The Boy's Who Didn't Wash Their Faces

December 12, 2010
By BaseballBoy7 BRONZE, GENESEO, Illinois
BaseballBoy7 BRONZE, GENESEO, Illinois
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AAAAHHHH! Mom help me! What? What is it son? What’s this giant red thing on my face. Oh honey it’s just a pimple, here let me pop it. No are you crazy that will hurt. You’ll let me do it if you want to do something with any of your friends tonight. Fine but please don’t make it hurt. You’ll be okay trust me. Owww! There it’s gone. That really hurt! Are you sure it’s gone? Yes look in the mirror if you really want to. Okay fine I will, oh wow it is gone. Thanks mom I got to go over to Billy’s now. Okay be home by 6:00 honey. Okay mom bye. Bye be safe. I will don’t worry. Hey Billy! Hey Charlie! Whoa what’s that on your face. I don’t know but it’s big and red, and it hurts to push on it. Ohh, I know what that is. You do? Yeah I had the same thing this morning and my mom popped it and then it was gone. Here let’s go see if your mom can pop it for you. Okay sounds good. Hey Mrs. Marshall can you help Billy pop his pimple. Sure okay let’s see here. Oww! There we go now it’s gone. Mom that really hurt! Sorry honey but now it’s gone and you won’t get that one ever again. Let’s go outside Charlie. Okay that’s sounds good. So what do you want to do outside? I don’t know I just wanted to get away from my mom cause when she popped it, it really hurt! Yeah mine did too. Hey didn’t your mom say now that she popped it, it wouldn’t grow back there again! Yeah. So maybe it’s one of those once in a lifetime things! Yeah maybe! Ohh I got to go now but it was nice hanging out today, do you want to do something tomorrow? Sure. Okay see you tomorrow. Bye. Hey Charlie it’s time to take a shower and then go to bed okay. Okay mom. Hey Charlie make sure you wash your face real good. Okay mom I will. When I got in the shower I decided not to wash my face cause I won’t get anymore pimples according to Billy’s mom. Next day I went over to Billy’s house and we went and played laser tag and man that was fun. Approximately two weeks after me and Billy had two pimples on our face! So we were freaking out cause we didn’t want our mom’s to pop them because it hurts a lot! So we decided to go into Billy’s sisters room and put on some make up to hide them. This went on for three weeks until we started getting a lot more and they hurt a lot more than they usually did. Now me and Billy started freaking out and didn’t know what to do. Finally we told our mom’s and they said “We have to pop them now!” We said no and ran out of our houses and met up. We decided to run away and not come back till the pimples were gone. We snuck into each of our houses and took a couple pair of clothes. We decided that we could live in the forest till they were gone. We went into the forest about 7 miles from my house and found a spot we thought we could stay at till the pimples were totally gone so we didn’t have to feel that horrible pain our mothers gave us! When night came it got extremely cold but we said no matter what we do we won’t go back to our houses. Then we heard a crack like the sound you hear when you step on a stick and it breaks. We thought it was nothing but then we heard it again and we got up and walked over to see what it was coming from. What we saw then scared the crap out of us! It was a bear! So we ran and got our pair of clothes and made a mad dash through the forest! We came to a sign that said “ALL TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT.” We went on anyways cause we didn’t want to get eaten by a bear. So we came up to this little beat up shack type building and wondered what it was so we came up to the only window it had and we didn’t see anything so we decided to go inside and hide. Then we heard someone say “Hey you what are you doing!” That made us jump and all of a sudden we heard a deafening sound that made my ears ring really loud. And that’s when we ran as if we were both on fire. I mean if anyone was recording our time I think I might have beat any mile time in the world. Then Billy tripped and when I looked back I saw this black figure running at us with a gun! I helped Billy up and yelled at him to run! Then a bullet went by my head and hit the tree next to me. After about 10 minutes of a dead sprint by me and Billy I looked back and didn’t see the mysterious person chasing us. I said we can stop now Billy and we were breathing harder than ever. I said I think we should go back to our houses and just face the pain. Billy agreed. When we got on our block there were cop cars around both our houses and both of our parents were outside talking to the cops. As we yelled their name and started running to them the mysterious person came out of nowhere and shot at me again, just missing. The cops pulled out there guns and shot him. As we went to our families my mom said your grounded for so long! I said that’s fine. She was astonished that I was happy to be grounded. I said I will never run away again. She asked why did you run away. I said I ran away because I didn’t want you do pop my pimples because it hurts. She said fine I will try and make it not hurt as much okay? Okay sounds good I said. She said if you just washed your face you wouldn’t have this problem. I said really? Yes I promise you. Okay later that night she said it was time for me to take a shower and go to bed. She said make sure you wash your face. I said I promise I will. Me and Billy never got pimples ever again!

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Based somewhat on personal experience.

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