America's Jamaican Bombers

December 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Friday, March 5th, 2008
The amphitheatre in the Muslim Radicals camp
[“Have you gathered the bombs?” The Prophet asked from behind his veil of shadows.
“Yes, my lord,” Al’akh, a Jamaican with jet-black hair and emerald-green eyes replied.
“Good than all is prepared. You just have to wait until the others have completed their missions and our intelligence has gotten all the details.” The Prophet confirmed. Privately, Al’akh smiled to himself. It was not a pleasant smile but a horrible gut-wrenching evil kind of smile. This was to be his crowning achievement. By completing his mission he would bring America to their knees. “And as thus,” The Prophet continued, “you are dismissed and given a day to rest before your training.” Bowing low, Al’akh left the dismal amphitheatre.]
Sunday, July 25th, 2008
Attn: Al’akh
I have just received word that phase one is completed-the Chinese nuclear Research Facility has been destroyed. Also, the cloud winds and other weathers cooperated so now the United States is under thick smog of the likes they’ve never seen before. The current situation over there is apparently an epidemic according to their top authorities on the subject. Many will die due to respiratory or cardiovascular disease.
I hope you’re ready for your upcoming mission. It’s the key to our success.
-The Prophet
Tuesday, September 17th, 2008
Attn: Al’akh
Phase two is complete. The area of Paris and its surroundings have been bombed, drawing national attention away from America and onto the people of France. Billions have been sent to help the French further bankrupting the United Sates of America. I expect them to fall in a year after our coupe succeeds.
Your exercise needs to increase as well as your training progress. These are Americans after all.

-The Prophet
Thursday, January 5th, 2009
One of our agents has bombed France in many highly populated places. Billions of dollars have been sent to help the French. This is an update on enemy status. Current enemy status: in debt. Focusing on internal problems now and less on the real threat
Brought to you by the Muslim leaders
Wednesday, January 16th, 2009
Attn: Al’akh
Phase three is complete. Most of Russia’s bombs have been detonated out of the ones that are not nuclear. In the highest public areas we could find, of course. Now the air is heating up and the pollutants have bean released. This is severally damaging the US’s air quality and is defiantly going to hurt them. The plan is coming round to the destruction of the United States.
We have almost won the war. Congratulations, though most of your training is completed. You shall leave soon to the US. We just need for your training to be completed.
-The Prophet
Saturday, January 23rd, 2009
Attn: Al’akh
Your training is complete. Head to the US. Get situated in the nuclear power plant. We don’t want anyone to suspect you. Your plane ticket is included.
-The Prophet
Wednesday, February 28th, 2009
Attn: Al’akh
Phase four has gone off successfully. The US armed forces have been drawn to Phoenix. The bombing shall continue until you complete or fail at your mission. Thousands are dead. Many more will die. We must cut the threads they are dangling on soon before they realize they are near death’s doorstop and fix that. Commence phase five at your own distinction of when the time is right. The stage has been set.
-The Prophet
Monday, February 21st, 2009

Al’akh’s shift was almost over. Only five more minutes until he could start setting the bombs to blow… Well, soon events will be set into motion. Events that will go down in history and infamy and he, Al’akh was to be the star! Those thoughts sent happiness through his system and his nerves to his stomach. Finally, his shift was done. It was time for the unholy events to unfold and in the process, a nation would be destroyed.

All in all, it felt good to be back in action. He loved to be in the midst of historical events. The adrenaline and heart thumping action was why he picked this line of work and religion. He might be addicted to the adrenaline he mused but it still felt good to be out doing something. It was, to him, a way of life.

Here he was, at lat, the nuclear reactor chamber. He punched in his personal code. It wouldn’t matter if they knew that it was him he would be coming back anyways. Plus, even if they did figure out that it was him he would already be dead and gone by then or caught in the act. There was never any reason to hide. So, after the designated wait time of: 30 minutes, the first door slid open. They certainly seemed to have not spared any expense in the security procedures. Well, he thought with a wry smile, it wouldn’t matter when the C4 explosives detonated the nuclear reactors. There were a few other spots with reactors but, this one had the biggest collection of them all.

Al’akh registered the shocked looks on the scientists in the chamber. Few we’re allowed in, and bar an emergency no one was supposed to go in besides the staff that was switched in. “Gather in that corner over there without any trouble and no one gets hurt,” Al’akh said in a low and dangerous voice as he pulled out the Browning Hi-power 45-cal semi-auto pistol. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a scientist trying to press the alarm button and call security. So, he turned around and shot the scientist in the neck as the dropped like a sack of potatoes but not before the scientist. With a thud, his cadaver hit the standard-issue painfully-bright white floor and on his way down, the outstretched arm he’d been inching towards the alarm fell on the button. Do they have to make ultra-sensitive alarm buttons? Al’akh thought. Two scientists rushed forward to move the cadaver and Al’akh shot both of them through the chest and they sank to the ground groaning and clutching their chests. “Anyone who makes any sudden movements will get shot as well,” Al’akh said to the wide-eyed scientists in this season’s white lab coats (they all looked the same to most people) many were nodding as if this conclusion had just occurred to them.

