Dear Angel Of Mine

December 1, 2010
It was about seven O’clock when i died. I remember it like it was yesterday. For all i know, it could have been yesterday. I’m not even sure how long i’ve been dead. It’s just one of those things that you know. Like the sense when twins are apart, and one gets hurt. You just know. It’s not explainable. It’s this crazy feeling, like your floating in time. No worries, just weightless. Something you could never relate to anything in the living area of life. Why say it like that, you say? Well death is just a part of living. You’ll find out when you die.
Anyways. My story starts here.
I died on July thirty first in the year of 2005. The weather was great. Birds were singing pretty melodies. The sun was beaming on my shoulders. The neighbors children were even outside prancing around a sprinkler. There were four of them. Chris, who’s 4, Annie, who’s about eight, Charlie, who’s nine, and Angel, who looked like an angel, but really, was the devils spawn. She was 12, and the most evil little girl you could ever meet. Angel often tried to set our cat on fire. Her parents tried to tell us all the time that she just has a broad imagination and built up curiosity. They got to do whatever they wanted, But not me! I envied them. It was a beautiful summer day, and i was stuck laying on the ground watching the grass grow.

It was about eleven o’clock in the morning when Annie and Angel wandered over to me.

“You wanna playyyy?” Annie giggled, her blond curly hair bounced across her face as she turned to hear Angel speak.

“She’s probably too scared to play our games, Annie.” A sly mischievous smile spread across her face.

That’s where it all started. Angel and her stupid little remarks. I wanted to wrap my little ten year old fingers around her throat.

“I can play, I can probably play better than you!” I replied. I had no idea what Angel had in store for me.
Eleven forty five. Angel decided she wanted to play an adventure game. She was the leader of the pack and we were her “slaves.” It wasn't very different from the games we normally played. She seemed to like being in charge. Except this time, we went into the woods.
One O’clock. Angel started howling and told us she was “summoning the wolves.” Annie started to get a bit frightened.

“STOP THAT!” she screeched. “what if you really DO call wolves?”

“That’s the point dummy.” Replied Angel with a smile. “you guys are no fun, Maybe i should go find another girl MY age that will do cooler stuff with me. Like swing across that creek there on that branch.” Her eyes squinted at me.

“Are you crazy? Don’t look at me. Over my dead body.” Said little old me.

“That can be arranged.” She smiled again. I was afraid. When Angel said things like that, kids that knew her well enough like me, Knew to be afraid. I had no doubt she was serious.
Two O’clock. Angel had me tied to a tree. She told me if i screamed, i’d be done for. I’d rather be safe on the ground tied to a tree than hovering over rushing water any day though. So in my head, i was doing alright. It wasn’t long before she got bored of me.

“I think i’m ready to go home.” She said.

“Yeah, me too. I’m tired and this is giving me rope burn.”

“Alright, well see you later!” She and Annie ran before i could utter a WORD.
So this is why she wanted me here.
Three O’Clock. I’m struggling with my ropes. They wont seem to budge. The sky turns a dark gray and the clouds seem to be closing in on me. It soon starts pouring, and the rain is overflowing the creek next to me. Just my luck. As the creek starts filling up more and more, I start thrashing against the tree. I remember at that moment i had no hope. I thought i was going to die there; I was semi-wrong. After many cut’s, bruises, and rashes from the rope burn, i crawl out. I then realized i was so busy trying to break free, i didn't notice the pool of liquid surrounding me. In a rush, I began climbing the tree. It was damp, and it seemed like every branch i stepped on was about to break.
Four O’clock. I’m so hungry, I’m ready to pass out. All this fighting for what? I’m going to die anyway. The water is about four feet high, and it’s rushing so fast i would have no chance if i tried to make a break for it. Out of the corner of my eye i see a blur of red. What the heck was that? Was it moving too fast? Or was I too out of it to visualize what it was. Thats when i started thinking... What if i was having a mirage, like those people in the desert? What if i was just seeing things? I guess i shouldn't think. It takes too much effort. All that matters is my escape from this watery hell.
Five O’clock. I have a plan. If i can somehow jump tree to tree by crawling on the branches, maybe just maybe i can get out of here. Anxiety consumes me. Heights are one of my worst fears. Regardless of fear i know i have to move on. I start to scale the branch. I make it about halfway before i hear a crack. “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die.” I say out loud to myself. Fortunate for me, the branch next to me had broke, Not mine. I was home free. I had gotten no where, but still felt the whole world lift off my shoulders. Let’s try this again.
Six O’clock. My leg has been cut from jumping one of the tree’s but i’m still okay. Just a minor scrape. Two more tree’s to go and then there is a low current where i can swim the rest of the way out. This is cake. Soon i’ll be home in my bed, and then in the morning i can get back at Angel. I decide to rest to contemplate my revenge. Maybe i could... No that’s too harsh. Maybe i should.. well she almost killed me. So i don’t think harsh matters anymore. Once i finally decide to move on, reality hits. My branch is snapping, and this time, it really is mine.
I don’t even have time to think. My weight crushes the branch below me. It just snapped. Quick thinking can’t save me this time. Darkness swallows me as i hit the cold water. I cant see. I’m blinded, and my body is going into shock. I suddenly lose all control of my limbs and muscles. I think i hit a rock. Slowly i start fading into a black abyss. The world around me is not as it seems. Is this death? Light approaches, it’s warm and welcoming. This can’t be death. Death is dark and cold.
Seven O’clock. Not that it matters anymore. I’m dead and alone. The worst part of this, is that i have unfinished business and i don’t know what it is. I’m almost sure that i have something to accomplish before i move on.
It’s been weeks, or atleast what seems like weeks. You never know in this place. I cant seem to remember how i died or what i have to do to get wherever I’m going. My mind is blank. Do i have a mind anymore? I think it had something to do with this tree. I just have a hunch. I remember drowning now. I remember the cold. I remember falling. I remember water rising, forcing me up a tree. I remember Angel. Angel. Thats where it all started. Rage devours me. She killed me.
She’s sitting in her room reading something, but i cant quite make out the title. It’s probably something like “How to dissect a cat” Or even something like “how to take over the world by worshiping lucifer.” I dont know, It’s just a guess. I start by grabbing her book and flinging it across the room. She tilts her head in confusion, Walks over and retrieves it, and looks around suspiciously. Eyebrows raised, Eyes filled with anxiety, I’ve got her spooked already. I fling papers all over her room. It’s like snow. It glistens in the light and sparkles before my eyes. Joyous revenge. She runs out of her room screaming. Nobody is home to help her.
“WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT?” She squeaks. I wonder if everyone says that when they think spirits are among them. Even in the movies they say that. I guess producers really know their stuff. I chuckle. She immediately turns her head my way. She can hear me! This makes it all the more fun! Running to the phone she trips and lands in laundry basket. She gets up and takes a deep breath in. Finally another one out. I give her time to relax. She walks around her house a bit, Thinking it’s all over, And then i hit her with the final blow. I push her on the couch, and pick up the remote. Flipping through the channels i find the news channel. They are talking about a little girl. A little girl that drowned in the woods. “All evidence of a crime are washed away, if there was any. May this little girl rest in peace.” Says a reporter on the television. She begins to cry. I’m done here.
It’s intriguing that one day you’re alive, and the next you’re dead. Things happen in the blink of an eye, and when they do you’re lost. Lost in time and space. Lost from the world. Just Gone, With no plans of ever returning.

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