Paradise Lost Battle Re-done

November 23, 2010
By Ryan Besch BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
Ryan Besch BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
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The stormy air fills the morning sky. Two sides have all risen about to charge. One side is full of brightness, perfect and pure angels ready for battle. The other side is immersed in darkness with murky, evil, and powerful demons at the side of their leader, Satan. The battleground is a desolate wasteland on the outsides of heaven. The ground has no sound, as the two sides continue the stare-down of the other side, each picking out whom they will annihilate first. God’s heart fills with sorrow, as he knows that he must destroy and punish many of the creations that he has loved.

Soon, the ground starts to tremble as the noise, the opposer begins to screech into the ears of God. Satan is ready for battle. He begins to encourage his army with boastful words and loud screams to intimidate the other side. He then looks at God with an angry passion. His eyes are bloodshot and any trace of goodness has left his body. God stares back, completely pure. God waits and ponders about if his plan will work. He recalls the making of Lucifer, and decides if the decision he made was the right one.
The morning sky becomes pitch black with darkness as Satan begins to make his charge toward a patient God. As Satan reaches the middle of the dirty battlefield, arrows and spirits from God’s army come up. They all fly towards Satan like a pack of hungry lions coming towards their dinner. Before anyone knew anything, an arrow struck and killed the first creation of the battle. The monster lies there, bloody, as the last bit of life falls from his body. God’s heart drops straight into his stomach, as the feeling of hands are grabbing his heart, holding on so tightly that it may break. Satan sees the hurt that God feels, and uses it as an advantage. He quickly comes up the battlefield like a cheetah running at full speed and slaughters five angels. They fall to the ground, gasping for any good that is left in the world just as a victim being hung squirms around to find that last bit of air to keep him alive.

As the battle ravages on, the smell of blood and death fill the murky clouds that covers the battlefield. The sounds of people screeching come after they are slashed and slaughtered. The battle still stands even as both sides seem like they could go on forever. In a daring move that could seal Satan’s fate at taking God off the throne, Satan takes Beelzebub with him across enemy lines. They go to the streets of heaven, planning to burn and destroy it. God notices this and brings his arch-angel Gabriel with him to meet him in the streets of Heaven. Satan and God meet on the streets of gold, and before long, the streets have turned to lead.

Satan and God step up as they can both hear the loud cry of death streaming from the other battlefield. As Satan begins to attack he screeches, “This is over. I hear the cries of your men as the battlefield becomes red and black with evil. Just surrender and declare me the ruler of heaven.” Just then, God sends out a beam of light so bright that it brought the cloud that covered heaven and the battlefield in a white light. Satan sits there with no power as he stares at God with disbelief. God responds exclaiming, “No Satan, I am always and forever the ruler of heaven.” This sound echoed throughout heaven as the angels celebrate all over. God slowly raises his mighty hands and Satan falls through the grounds of Hell and is pushed down into the abyss so far that there is no sight of heaven. Satan is soon joined by the fallen and failed demons that decided to follow him in his dirty acts. God sent Satan and his followers down into a murky and fiery furnace which he will keep there until Satan begins his next attack on heaven. Heaven on the other hand, is filled with rejoicing. The smell of victory has filled the air as the angels grasped heaven back for themselves. After the battle, God took his seat on the throne of Heaven, and watches over all of his land, ready in the future.

The author's comments:
The inspiration here was Paradise Lost and my own thought of how this battle may have of went down.

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