the Grim Reaper makes. An avalanche started to fall instantly, leaving the two groups two choices; race to bottom and the cave, or risk being killed by the snow and ice. "Run Alegri, RUN!" cried Fredrick. Alegri climbed as fast as he could, and almost lost himself to the mountain. But luckily, Fredrick was able to reach his hand and pull him into the cave. "Thanks for the hand Fred" " What do you mean Alegri? You pulled yourself up." Feeling a little shocked about waht Freadrick had told him, the two pushed on to the rest of the cave. Meanwhile, even though the avalanche was delayed, the two Mordecai siblings were thinking of what they should do. "I say we run! We'll have an incline and the wind will be at our backs!" "No, we should jump for it. If we run, we'll only start rolling and end up like a cartoon character!" It's as if the two just wouldn't shut up. But by the time they made a decision, the avalanche had already swollowed them. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" the two screamed. " I told you we should've gone with my idea!" "Your idea?! Your idea would have gotten us trampled! But I guess it's too late for that now isn't it?! So now you can go kiss my Big, Fat, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" The Jones Brothers moved on towards the end of the cave, and there it was. "Oh, my God"

Chapter 2: The Discovery of a Lifetime
The Jones Brothers had finally found what they hade been looking for; the key to the answers to all their questions. "Alegri, are you seeing what I'm seeing?" "Yep, and I still don't believe it. Wait, what's that inscription on that tablet?" "I don't know, but it looks like Hebrook. I can decipher it, but it will take a while." "Fine, just hurry. The next snow storm hits in 1 hour." Many minutes passed, and Alegri was starting to get worried. About 45 minutes passed, and finally the code got cracked. "I got it!" replied Fredrick. "Good! Now hurry up and read it before we get snowed in!" "OK! It says He who pulls the Rod of Creation from it's pedestal shall unleash the ultimate controlable evil, And only he who is worthy may wield the Rod of Creation. If you are here for a quesiton, please write here." "OK, so we know not to pull out the staff, even if we can. But we also know that we can just deposit a question. "So then let's write it!" So the two brothers wrote their question, and in a few moments their answer appered. Their question "Is their a Holy Trinity?" Their answer: Yes. "Wow. The preachers and our parents really were right. And we didn't believe them." said Alegri. " I know, so take the remaining time to finally accept what we've been told." And so it was. But then out of the blue... "Suprise, failures!" Much to the Jones' dismay, the Mordecai siblings survived. " We know about that dark staff, and we want our hands on it. So pull the staff, or you meet Mr. Lead Head!" So the Jones were stuck with a choice: pull out the staff and release and unspeakable evil, or not and end up dead. "Fine, we'll pull it out. On one condition. You let us take the Rod of Creation with us." replied Fred. "Very well. Just don't try to pull a fast one." So Fredrick and Alegri went over to the Rod of Creation and began. " You thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Alegri. " I sure am. On the count of three. 1...2...3!" And at that moment, the two released the Rod of Creation from the pedestal, and then created an exact duplicate, so that both may have the power to fight the evil. "Ha! Your trapped Mordecais! Now surrender or we'll blast you to the outer reaches of the world!" " I think your the fools in this case. Now prepare to see the full extent of darkness!" But nothing happend. " Wait a minute! Why didn't it work?!" " Because the Scepter of Armeggedeon lies within the world of Death!" "Now, it's time for you to meet your maker!" And finally, the Jones fires balls of flame directly at the Mordecais, and sent them plunging into the dark, white abyss of the Himalays. " Looks like that's the last of them." "Yeah, I guess so. Lets go home." " Agreed."
Chapter 3: The Awakening
As the two Jones go back to their mansion in Seattle, a deeper and darker revalation dawns. It is not in the world of life that the dark staff exitsts, but in the world of death, where the endless sreaming and torture is power to an energy of mass destruction. " Huh? Where are we?" wonderd Emilia. " Brother, are you OK?" "Of coures I'm not! I just fell 10 stories into a never ending flume, you dingbat!" " Well, sorry! Maybe next time I should just leave you for dead! Wait. Are we still falling?" " I think we are. Oh, s***! We're still falling!" Just then, a pit of burning fire appeared before them. " Wait! This isn't how this is supposed to end! What did we ever do?" Then a voice appeard before them. " Do you want them in chronological, alphabetical or in just plain random order?" " Who are you?! Show yourself, or face the infinate wrath of the Mordecais!" orderd Johanson. " You dare to order me?! I am your nightmares made real! I am the prince of darkness! I am..." Suddenly, a tornado of flame and darkness appeard before the Mordecais, and from those flames " Lucifer!" said the the two Mordecais. " " I am suprised that you knew my true name, mortal souls. Not many from your family did." " You knew the people in our family?" asked Emilia. " Yes, I knew them all very well; all except your goody-two-shoes grandparents." " That's true. I always despised their rediculous Christian teachings." " So, that means we're on the same page. Good. Well then, I'll make you a deal; you give me your wretched sister, and I'll give you your freedom. And as an added bonus, if you can beat me in a foot race through Hell, I will give you the item you died searching for. I will give you The Scepter of Armaggedeon." " Hmm. Let me think. Give you my sister, or burn and be tortured for all eternity... Go ahead and take my sister; she's completly useless!" " Jonhanson Emith Mordecai! You would really send your own flesh and blood to eternal damnation, would you?" " Oh please, I would've sold you to the Persians if I had the chance! Besides, even if I didn't, this still would've happend" " No, it wouldn't" screamed Emilia. " Why not?! You never believed!" replied Johanson. " Then you really know nothing about me! Have you ever noticed the necklace I wear around my neck?!" " Yeah. So what? It's just a few dog tags." " Use each first symbol on each word and figure it out" After a few minutes of thinking, the evil traitor finally saw the truth. " John 3:16?! That's your hidden message in your dog tags?!" demanded Johanson. " Yes! You were never my brother to begin with, so I severed the bonds you thought we had! And I know, that even in the depths of my nightmares, the Lord God Almighty will deliver me!" And a just that moment, a blinding light split open the doors to the Inferno, and retrived Emilia from those depths. " Well, guess that's out of the way. But the game has changed. If you want to make it out of here alive and with the Scepter, you will have to beat me in that foot race." " Very well, on your mark... get set..."

