The Smartiest of Them All

November 29, 2010
Polly Pronoun is a strong woman who can change the world. Well at least Cloudy Ville. In cloudy Ville, kids learn things all wrong. All of the L.A. books are opposite of what kids are supposed to learn. No one addresses this problem because they don’t want to face The Evil Engineer. Well, really they just don’t know how to fix the L.A. books because they have been taught the wrong way too. Anyways, The Evil Engineer is the man behind the L.A. books. He owns the factory that makes the books. He makes the L.A. books all wrong so he can be the smartest, or as the people of Cloudy Ville would say smartiest, person of Cloudy Ville.

Polly Pronoun has awesome powers but the one that sticks out the most to Cloudy Ville is the fact that she can take any proper noun into a pronoun.

It was a brand new school year in Cloudy Ville and The Evil Engineer was up to no good again. Just as the incorrect L.A. books were being passed out, Polly Pronoun sensed trouble and came to the rescue. All of the books and people of Cloudy Ville were saved. The Evil Engineer escaped the scene and was never heard of again until… A brand new math book factory opened in Cloudy Ville. All of a sudden, student from all over Cloudy Ville were learning the weirdest things in math…
To Be Continued

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