Now, though, Al’akh could hear the vibrations given off by the boots all guard wear. They were right outside the door. Well, so much for having time to plant the C4s, Al’akh thought. He would have to rush planting them.

Al’akh made a desperate sprint for the main reactor and managed to attach the first C4 to the main reactor before the doors burst open and a squadron of guards intruded on this ceremony.

Cursing, Al’akh ducked behind as the first volley of bullets flew over his head, released from their chambers by the twelve guards in the doorway illuminated by the harsh fluorescent lights from the over-head lights not present in the lights. Apparently, they had better security here than intelligence had told them.
“Surrender now or else,” the leader of the guards, a husky man with a large mustache.
“How about you surrender,” Al’akh shot back.
No more words were wasted as the two opposing forces aligned themselves. Calculating the odds, Al’akh swore under his breath again as he realized that the laboratory equipment all favored the guards in addition to numbers and firepower.
Remembering his core combat training, Al’akh thought how every one of their successful agents had won their battles; they changed the terrain or attacked in unexpected ways.
Rolling over to his left, Al’akh sot a single bullet with one sole mission: to cause havoc and destruction. The bullet pierced its mark: a single liquid container full of liquid guaranteed to be lethal or near enough to lethal. Three of the guards screamed as the liquid started eating away at their flesh and going through the bone. Six of the other guards ran back to help their injured as the scientists started issuing orders to cure those guards who had the mystery liquid spilled on them.
From the liquid spill, three guards down, six otherwise occupied, and three currently active and still trying to kill him.
Oh well, Al’akh thought grimly, the odds have been evened but I’m still out matched. At least I’ll go down fighting, like every true Muslim not weakened by disease to the point where they can’t move should go out; fighting or through a bomb blast.
Al’akh was brought back to reality by the unorthodox clatter of gunfire ricocheting of metal walls. Shooting the light fixture above one guard, Al’akh listened to the beautiful music produced by his screams as the guard was electrocuted to death.
Score; terrorists: 4, guards: 0
Next, for the two remaining guards currently attacking him, Al’akh looked for another unorthodox solution to the two problems stalking towards him. There was one present opportunity daintily showing cheek to him. Firing off his sixth shot of the night, Al’akh sent down a whole case of needles right onto the guard advancing from his left, the leader who wanted him to surrender earlier. Al’akh watched with ill-concealed satisfaction as that guard swelled up like a balloon, broke out in hives and started murmuring nonsense as the needles chemical solution of death went merrily about destroying the security officer’s body.
Now, if only this lab were bigger or better equipped, Al’akh feverishly wished as he neared the blank wall mocking him –WAIT! There was one last hope…
The guards face went white as Al’akh raised his pistol once more then shot at one of the light fixtures the other guards and he had went through such great lengths to avoid earlier.
Al’akh heard shouting as the other six security personnel realized he had free reign of the lab just before Al’akh hit the detonation button on one C4, detonating then rest… right next to the biggest nuclear reactor.
Outside the Nuclear Power Plant
Outside, a Jeep was hurtling towards that same nuclear power plant at close to ninety miles per hour and had an entire squadron of military special operations men. Before they managed to get within sight of the plant, there was a great BOOM! As a mushroom cloud went up, scorching the ground near those men as rocks went flying when they tried to turn… but they were already too late. During the mad race, the soldiers went slamming into either side of the Jeep, creating a slamming motion rather like a pendulum that spread through the Jeep. Then the radiation washed over their bodies, turning them into little more than dust.
The Oval Office

“Mr. President, we have a matter that requires your immediate attention.”

“Yes, what is it?” Barack Obama asked.

“The world’s biggest nuclear power plant, located in the United States, has been destroyed.” The aide continued, “It is believed to have been the work of terrorists, but no group has claimed any involvement in this matter. Also, should we publicize the destruction, or should we cover it up?” The president stared out the window lost in thought, appearing to stare at the sunset as the sun was dipping below the horizon.

“No, I think it would be better if we withheld this information as it would be too much for the masses to handle at this point.” He said at great length.

“Very well sir, I shall inform the necessary number of people. Also, should the record of this incident be scrubbed off the records we have?”

“Yes, we want to make a clean effort on this one”

“Very good sir,” the aide said as he exited the room.
The president remained lost in thought about the day’s events for several hours before resuming his work.
Terrorist Camp, The Prophet’s room

A short Asian man bent over a desk, his nose almost touching the intelligence report brought before him by an aide from the President’s office.

It read:
Attn: The Prophet
Al’akh has completed his task and was, unfortunately, destroyed with the explosion the ensued from the destruction. He was one of our most promising agents and his death will impact our chances of wining a drawn out war.
However, since he still completed his mission the United States of America is essentially finished. He has greatly improved our chances of winning this war. Without America in the fight, the other countries will hopefully collapse down until only rubble remains.
I look forward to winning this war. I will wait for further instructions before I take any action and will report on any strange happenings that go about.

Your humble servant,

Jeff Hill

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