Chapter 4: Go

Days passed in the Inferno, as what seemed like years. Lucifer had pulled ahead, but Johanson found a shortcut. " Yes! Now I can end this race!" So the mortal took the shortcut, which led him straight to the final circle: Trechery. Lucifer, however, had also arived. " You'll never beat me, mortal! This is my realm!" " It may be, but I know more about man that you wished you could know!" Suddenly, the Mordecai pulled out his Desert Eagle, and shot 14 rounds into the dark ones chest. " AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! What is this trickery?!" cried Lucifer. " It's called modern machinery; something you could never know about." So much to creations dismay, Johanson beat Lucifer, and gained the Scepter of Armeggedeon. " You know Lucifer, your just like my sister; weak. You knew you couldn't beat me. But still, why did you race me if you knew I would lose?" " Because, mortal, The Scepter of Armeggedeon is a way I can break out of this realm and take over your body!" " WHAT?!" And so The Evil One went into the mans body, and left his soul to burn. In the meantime, he was planning to break out and finally take revenge on his eternal imprisonment. " This time; this time, NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO STOP ME!!!!!!!" So the gates of Hell were opened, and Lucifer went to plot his attack. Back at the Jones mansion, the brothers were about to recieve a divine message from Emilia. " Fredrick, Alegri, I have come bearing terrible news!" shouted the spirit of Emilia. And suddenly appeared Emilia. " Wait a minute! How can we trust you?! You tried to kill us!" replied Alegri. " That may be true, but I also saved your life. I caused that avalanche as a diversion." " But still how can we tell?" " Alegri remember that hand that pulled you up into the cave?" " Yes." " That hand was my soul commiting my last good deed on Earth. The truth is, I always despised my brother, so I severd our relations." " Oh, wow. I... I had no idea. Thank you Emilia, and I'm sorry that you can't help us." But just at that moment, the voice of the Lord appeared. " Emilia, you did well in your time on Earth, and I know you wish to help to a larger extent. I will give life again, so that you may aid these two brothers in their future quest to defeat Lucifer." And so as the Lord said, Emilia regained her life. " Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you! Lucifer has regained the Scepter of Armeggedeon, and is planning to take his revenge, using my brothers body!" " Well then" said Fredrick " I guess we're gonna have to stop him."

Chapter 5: The Begining Of The End
So the trio went to the place where Lucifer would head first: the place where he created the first practil "Sin Harvest": Egypt. With the magic spells, idol worshiping, and stupid pagan rituals, the country is probably full of ancient artifacts that Lucifer could use. " What are supposed to be looking for again?" asked Fred. " Well" said Emilia" Legend has it that one of the Doom Shards from the Scepter of Armeggedeons true power." " So, we find it, and destroy it with the Rod of Creation?" asked Alegri. " Exactly. But in order to find it, we'll have to go back 3000 years." " How do we do that?" " Well Alegri, the Rod of Creation can make anything, including a portal in time." " Ummmm... OK." " You're not going anywhere, except the depths of The Abyss!" Suddenly, out of a storm of flames, Lucifer appeared before the trio. " Why are you here Satan? There's nothing that you could possibley need from us!" " That's true, but I'm going to get the 13 shards, and finally get my revenge!" " We'll never let you do that! We'll find and destroy the shards you so much desire!" replied Fredrick angrily. " Ha! You think you can beat me?! Why don't we have a race across time?" " Oh it won't be a race, it will be the end of all you hold dear!" " Then let it begin. Oh, and by the way." Suddenly, a timer that read " Days till Doom" appeared before them all. " To make it a little more interesting, if you don't stop me from getting the shards in the one week, all the Christians of the world will be held captive for all eternity!" " Very well. In that case, may the race begin!"
Chapter 6: The Race Through Time

As the the four people went through the portal to the past, Lucifer planned something in order to help his evil plot. " Yes! I know this land inside and out. They'll never find out where it is! However, that stupid Rod could pose as a threat. So I'm going to have to find a way to immobilize those simpiltons. I know! I can use my scepter to freeze time! That way they won't be able to even blink!" Soon the four arived in Egypt, directly after the Pyramid of Giza had been built. " Now's my chance!" though Lucifer. And as he utterd the ancient words of Destructor, the whole world seemed to be at a stand still. " Chonomor Immobilos!" and suddently, the world froze. " Ha! Looks like you stupid simpiltons could'nt stop me from stopping you! Now to get that shard." But Lucifer forgot that the Rod of Creation can be used just with thought. " Unfreeze us Rod, and stop the one who wishes to rule with a dark scepter!" thought Emilia with her new Rod of Creation. Then, a blinding flash of light came before the 4, and suddenly the groups suddenly switched positions. " What?! What is this futile trickery?!" demanded Lucifer. " We decided to pull the old switcheroo on ya. Looks like you frozen yet again." " You'll never find out where the shard is!" " We don't have to know, because we have something that will show us where it is." replied Fredrick. " Rod of Creation, show us where the first Shard of Doom is, so that we may destroy it!" And like a looking glass, the portal to the shards location appeared before them. " Come on! Let's get to that shard before the spell wears off!" So the trio jumped through the portal, which led them to the inner sanctum of the Pyramid of Giza. There, about 20 feet before them, was the first Shard of Doom. " There it is. The first Shard." " Good. Then all we have to do is walk over to the pedestal and take it." said Fredrick hopefully. " Very well then, here I" " No, wait!" said Alegri as he stopped Emilia. Alegri saw something, that no one else did. Right above and below them was a trip wire to set off multiple booby traps, and above them was a near invisible blade, capable of cutting through solid steel. " Whoa. That was close." " Yeah I know; you so owe me one." " Yeah I know. But how are we supposed to get passed the booby traps without setting them off?" " I'm not sure, but this is going to be one perculier puzzle."

