An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge

November 21, 2010
By livephotography SILVER, White City, Oregon
livephotography SILVER, White City, Oregon
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In the newspaper, Daily Tribune, an article read, “Four Girls Vanished” in the subtitles it announced that blood was found on the Owl Creek Bridge, four girls are missing and they believe the two are connected.

I, Jess, called up Sarah who has been my friend since Sarah stuck up for me in the 1st grade. Sarah called some friends, having quite a few. Many were out with their brothers and sisters trick or treating, so they couldn’t come. Our friend Jamie answered her pink phone while sitting in her lavish pink and neon green room. I can tell she gazed at the many posters of select boys on her ceiling and that next to her sits Carrie painting her nails. She always tries not to spill the red polish but does anyway. “Will you come over pleaseeee….?” I begged.

Jess and I hear the doorbell ring. I unfold my long legs and let in Carrie and Jamie. We four girls watch horror movies and munch popcorn. After a couple rounds of Monopoly and Life, with screams in the background Carrie suggests, “Let’s go to the bridge! You know it’ll be tons of fun.”

“Let’s not,” stated Sarah, knowing there was no way they were staying at the house; after all, she never got her way.

“Come on,” pleaded Carrie.

For fear of being the outcast, once again I said nothing.

“Ok,” announced a reluctant Sarah, “but only if we all stay together.”

“Fine” the other girls compromised. So we all ventured out.

The thought of “I do not want to go!” screeched across my mind. Owl Creek Bridge is and was a dark, desolate area with many owls and other creatures that never seem to sleep. There are many spooky, horrific, and gruesome tales surrounding Owl Creek, from people vanishing to silent screams.

We meandered through the streets. No lights shone and it was a moonless night. Animals skittered and trees swayed. Upon reaching the bridge we all knew through years of being together that none of us wanted to cross the bridge. Instead of abandoning the thought of crossing the bridge we all linked arms and marched on together.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece as an assignment in my english class.

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