The last nerd part 2

November 23, 2010
By , Shapleigh M.E, ME
Previously on the Last nerd.

Is he alive, I don’t think so. We have to find out if he is still alive. There is no way possible that you are the last nerd. You have been gone for 200 years when the war first started.
Chapter 1 The Tribe

When they got back to the southern popular tribe everyone was sleeping, so they went to sleep also. When they got up the next morning they were shocked to see Potter for the first time. They said that they have’t seen a single nerd for the past 200 years. Will when they said that Potter eyes opened up real wide. “What do you mean by that?” Potter asked. Will when the war first started The nerds went extinct we thought the last poportderk went extinct with the others and you didn’t rebirth like all of the other poportderk. Will after so many years later and we resized that the last poportderk. When I was younger I never thought that I was the last poportderk but when they said that I was I was so surprised that I had to do something but I had nothing to worry a about until I relived that no one wanted to play with me. So I decided that I would leave the place for good and never ever come back.
Chapter 2 The Story

Will when I left which must have been the worst Idea in my life. Will when I got towards the water a storm brew upped a storm so bad that I thought that I was going to die but when we pounded into the water I saw the water and took my last breath but I guess that I was wrong so when I got up 200 hundred years later. I relive that I am a live. Even though that I am standing here I still Think that I am died. Will tell me this do you feel alive now. She Kissed him right on the libs will after that he said that he still a live.
Chapter 3 The Capture

Will when they were chatting and having a good time there was a Sports lovers ship ten miles away. The captain of the ship is a fourteen year old boy named Patriot and he was kicked out of the land when didn’t finish homework in the time frame but you should of seen the work he had done you could have called it done for the night will his dad the king of the Sports lover NFL said either I put you in jail for the rest of your life or you get me the poportderk. Will he decided that he will go look for the last poportderk and that is what he has been for the last four years. “Have you seen anything yet of land yet?” Said Patriot. “Nope.” Said his Uncle Fred. “Wait I see something on the on side oh no a stink cloud.” Said Fred. There were at least four skunk fish that make one little squirt can make a smell so bad that one stink mask can’t handle the smell but with four of them will lets just say that you will like die of the smell. They tend to smell like 500 rotten eggs times four you got 2000 rotten eggs that are coming towards you what would you do will with that smell the metal on the ship melted and all of the crew died but not Patriot. Will Patriot make it to the last poportderk.


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What is wtong with you people He asked for a comment to be able to fix things so he can get porplure and go into the magazine
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