Chapter 7: Cracking the Code

As the trio of Creationeers ponderd on how they could get past the series of traps, Lucifer was starting to regain control over his body. " Hey! You, Egyptian! Give me your sphinx necklace, and I shall tell you your future." The egyptian was a complete moron who believed in all sorts of magic, so he couldn't refuse. " Thank you for your payment. And now your reward. You shall grow poor because of your faulty architecture, and shall finally kill yourself with poison bought and imported from New Gunea." The egyptian, being heavily shocked, fainted almost instantaneousley. " Well, looks like we've got a weak at heart. Now, to make sure that the trio never make it out of the inner sanctum. Great Sphinx! Awaken from your slumber and crush those who wish to stop me!" And at the casting of that spell, the sphinx pendant grew in size and became animated. So the deed was given to the sphinx to destroy the trio. Meanwhile, back at the sanctum, the trio was still stuck on disarming the booby traps. " So what hav we got?" asked Alegri. " Well" said Fredrick " We have multiple arrow tubes, poison darts, axe pendulums, and a closing door on a timer. We've really got our hands full this time." " Yeah, this is almost as worse as the time we went searching for the Holy Grail." " I know. You almost died from 2 DeathStalkers and 5 Rattlesnakes." " It's amazing that you two haven't killed yourselfs!" exclaimed Emilia. " OK. So as far as we know, there is net of trip wires woven into the walls and pilars. In order to get past the traps, we would have to be able to phase right through them all." " That gives me an idea! Guys, use you Rods in order to make yourselves translucent!" exclaimed Alegri. " That could work. But first, let's test it with a rock." So Fredrick went and picked up a smooth stone, made it transluscent, and threw it toward the wires. As thought, it passed through each and every one of them. " I knew my plan would work!" " Yes, and it's suprisingly legitimate." " OK then let's go get that shard." The group then made themselves translucent, passing through the trip wires, and reaching the Shard of Doom. " Wow. So that's a Shard of Doom. It looks like a Blood Ruby mixed with Onyx." said Fredrick. " That's because it is." said Emilia. " The mixture of gems makes it a true artifact of darkness. Just don't touch it, because the second you do, you soul belong to Satan." " Then how do we destroy it?" " It says that it can only be destroyed by The Light the Lord Hath Made." " Wait. I know! It can only be destroyed by sunlight!" exclaimed Alegri yet again. " Once again Alegri, you amaze me with your genuis." complimented Fredrick. " But how do we get it outside?" " I'll make a chain that I can control with my Rod, and carry it out to the sunlight. However, the shard can become translucent." said Emilia " Well, I only have one idea for that case." said Alegri. " And what might that be?" asked Emilia. " Cut all the ropes and make a break for it!" " OK; not the best idea, but most likely our only idea." " One the count of three. 1... 2... 3!" The group used their rods to send out a flurry of knives to cut the ropes, using the Rods to pole vault over the traps and under the door. " Whew. That was too close." " I know. Look! The shard!" Suddenly, the Shard of Doom began to shake, and finally exploded. " One down, twelve to go." said Fredrick. " Uh... guys. I think that the shards are the least of our problems." " Why do say that?" " Look up" As they looked up, a deep sensation of fear enterd the minds of the trio. " OH COME ON! HAVEN'T WE HAD ENOUGH FOR ON DAY?!"
Chapter 8: Fight and Flight
As the trio looked up, they saw their possible end. " Is that a sphinx?!" exclaimed Alegri. " Yes it is. I created it using the shard I found, thanks to you." " Wait, we destroyed the shard in this time. How did you get a hold of it?" " Whenever a shard is destryoed, an evil roulete appears, and depending on what it hits, I gain that much of it's power. And it just so happens I got that power back, in full extent!" " Crap! Now we don't know if we even destroyed it or not!" exclaimed Fredrick angrily. " Who cares about that right now! Right now we need to focus on destroying that stupid sphinx!" As the trio and sphinx fought, the group started to feel the extent of the desert draining their strength. " We won't be able to hold out much longer, so we need to do something!" said Fredrick. " Fred! I know of another shard in Bejing, but we'll have to open a time portal to get to it!" " OK, but I think we need to take out the sphinx at the same time! I know where the shard is, so just open the portal when I blast the shard!." The trio swiftly dodged each attack from the sphinx, and finally took out the shard. " Now Emilia! Open the gate!" Emilia fired the shot at the shard, which opend the portal to Bejing. " GO! GO! GO!" The three barely made it, but they got through the portal to Bejing, 2000 years later. " NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! They got away! And now the shard I regained is at half power! But what they don't know is that another shard resides in Egypt, right on top of the Pyramid of Khufu!" So as Lucifer went to gain his shard, the trio went forward to destroy one in Bejing.
Chapter 9: Chop Till Ya Drop!
