Encounter with Aliens

January 10, 2011
By Gunner BRONZE, San Marcos, California
Gunner BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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I pried my hundred-pound eyelids apart and saw my room bathed in lime-green light. I swayed a little as I slid out of bed and put on some clothes. Now dressed and fully aroused, I headed to the window and threw it open. I shouted "Turn out that...." But I paused because what I saw couldn't be real. My brothers and parents were being pulled up into an enormous saucer by two, twenty-foot tall, navy blue creatures. I then did something very smart, I began to insult the burly aliens "Yo, ugly you smell like year-old milk." One looked over, and then to my immense surprise stuck its forked tongue out at me I was so shocked that when I hit the floor I was already asleep.

When I got up I thought I had the worst dream ever, and I thought about telling my parents immediately, but my phone began to ring, it was from nature. After my call of duty, I was hungry, so I had a sandwich with a glass of milk. An hour or so later I knocked on my parents door, but nobody spoke. I decided they were sleeping in, as that behavior is not unusual. I went outside to our twenty acres of farm land and decided to see if my friend Chris was home. As I crunched through dry leaves and looked at the yellow, red, and orange trees I decided to tell Chris about my crazy dream. When I did, he did a double take and said with a fearful look in his eye, "I thought I was hallucinating." We sprinted all the way back to my house and got there in record speed. Without even bothering to knock I flung my parent's door open, unfortunately, they were nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes of sadness and fear, I was ready to start the seemingly impossible: save my parents and brothers from aliens on another planet.

Moments later, I told Chris something even I wasn't supposed to know; my dad used to be in the CIA and still had his secret gadgets. We searched every nook and cranny without luck. Later when I was beginning to think that I was wrong, that my dad was never in the CIA I plopped down into his chair. Around that time my gum began to taste like sweaty feet, unfortunately, I speak from experience. I reached under the chair for a place to stash it, and I felt a button I slowly became aware of a creaking sound behind me. I whipped around prepared to fight; instead I saw the wall sliding up to reveal a large room, that I didn't even know existed. When, I called Chris over he whistled, and we stood there for a moment. Then, we walked in and found two one-man saucers that could track other spaceships; we also found lasers, but they were too heavy, so we decided to use kitchen knives. We decided to begin our journey at first light the next day.

The next morning, we got up and quickly got dressed then we scarfed down some stale Cheerios. We slipped into the spaceship and I said, "It smells like old people." While in the ship heading to our destination I was looking out the window and realized something, the universe is like Earth, chaotic. We passed laser battles, angry teenagers; Han Solo being chased by the Empire, and even Tom and Jerry filming their next movie. When we finally landed we where on a dark blue planet, where their chrome ship stuck out like a sore thumb. We elected to break in at night, under the cover of darkness to avoid being seen.

As soon as darkness fell, we slipped into the immense ship. We entered a cathedral-like room with TVs and couches. We headed deeper into the ship and saw plans for a weapon that no army could have any chance of defeating. It depicted a five hundred-foot tall battle suit with cannons and lasers. As we neared the control room we drew our knives. We entered and the two brutes where facing away from the door talking with a bad British accent. I threw my blade at one killing it instantly. The other one reacted with outstanding speed, charging me. I was facing certain death, but it stopped and looked at its chest. A knife had sprouted from the monster's heart, it looked up, glared at us, and said, "You win." We would have celebrated if my parents weren't still in danger; we searched three quarters of the ship without luck. Then Chris cried, "I found them," they were in a dark room bound and gagged. We turned on the lights and freed them in a hurry, as we were unsure if more of the aliens were coming. My mom and brothers hugged and thanked us, but my dad said exactly what Chris and I were thinking, "We need to hurry, there may be more." When we headed to the control room we encountered another of my family's captors, which Chris and I quickly disposed of. Finally we reached the control room; my dad powered up the ship and we began our flight home.

Before we made it home, three attack ships appeared out of nowhere behind us just as we entered an asteroid belt. My dad expertly dodged the debris at the last second causing two of the ships to crash. Just as it was lining us up for a shot, my dad activated the rear deflector shield making the lasers go flying back at the enemy. We exited the danger zone at the same time the war ship exploded behind, us signaling that we were safe. The rest of the flight went uneventful, and we made it home safe. My dad gave the CIA this journal entry telling them it was all true, and he was booted out of the agency. On the up side we got to keep all the weapons and gadgets, so if you're an alien race trying to capture Earth; stay away from my family.

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