January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Our last few weeks have been different, now that were moving to a new apartment in Vegas. We got everything we need packed in our Louis Vuitton personal suitcases and handbags.
“Can’t wait to see our new apartment,” my roommate Mike said. “ Its about time we put our skills to use.”
Hesitant with a response I said “ yea Mike it’s about time, and now maybe you can stop stalking all the girls with your, “ I got a limo” tactic.
“Oh come on Jay these girls need to know we ride in style.”
So we started our road trip to Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, the sin city, the place were you do the craziest s***, and live to tell, or not to tell about it. Our ride was humongous as normal, with enough seats to fit 50 people if you wanted. It had a pole in the middle for when the ladies get wild and our own personal driver. There we’re some pretty cool sites on the way to Vegas, but we were finally here, and at the best time at night. Everything was lit up. There was no doubt we we’re in Vegas.
As we’re passing Caesar’s Palace Mike said, “ That, that right there is where we’re gonna do work, that’s where the magic happens.”
“I can’t wait man, we’ve been waiting for this day for so long, now we have to prove ourselves and not mess up.”
Mike and I, we lived differently we didn’t have office hours from 9am-5pm, or pick up phone calls to sell merchandise. No, our work involved 52 amazing rectangle pasteboards, two small cubes with the numbers 1-6 labeled with dots, and a little bit of that good ol’ Irish luck. We gambled, on everything and anything you can imagine, craps, blackjack, poker, sports games, video games, who can down a beer faster, get the most girls numbers, races, even who can unroll and re-roll toilet paper faster. It’s our job we wake up every morning, well afternoon, and gamble. That’s why we came to Vegas to raise the stakes.
“ Dude were here at our apartment, lets go” Mike said as he interrupted my daydreaming.
“Yea, yea get the bags.”
“That’s the one thing we can’t forget”
We got to the apartment did all the registration got the key and went up to our room. We walked in excited, ready to start over, new apartment, new city, and new life. We immediately open the door and picked our sides of the room. Luckily I got the side with the view, something to wake up to. That night we took it easy and decided to start working in the mourning. When we woke up, we decided to walk around, because it would help us get to know the city a little bit better.
“ Where you want to go eat” Mike asked
“ I don’t know maybe the strip, we’ll find something there.”
We ate, walked around, went back to the apartment and freshened up. Tonight was the night that we do what we came here for. We put on some dress shirts, our cologne and we’re ready to go.
“ Let’s run through a deck real quick” I said
By that I meant let’s play a full deck of blackjack.
“ You’re nervous aren’t you, you think were not ready or something?”
“ No, no just to get in the mood before we go out,”
We went through the deck, I won a couple but lost most. So we made our way to the nearest casino because we didn't feel like going to far. Slots, poker tables, blackjack tables and roulette tables all going on at once. We walked to the black jack table deciding to take it slow. Within on hour we lost everything we had. We walked out with our heads down but it didn’t hurt as much because this isn't the first time we lost everything. See the reason we came to Vegas was to forget our past start over, and forget all the lies. Lies like we’re rich, because were not we can barely keep a part time job. Our apartment is a small one bed room wreck. The Vitton luggage is the only thing we kept before we went broke. The “ride: that could fit 50 people was the city bus. The view for the new apartment was looking at the junk yard, and when I said the strip I meant a little strip plaza with like Tony's pizza, and a coin laundry. And why we went to the local casino, because we couldn’t even afford the minimum buy-in at the main casino.
“So how about New York” Mike said acting like nothing happened
“ Yea we can buy out time square”

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