" Phew, that was a little too close for comfort! We need to stay on guard next time." " I know Fred. So Emilia, where's the next shard supposed to be?" asked Alegri. " From what the scrolls say, the next shard was a prize in a fighting tournament. Then the shard was buiried with the winner and eventually reached where it was unreachable: The center of the Earth." " Great, so we'll enter the contest and win that shard!" " Except there's one problem: it's a mens only contest." " Great, just great. Then Fred and I will enter the tournamet and win!" " Yeah, I know, but you two don't know how to fight." " I beg to differ" said Fredrick. " Alegri and I got extensive training from shaolin monks in Hong Kong." The next day, the tournament began, and the first five rounds were over in about five minutes. " Wow. These people are complete ameatures. Didn't they know that it was no rules?" " Apparantly not. But remember that we still have the quarter and semi finals, so let's not lose." said Fredrick. " LADIES AND GENTELMEN! WELCOME TO THE QUARTER-FINALS OF THE GUTEN CHORI TOURNAMENT!" " NEXT UP, ALEGRI JONES AND SHUJI NAKAMORA!" " Your going down, outlander, just like all the ones befor me!" " I don't think so!" " 3...2...1... GONG YE TEMPAI!" The two fought for hours, neither one willing to give up. " You are good fighter, stranger. You were taught well. But you weren't tought everything. GESTUGA TENSHO!!!!!!" Suddenly, a bright, blue flash came out of the warrior katana, and blasted Alegri right through the wall. " STADIUM OUT!! THE WINNER IS SHUJI NAKAMORA!" " You fought well warrior. You should not be ashamed." " NEXT UP, FREDRICK JONES VERSES KINO CHUMARO!! 3...2...1 GONG YE TEMPAI!!!" " Well then let's get this start... Whoa! Hey! Damn you're fast!" " Well of course stranger; I was born of the wind. Now prepare to die!" " Flame Incinerator!" Suddenly, a great big ball of flame exploded out the Rod of Creation, and enveloped Kino in a blanket of fire. " NOOOOO!!!!!! This is not how this ends! I am born of the wind; I am the fastest I am..." " Nothing but a pile of ash." " AND THE WINNER IS, FREDRICK JONES! ALSO, THE OTHER TWO CONTESTANTS WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT NOW, WERE ASSASINTATED ON THEIR WAY HERE! SO OUR FINAL MATCH WILL BEGIN IMMEADIATLY!" " Whoa! Wait a minute!" " Face it Fred, your journey ends here!" The two violontly fought, with explosions sending stone flying into the stands. " It ends here!" screamed Shuji " Wind Slicer!" Suddenly,a blade of wind cut Shuji in half. " I win." " AND THE WINNER IS, FREDRICK JONES! JONES COME UP HERE, AND CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!" " Very well." So Fredrick went to accept the shard, and once he took it, he smashed it into the air and shot the shard with solar energy. " He's destroyed the most holy stone! Seize the traitor!" " Uh, Alegri, Emilia, I think it's time we bailed!" The trio opend the temporl gates and escaped back to the Jones mansion. Meanwhile, back in Egypt. " Yes, I now have enought power to unleash a small army! UGH! What was that?" exclaimed Lucifer. What Lucifer was feeling was the loss of what was left of his soul. " No! They destroyed the shard in Bejing, which means I can't get it back! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"
Chapter 10 : Back to the Future
" Good Gosh! How many times are we going to come close to dying before this is over?!" " From me and my brothers experiences... a lot." " OK then, before we all pass out, I say we discuss which shards to go for next while we drink a little Coca Cola." " Agreed" said Emilia, feeling like she just lost all sense of reality. " OK. So Emilia, where are the closest shards to each other?" asked Fredrick. " Well, acording to the scrolls, two shards were created in the time where darkness fell over the world." " You mean the end?" " Not exactly. The time of darkness could simply mean the effect of nuclear warfare." " Well then, let's encase ourselves in invisible radiation shields before jumping through the gate." After the group rested and prepared for the world they would face, they enterd the portal and pressed on. " So where exactly are... WHOA!" " I know. The extent of human destruction knows no bounds. The reason this happend wa

s fighting over those two shards. Sad, I know." " OK. Emilia, how far apart are the shards?" " Actually, the shards are right next to each other, connected actually. There's a catch though. In order for them to be separated, you need to find the Key to Darkness." " And where might that be?" " In the White House, in the grip of the desceased president." " Great, we get to touch a dead body." So the group started a trek to the White House, which, contrary to belief, took about 3 seconds thanks to teleportation. " Well at least we're here. Now lets find the president. Is he in the Oval Office?" " Yes. But the place has been booby trapped; booby trapped, but not as bad as Egypt." " OK then, where do the traps start, what kind are they, and how are they activated?" " Well, the traps start at the secruity center for entrance into second floor hallways, the traps have Colts, SPAS shotguns, and M4 assault riffles. How their activated, their are infared lazer sensors, a few trip wires, and one door that leads to the Oval Office, so we'll have to go through the wall door." " OK then. Let's get moving." The trio entered the first room, stopping all the trip wires through the first few halls. The next wern't so easy. " Wow! That's how many infared lazers there are?!" " Apparently. But how do we get past them without setting them off?" " Question. Are the lazers unaffected by mirrors?" " Not that I know of, but why would you... Alegri, where do you get these excellent ideas?" After Alegris brilliant idea was put to use, the party reached the Oval Office, where they finally got the key they needed. " Next stop, the presidents bunker."
Chapter 11: Busting the Bunker

The heroes had achieved getting the Key to Darkness, and were on their way to getting to the presidents bunker, when the trio hit a little snag. " What?! What do you mean we can't use our staffs until we destroy the shards?!" " I mean, that our powers will be counter-acted until we destroy the shards in thirty minutes! Which means we have that much time before our staffs are disentagrated! So let's get a move on!" The team set off for the bunker as fast as their legs could carry them. The location they were heading to was under the Lincoln Monument. The downside was that they were 3 miles away from their destination. " How much time do we have left until we lose our Rods?" " We've got twenty minutes and counting." " How much farther?" " About one mile away." " Good, then we should be there in no time." " I see the bunker!" " I told you so!" " I see the skeleton!" " Quick, throw the key into the lock! You only have one shot, so make it count!" " Waiting... Waiting... Now!" Quick as a ninja, Alegri threw the key straight into the lock, and there it turned. " I got it! Now Emilia! Fire the Solar Blast!" And as acurate as a sniper, Emilia made the shot, but before it exploded, Lucifer came on the scene. " Crap! The shards didn't explode in time!" " I know, and my my roulette whele will start! But first, it's time for a little enhancment!" Lucifer struggled and strained, and he almost passed out. But he was succesful in his objective. " He actually released a shard from his body!" exclaimed Emilia " Very good observation Emilia! Now, watch the power of my shards increase by ten fold!" And what he said would happen did. The destroyed shards power combine increased by ten fold. " No! He only need two shards to complete his power!!!!" " Then I guess we'll have to stop him!"
