Karin: Your Greatest Rival and Best Friend Chapter 1

January 22, 2011
She has medium length chestnut-brown hair and intense, glowing green eyes. She was waiting around the corner of the building up ahead. She was waiting for you to come along so she could obtain revenge, as earlier this week you defeated her in a spar. You saw this coming.

AS you approached the corner, Karin prepared to attack. "Hi-yah!" Karin exclaimed as she jumped out and started dashing at you going full velocity. Luckily you knew what she was going to do so you spun down to the ground and kicked her left foot out from under her. BOOSH! Karin hit the ground fast and hard. "Hmph. You can not defeat me. I won before, I'll win again," you explained to Karin, straightening yourself out and then holding out your hand, "but if you must insist... COME!" "Grrrr... Do. Not. Mock. ME!!!" Karin yelled as she jumped up on top of the lamppost. "Hmph, I've practiced since our last spar. So this time it won't be so easy." Karin explained proudly. "Mmhmm, and that's what you said last time, the last time I WON against you, isn't it?" you said casually and then smirked. "Grrr... Cut that out! Just because you won last time does not mean you will definitely win this time!" Karin yelled. Then she jumped high in the air, took out her katana, and started to dive straight at you. "Bring it!" you exclaimed as you pulled out your katana and readied yourself.

to be continued...

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Animal-Lover said...
Mar. 22, 2012 at 9:36 am
HI-YAH!!! :D
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