The Great Oxygen Adventure

December 16, 2010
By Andrew Levy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Andrew Levy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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My name is Mole Cuel and I’m an oxygen molecule. I was just hanging out on the beach when everything went wrong. I was just minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I saw a lifeguard running full speed at me. Suddenly I was just sucked straight into his naval cavity.

It was a very scary experience for me. I just couldn’t imagine how my other oxygen friends who also got sucked in were feeling. As I kept traveling through the nasal cavity the many nose hairs were rubbing and tickling me. It was a very hot and humid place. “ Beat Beat” I could even hear the cilia moving mucus and pathogens out through the mouth. Wow I was now heading straight down into the pharynx.

Now I could see right out of the mouth. But I could also see the dangerous carbon dioxide molecules. My mom always told me to stay away from them. I could see them traveling out of the life guards mouth in the millions. “ Hey Mole Cuel” who could that be I thought. “ It’s your friend Ozzy”. “ Oh my gosh I’m so happy I found you I was so scared before”. “ Don’t worry Mole Cuel it’s all good.” But right as Ozzy said that the crazy respiratory system made us fly straight down below the pharynx and right past this flap covering the Larynx, which I later learned was called the epiglottis.

Now ozzy and I were looking straight at a box like structure called the larynx with the vocal cords attached to the sides that sometimes even vibrated. “ Hey Ozzy let’s try jumping on the vocal cords.” “ Sure why not.” “ Wheeee,” we both yelled. They were very bouncy and felt elastic and we were having a good time until we were sucked straight down through the Trachea.

“ Ahhhhh,” I screamed. We zoomed straight down through the Trachea. It had many c shaped rings of cartilage to keep it open and was lined with mucus and cilia. After zooming through the Trachea Ozzy and I entered into the two Bronchi’s. We were surrounded in two sort tubes that branch off from the Trachea and the carry oxygen into the lungs. Uh oh I just realized that since we are oxygen molecules we were heading straight into the Bronchioles that are in the lungs. We did just that headed straight into one of the Bronchioles. It almost felt like we were being squished. We felt this way because the Bronchioles are the smallest tubes that branch and network off the Bronchi.

After finally passing through the Bronchioles we headed straight into these grape like structures of air sacs called Alveoli. But suddenly the weirdest thing happened Ozzy and I were being sucked through the Alveolus wall. This process was called the gas exchange and diffusion. I learned that from my science teacher named Mr. Gas. But suddenly as we were being sucked into a Red Blood Cell Taxi Cab when their last passengers or carbon dioxide molecules were getting out. This was extremely scary. But thank god they went straight through the Alveolus wall in the opposite direction from diffusion.

Later as the engine was starting I asked our Red Blood Cell Taxi driver named Bob where we were going. “ Oh sir you and your friend are being taken over by the big toe because they need some oxygen molecules.” “ Oh that’s fine let’s go.”

Ozzy and I were now just starting our big adventure to the lifeguard’s big toe. “Ok guys hold on, we are now going to enter the Pulmonary Vein because we have just finished passing through the lungs,” Bob announced. “ Wheeee” we screamed. I could see millions of other RBC Taxi Cabs it was amazing. We could also see platelets clotting up a cut that the lifeguard just got. In addition, we could see some White Blood cells getting rid of harmful pathogens.

Now we could see an opening we were now entering the heart through the Left Atrium. Beat Beat I could hear the Cardiac muscles beating as one. Squeeze we were pushed straight through the valve and into the Left Ventricle. “ You guys alright asked Bob.” “Yeah we’re fine,” we both replied. “ Ok good because just wait until what happens next.” Beat Beat I could hear the heart again. But suddenly there was a lot more blood that came rushing through from the Left Atrium and sent our RBC Taxi Cab catapulting out of the Left Ventricle and into the Aorta.

“ Don’t worry anymore guys it’s smooth sailing from here,” Bob laughed. “ Wow better be I almost thought I was going to have an Oxy attack,” I announced. We cruised straight through the Aorta. I learned about this in science too. The Aorta is the biggest artery in the whole Human Body. I could see RBC Taxi cabs, White blood cells, and platelets for as far as my eye could see. “ Ok guys I hope you enjoyed the Aorta because now we are going straight down into the Femoral Artery because the Aorta branches of into the Femoral Artery,” added Bob.

We were carried straight down through the femoral artery and down into it’s capillaries. It kept on getting smaller and smaller. Until finally we stopped at a big sign that said GET OUT FOR BIG TOE. We got out of our RBC Taxi Cab and we were waving goodbye to Bob when I remembered I forgot to pay him. “Bob wait,” I hollered. Bob then got out and accepted my Oxy Bucks and drove off. I thought to myself good thing I always carry some Oxy Bucks around never know when you’re going to need them.

“ What are we supposed to do now Mole Cuel,” asked Ozzy. “ I don’t know, I don’t see any sign anywhere of needing any work down,” I replied. But just as I said that we where being sucked straight into a cell right in front of us. I soon realized this was it we were being pulled straight through the cell’s membrane. “ Ozzy why does it have to end like this,” I said with agony. “ I don’t know but even though this it I’m happy I could spend my lat moments with my best bud,” Ozzy said without fear. We went straight into the cell’s Mitochondria and Bam we were turned into energy. As our life’s were take in some Carbon Dioxide was let out of the cell as a waste product.

The author's comments:
A adventure about how the gas exchange occurs in the lungs. This piece is filled with facts and will be a helpful study guide for students learning about the circulatory system,respiratory system,and how the oxygen exchange occurs.

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