Chapter 12: The Return
The team, coming too close to lose, wonderd on how they would get the rest of the Shards of Doom destroyed, without Lucifer using his roulette. " Man, this is not good. How do we fight against something that can be brought back?" " I don't know how, but; wait! Can the roulette wheel be destoyed?" " Yes! But the only thing that it's weak to is ten thousand Yottawatts of Pure Holy Light. But, we can gain that power by finding The Glass Slivers of The Trinity!" " But how do we do that? I mean where are there?" " Oh, right. About that; the only way to get them, is to find them in each of the Nine Circles of Hell." said Alegri. " Oh man! I thought I'd seen the last of that place!" " Well, I guess that we have to go down there and get the shards, and we'll have to do it all in four days." " We won't have enough time. Wait, wait, wait; Time! We can freeze time until we return from Hell with the Slivers!" " That might work, but what if we die in the Inferno? Wait, you mean?" " Yes. If we die in the Inferno, the world will be owned by Lucifer for all eternity." " Then let's not die." " OK. I'll open the portal, but on my que, we freeze time." So, using the power of the Rods of Creation to open the Gates of Hell, and froze time to enter the Inferno. " Wait, where's the ground?!" " Oh, s***! I forgot to mention that PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT!!!!!!!!" The trio then started falling, knowing if they didn't, then they would start to incenerate. " How do we quit falling at such a high velocity?! Parachutes won't work, we don't have rocket fuel, and... wait, I have and idea!" yelled Alegri. " Everyone, get behind me! Inclinus Gyro!" And what appeared before the trio was one big swirly slide which could stop the acceleration and get them down saftly. " You have got to tell me where you get the ideas you get, Alegri." said Emilia. " It's called using the power of creativity; you should try it some time. For now, let's enjoy the slide to our worst nightmares! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" It took a few minutes but the trio finally made to the first ring of the Inferno: Limbo.
Chapter 13: Enter the Inferno
" Where are we?" asked Fredrick. " We're in the first circle of Hell: Limbo. This is supposed to be the realm of unbaptized babies and vitrtuous pagans." " I knew that. I watched Dante's Inferno last summer. The problem is, where do we find a Sliver in a place that might not have one?" " Well, on my half journey here" said Emilia " I saw many buildings within Limbo. The house I think that the Sliver is in, is in the house Julius Ceaser. He was a king after all." " Good point, so let's head there." Suddenly, a great rumbling came forth. " What was that?!" asked Fredrick. " Guys, we might want to start running." " Why?" " Just run!!" That rumbling was an entire army of demon babies. " Darn it! Of all the places, why is the movie exactly like this place?!" The trio kept running, using their staffs to knock the demons into the Abyss. " They just don't stop coming!" " I know! How do we fight against something that won't quit?!" " We outrun it! The problem is, the Ceaser Dome is still a few miles away!" " I don't think that that's gonna be a problem in a few seconds!" " Why's that Alegri?" " Because we're running out of platform! Jump!!!" The bridge leading to the Ceaser Dome was out, so the team had to make a jump for it. " We're not gonna make!" " Shut up!" " We're not gonna make it!" " Shut up!!" " WE'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT!" " DAMN IT! I SAID SHUT UP!" The team almost fell into the Abyss, but they made the gap. " See what happens when you just shut up?!" " OK, Emilia. Who is supposed to have the sliver?" " Julies is, but I don't exactly know what he" " Found him! He's the one in the white robe with the giant Euro!" " Julies! We need the Sliver you have!" said Emilia. " For what? Why could you possibly need the the Sliver?! Even though I've been damned, I promised to hold the shard until the owner of the Rod of Creation arrived here." " We do have the Rod!" " Prove it!" One second later. " Oh. Whoops. He he; here's the Sliver. I can't save the world, but you can. Stop Lucifer, save the world, and may God be with you." " Thank you Julies, and sorry that you're stuck like this." " Oh don't worry. We have parties every Friday!" " Um. OK. Have fun tomorrow! Well, that was wierd." " Oh don't get me started!" " So, Emilia, what's next?" " Something that will be much more tempting to you two; The Circle of Lust." " Oh great!"
Chapter 14: Pain Before Beauty
" OK, so we're in Lust. The quetion is, how do we keep you guys from... wait! I've finally got a brilliant idea!" Then, Emilia generated to bright orange orbs, made to create the person inside the orb see the best dreams. " OK, now get inside the orbs." " Why do we have to" " Just get in the orbs!" exlaimed Emilia frustraitingly. " Wow! I can see jets, and guns, and my greatest dreams!" " I'm in space! This is so cool!" " Yep! That was my great idea. If I couldn't stop you from seeing what you wern't supposed to, then I decided to let you see your greatest" " AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! THE HORROR!" " Wait! What do you mean?! This wasn't supposed to happen!" " The flames! Get back! Don't come any closer! Leave me alone!" " Oh no. Their temptation circle is getting to them! I have to get that Sliver! Guys! Just hold on! If you can't take it anymore, put on a sleeping mask! This is not gonna be fun." Emilia then dove into the stormy waters of Lust, wondering if the Jones brothers we're gonna be OK. " Wow. This is a lot deeper than I thought it would be. Now, time to find that serpent." The sliver was in the teeth of the Beast of the Sea, held in Lust until the Great War. " Darn. We're is that stupid snake?" Just then, a shadowy creature came behind Emilia. " Oh crap. I bet he's right behind me." And Emilia was right: The shadow behind her, was a one hundred foot long Sea Basalisk. " OOOOHHH. So that's the serpent. I thought it was supposed bigger." " Bigger?! I am one hundred feet tall, over three thousand years old, and have sank over five hundred thousand ships! Now mortal prepare to AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! What is that?!" " This is a litte trick I like to call Lightning Scorcher!" Then, out of Emilias Rod of Creation, came the Lighting of God's Wrath, sent to destroy all who apose Him. " Stop! YOU'RE GOING TO DESTROY LUST!!!!!!!!" " That's exactly what I plan! I know that the rings regenerate if they're destroyed, but the living things in it do not!" " NO! STOP
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" And after that, a flash of light enveloped Emilia, Fredrick and Alegri, sending them all to the next Ring: Gluttony.
Chapter 15: Hells Believe It Or Not!
" Oh, God! This is just horror beyond belief!" " You're telling me!" said Alegri. " The men's gas station restroom looks better than this place!" The ring of Gluttony was ruled by the worm beast Cerberus. The trio knew where the true ring was, and threw up just at the thought of it. " I have a feeling that this is going to be worse than ten live autopsies, one thousand Things You Can't Unsee, and the inside of my Aunt Gertrude!" " You're telling me! I still about to. Uh oh. BLLEEECH! Oh! I hate this place..." said Fredrick under in complete disgust. " Emilia, did you get the other shard?" " Yeah, it's right here. Wait! What's going on with my staff?" The Rod starting reacting to the Sliver, and finally absorbed it, making it grow one pair of angelic wings. " Whoa, that was wierd." " Oh, don't worry, it happend to mine in Lust." said Alegri. " Oh, OK. I guess I wouldn't have noticed, with you being in that sphere and all." " OK, it's time we swallowed our puke, no matter how much it hurts, and enter Cerberus. This is not gonna be fun." the trio lured one of Cerberus' heads where they could be eaten. " Watch out for the teeth! Hey, there's a limit!!" The trio then reached the most foul place in the entire universe: The true ring of Gluttony. " Wow, this really does make the gas station's mens room look like Eldarado!" " Oh please don't talk. Emilia, before I spew my guts out, who has the shard?" " The person in the deepest pit. I think I see him over next to the wall." " Excuse me? Could you please tell us your name?" " I am the one called John. I was a world famous hot dog cotest champion, which made me die of a heart attack. I know what you seek, but you must give me one thing in return." " And what would that be?" asked Fredrick. " Let me have one last taste of a hot dog." " Very well, here you go." So Fredrick gave the damned a hot dog, and in exchange got the Sliver. " OK, now let's make like a rug and cut out!"
Chapter 16: The Diamond Breaks Eventually
The trio descended into the ring: Greed. Soon, one of their familiar faces would soon arive. " Wow, look at all the gold! But I know not to take any, for it is cursed." " I know, but something is giving me an ominous feeling. I don't know what, but something is." said an seemingly fearful Emilia " Hehehehehe. How would you like to find out?" " Who's there? Show yourself, coward!" Suddenly, a dark figure appeared out of nowhere. " Father is that really you? Hm. I'm not suprised that you ended up here; you were always a greedy little nub." " You'll be wondering why you tried to accomplish something so pointless, when I KILL YOU!" " Very well father, sience you are the one who has the Sliver. Let's fight!" The daughter and father fought endlessly, destroying almost everything in their path. " You cannot win, worm! As long as the Wheel of Fortune is spinning, I'm unstoppable!" " Then let's take out that wheel! Alegri! Fredrick! Take out that wheel! I'll get the shard!" " OK Emilia! Just hurry!" " Very well! Shield Breaker!" " What is that?!" " This is a creation made to break anything harder than a Diamond, in other words." " My weapon! NO! You'll never get the Sliver!" " I will, and I am! Now guys!" " Destructo Maximus!" In those few moments, the Wheel of Fortune broke into five different pieces, and then scatterd through all Greed. Plus, Fortuna's weapon shatterd, releasing the Sliver from it's prison. " No! Now I can't defend my self!" " Well that's just too bad, because my weapon just got an upgrade." " What?! Two pairs of wing? That's too much!" " Before I cast you into Oblivion, why did you murder mother? WHY!? SHE WAS A WOMAN OF GOD!" Exactly. If she didn't follow the rules, then she had to be punished." " Say goodbye, old man." And with, that, Fortuna was obliterated. " Sorry about that. Emotional disturbance." " It's OK. We all have them sooner or later. Let's press on."
Chapter 17: The Styx
" Wow. The traven tube down this ring is really dark! You can't see anything!" " That's because there's something even darker in the next ring." " We've arrived. Floor Negative Five: Anger." " Wow. This place is dark. But, who's supposed to have the sliver?" " I can tell you that!" " Who was that?" " Why don't you ask the screaming soul down there?" " I recognize you know! You're Muhamed Ali's evil twin brother! You say you know where the sliver is? Tell us!" " Very well! In order to get the Sliver, you must kill Phleygas, for the sliver resides in his heart!" " Thank you, and goodbye." " Wait! You can't leave me! I will destroy you and your families!" " Now while your down here you're not." said Emilia with a chuckle. " OK Emilia, where's Phleygas supposed to be?" " In the City of Dis, where all of the most dangerous anger filled souls go to be guarded by the fallen angels. The problem is, we have to get across River Styx without falling in." " Oh, that will be easy! Everyone hold onto me. Teleport!" " Wow. I never knew that we could that. And look, where at the city!" " OK you two, let's find Phleygas." " Uh, Fredrick. I think he just found us, and he dosen't look too happy." " Um, hi Pleygas, we just came to" " SILENCE, MORTAL! WHY DID YOU COME TO THE REALM OF THE DAMNED?!" " We came to find the 9 Slivers! We need your heart to get it!" " Never! IF YOU INTEND TO GET MY SLIVER, YOU WILL HAVE TO BEAT ME IN BATTLE!" " Very well. Creationeers, ATTACK!!!!!!" "WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! I'M NOT READY YET!" But the the Creationeers still attacked. " Fredrick, take out it's arms! Emilia, break his legs! I'll go for the heart." One by one, the limbs of Phleygas were shatterd. " Fredrick look out! He's lauched a fireball!" " Repulso!" Fredrick cast a spell that sent the fireball directly at Phleygas heart, revealing the sliver. " I've almost got it!" Alegri finally went for the heart, and ripped the sliver right out of his heart. " NO! THE SHARD!" " My staff! It's reacting again!" " Hm. It seems like it's grown another set of wings. Well then, it's time we moved on."
Chapter 18: Into the Fire
" Good gosh! I think we're coming out of the frying pan and into the fire! What's the next circle?" " Heresey. It's where you would've gone had you been killed before you converted." " Look! The walls are on fire! Quick, encase yourselves in ice torpedoes!" Then team then encased themselves in ice, sliding down the dark, firey tube which led down to Heresey. " Finally, we're here. Wow, there must be more damned in Heresey than in any other ring in Hell!" " Emilia, yet again, where's the sliver supposed to be?" " Well, this part's kind of tricky. It's in The Crevice." " The Crevice?! We'll never survive down there! Only the person with the one holy power can enter The Crevice and return!" " Well, I guess I'm up." " What do mean Fredrick?" " Don't you get it? The one holy power, emphasis on the ONE." " You know, it may be so stupid, that it just might work! OK Fredrick, let's give it a shot." So Fredrick dove into The Crevice, unaware of the dangers that awaited in The Crevice. " Guys, I am in The Crevice, and trust me, it is hot down here." " Just be careful, the worst heritics are supposed be in that crevice. The sliver is supposed at the Antichrists alter!" " OK, I'm moving on. Man, this place gets more depressing by the minute. Hey! Ow! AAHHHHHH! My arm!" " Oh no! Fredricks run into The Satanics! They're supposed to have the power to burn anybody that gets close to them! Fredrick, get the sliver and get out of there!" " OK! OK! AAAHHHH! Stop burning me! Heh, heh, heh, heh. Crap. Wait! I see the alter! And man, is it big!" The alter of Antichrist is another seal, opend only when the end times begin. " Just another twist to the left aaaaand: Got it!" " Fredrick! Do you have the sliver?" " Yes! And I'm making my way up! AYIYIYIYI! What was that?!" " Fred, run! The Crevice is closing!" " OK! Wait, no! Don't close now! OW! Hey, like I said before, there's a limit! Almost aaaaaaannnddd... I'm free!" " Fredrick, don't you ever do that again!" " OK! Look, my staff is resonating again." And Fredrick got his next pair of wings. " Come on, we have to keep going
Chapter 19: The Taste of War
" Where are we now, Emilia?" " We're now in Violence: The ring divised into three different areas. Right now we're in the first part: The bloody river called the Phlegathon. Here, you will find many damned here, including Atilla the Hun, Alexander, and Vlad the Impaler." " Wow. Is that blood boiling?" " Yes, yes it is. Hey, where's Nesus?" " I think that's her." said Fredrick. " Nesus, can you help get to the Forest of Suicide?" " Yes, mortal, but be careful. You've this place in the movie." " How do you know?" " Oh, I can read minds." " OK. Creepy much." " Just cover me from behind." The trio borded Nesus, sailing across the Phlegathon, with bloody hands and arms chasing after them. " Nesus, here them come! We've got a lot coming from the left flank, so head over those three pilars and bank right!" " OK! You better know what your doing." And Fredrick did know what he was doing. After Nesus maneuvered as Fred told her, the bloody hands ran into each other, destroying each other. " OK, mortals. This is where the trip ends." " Thank you Nesus, we are in your debt." " Let's move on, we have to keep going." They arrived at the Forest of Suicide, but nothing happend there that was important, so let's move on. " We're finally at the Abomidable Sands. I have a feeling that this isn't going to be fun." " Oh, it isn't, you can count on that. And sience you haven't been killed in any of the other rings, I just kill you myself!" " Only one person so vile and so real could end up in here: Adolf Hitler." " Nice guess, Alegri. Someone has been studying their history. However, it won't do you any good here!" Adolf then grabbed something from his pack. " What?! You seriously have an AK47?! That is so not fair!!" " Oh shut up! You've evaded death for too long! It's time for you to pay the price!" " Guys, don't do anything. I'm the one who has to kill him." " Why's that?" " Because, four years ago, his demonic spirit ripped apart my fathers soul! I will make him pay for the damage he caused!" " Wow! Isn't someone getting a little sentament... OOOOWWW! Hey! I wasn't ready!" " First rule of combat: There are no rules." " Still I wasn't..." " Burning Tornado!" Then, a great tornado of fire burst out the Rod of Creation and encased Hitler in glass. But then... " AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" " What was that?!" Hitler had broken the glass and turned it into his own mindless weaponry. " Now, taste the power of my AK47!" " Magno Shield!" " Huh? What trickery is this?!" " Your gun has no power against this shield. And now I know where the shard is. In this casing!" " No! Stop it!" But nothing could stop Alegri. He broke open the bullet, took the shard, and his Rod absorbed it. " Now prepare to die again, Hitler. Fissure of Flame!" And from the sands burst The Crevice. " No! I won't have it end like this!" " Well you know what?" " AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" " It just did. Come on, we have to keep moving."

Chapter 20: Tricking the Trickster
"We're almost done guys. Just one more circle and we can get out of here." " From the looks of this place, I'd say we're in Fraud. You guys do know what this means right?" " Yeah. One big, ten round fight for our lives. The gloves come off here guys." " Part one: The Whips. Whoa! I did not see that coming!" " Guys, run! Lucifers lieutenants have noticed us a little too soon! OW! I thought that these people only had pitchforks in comics!" The trio fought demon after demon, growing weaker and weaker as the descended through each ring. " The gateway to Treachery is closing! We have to hurry!" " But what about the sliver?" " It's at the pit of our fears! But who has the fear that deals with Fraud." " That would me. I am sorry, but I have always been afraid of a fortune teller or medium summoning a demon or ghost to take me to eternal torture." " Well Fredrick, your going to have to jump into that pit, and face that fear." " But I..." " Listen to me! If you don't go down there, we may spend an entire eternity in this realm, so pull it together man!" " OK. But in case I don't come back, here's this." And Fredrick gave Emilia a quick little kiss. " Wow. Tee Hee" " Well, here goes nothing!" So Fredrick dove into the pit. " Wow. This is almost darker than the Anger travel tube. " Hee hee hee. You poor, foolish mortal. You should never have dove into our realm. Now we shall send our demons to devour you!" " Very well, but before you do, I have a riddle for you." " And what might that riddle be?" " Who is the greatest medium out of you three?" " Oh! Could it be any easier? It's obviously me!" " No it's me! I actually summoned a demon!" " Only to be devoured by it! I say it's me!" " No me!" " NO ME!" " NO ME!" " THAT'S IT! DEMONS, COME FORTH AND DEVOUR THESE FOOLS!" " THE SAME FOR ME!" " AND ME!" " NO! YOU FOOLS! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" " Suckers. Now give me my sliver!" And before Fredrick came a shard of holy light, and he rose back to the top. " I'm back guys!" " Good. Now let's get going!"
Chapter 21: The Freezing Demise
" We're finally here. The final Circle of Hell: Treachery. Be more careful in this circle than any other ring before, for this ring is the most dangerous." " Uh guys..." What is it?" " I think we've got company!" " RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" " Frost Giants!!" " Run!!" The trio ran through many of the chains guard Lake Cocytus, until they finally reached it. " Finally, we're here." " Remember, we defeat the Lucifer, and teleport out of here!" " Let's go! Whoa! Where'd that fireball come from?!" " I don't know, but here goes a little burst of power! Giga Shot!" A bright white ball was expelled from Alegri Rod, which took out one of the arms. " Now it's my turn. Lightning Storm!" " Nice work you two! Now it's time to get that shard! Light Storm!" Everything after that is a blur, but the trio escaped from Hell with the last Sliver.
Chapter 22: The Fall
" Gang, we've got all the shards!" " All right! Now quick, let's get to Jupiter!" The team teleported to Jupiter, and found that Lucifer wasn't there. " Guys, quick! Destroy the Shard that's in orbit!" " We're on it!" The other two Creationeers went for the shard, destroying it with a Mega Impact. " Yes! Just two more!" " Where's the next one Emilia?" " In the atmosphere! Quick! Go, go, go!" " Not so fast! You simpletons have evaded me long enough!" And out of nowhere came the Dark One. " Lucifer! Why have you come here?!" " For what other reasons?! To get my shards, kill you, and take over the universe! Now prepare to die!" " Never! Alegri! Fredrick! It's time to unleash it!" " Trinity Power Burst!!!" screamed the trio, and out of their staffs came one great triangle of Pure Holy Light! " This is where it ends, Lucifer!" " Never!" But it was too late. Lucifer had already been destroyed by the blast. " Yes! We did it! Lucifer has been destroyed! Wait... Oh No!" The Doom Bomb then exploded, encasing all the Christians of the universe in a Pentagram shapped cage. " No! It won't end like this!" " Great! Just great! We end up destroying Lucifer, and the Doom Bomb explodes!" " Alegri, just calm down! There has to be a way out!" " Not without facing your worst nightmares." " Who are you?" " I am Chris. I was the first to be trapped in here. Many have tried to escape, but all have been flung back in a tortured state. Are you sure that you want to try this?" " Yes, and you're coming with us!" " He is?" " Yes. I can sense much confidence in him, so he shall be deemed a Creationeer. Chris, here is an item that you shall use to help with th escape at the end. Here is your Rod of Creation." " Thank you. I am sure that we will be able to escape." " You ready guys?" Yeah."
Chapter 23: Breaking Free
" OK. So this is the door to our worst nightmares?" " Yes. This is where all Christians must face the reality of Hell." " Oh, trust me, we've been there done that." " That may be true, but this is beyond what you've seen. You are going to face the truly Unholy Tenth Circle of Hell." " We don't care. No matter what happens, we have to get out!" So the four Creationeers enterd the gate to the 10th circle of Hell: Escape. " AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! UH! OOOOWWWWWW!!! I always hate that stupid fall!" " Guys, look!" Before the four was a great eye, and eye that could see into the minds of all mortals. " The eye! It sees us! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" " CHRIS! NO! AAAAAHHHHH!!! NNNNOOOOOOO!!!" " EMILIA! RESIST IT! NOOOOOOO!! YOU'RE NOT CLAIMING ME! NEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" " FREDRICK! NO! MAKE IT STOP! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Just then, Alegri unleashed a hidden rage; a rage that could threaten to destroy all creation. " AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Fireblast of Eternal Fury!" Alegri then released a fireball that destroyed the eye. " Ah. I been freed. Huh... Fredrick! Wake up!" " Huh? What? Oh hey Chris. OH S***! What happend to my brother?!!!" " Guys! What's going on? Oh shoot!" " AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" " He's unleashed his inner rage!" " What?" " When Alegri was younger, he was threatend by one of our old school bullies. The bully continued to egg him on, until finally, Alegri just snapped. He gave the bully a direct right hook to the face, knocking him flat on his butt. What the bully did next, he really shouldn't have done. The bully got back up, but then Alegri gave him a direct kick to the face, breaking his nose, knocking out five his teeth and knocked unconsious. Alegri was about to kill him, but luckily he passed out from exitement. But this, this is much different. I only have one method of freeing him from his rage is to give him a blow that will knock him unconsious, but not kill him." " I know exactly what to do." said Chris. " I just need to get close enough to his neck." " OK Chris. We trust you." " This is not what I meant!!" Chris had been loaded into a canon, aimed directly at Alegri's neck. " OK, Chris. I have him distracted! Ready?" " I didn't sign up for t

The author's comments:
This is one of my ideas that I actually had no inspiration for, except something from the movie The Forbidden Kingdom. My genre inspiration came from my favorite author, Frank Peretti.

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