November 14, 2010
By TasteDaSkittles BRONZE, Bayfield, Colorado
TasteDaSkittles BRONZE, Bayfield, Colorado
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Rising from the light house floor he is gushing blood from the head. He raises his hand to the wound and feels a warm, dark, liquid cover his hand. The right hand side of his forehead is missing the skin and rocks dug into it under the flesh. Standing up he realizes a gun shot wound under his ribs that he didn’t realize before and he clenches down in pain. He digs his index finger into the wound to check for a bullet but it appears it went all the way through the front and out the back. Thinking in his head, “Nick it’s a strait away so there for all you need to do is wash it out and wrap it with a clean part of your shirt.” He walks out to shore line and washes the wounds with the salt water. It burns but he needs to find out what happened to him and how he got here. The bacteria that was washed of looks like a murder in the water or like a shark attack off of a horror movie. He rips a piece of his shirt off at the bottom. The end of the shirt curls. He wraps the clothing around his gun shot tightly to make sure the pressure stays on and so it doesn’t get infected. Walking up the hill he reaches a welcome sign for a small town called Tombstone Tallnern. A gas station is across the street so he heads across to wash himself off. The bathroom door reads of a sign that says to see the cashier for bathroom key. The cashier was missing all of his teeth except the two front teeth and had a deep voice that sound aged. The name tag read the name J.Drexel. He was wearing a old mechanics jump suite with oil and food stains on it that looked like they have been on there for many years and hasn’t been washed. The man spoke, “What can I do for you ser are you an outsider?”
“I’m from a town kind of like this called Bayfield and I just need a bathroom key to clean up.” Said nick
“Alright here you go just bring it back when your done” asked of Mr.Drexel and handed him the key.
There are many flies that came shooting out of the door. The sink was stained black and brown. Turning on the water it came out a rust color but after a moment it has a bit more clean. He sticks his hands under the water with cuts that are black and purple and dried blood but he still persisted to fill his hands with water and splash it over his face. Dragging his hands down his face and raising his head he looks in the mirror. It appears his face is not a dark shade anymore its pail pail white and his eyes are red and yellow not blue. He has two wholes punctured into his neck that he cant feel and also coming to realize he cant feel any part of his neck. Remembering something his friend said before all of this happened. His friend was telling him about people that changed like this and knew right then what he was becoming. Knowing he needed to find him he returns the bathroom key and walks out to a car in the parking lot. Slowly and quietly he gets into a dark blue sudan. Pulling all the wires out of the Colum he hot wires the car as quick as possible and puts it in reverse and gets the h*** out of the there before the owner realizes he had tooken there car. Driving down the highway doing nearly 80mph with no stopping finally reaching home. It seems the same as when last been here. He heads directly past town and out towards Vallecito to meet Georgie. He arrives, and his friend answers the door in fear he gets ready to shut the door but Nick puts his body in the way and explains everything to him as fast as he could. Finally he opens the door and gives him excess into the house and shuts the door slowly while looking back incase someone followed Nick there. ”What the bloody h*** happened to you, one day your leaving my house then you come back in a weak as a bloody vampire that looks like the walking dead?” said Georgie
“I don’t know I was walking home then this morning I wake up like this on the d*** floor of a light house in a town south of us called Tombstone Tallern so I hot wired a car from a gas and headed here because I remembered you saying that you were being hunted by thing like the one I’m turning into right now!” yelled Nick in anger
“Follow me so we can sow you up,’ demanded george
Ripping off Nicks shirt and sewing the wound on the torso his friend explained everything he has studied so far and all night they read books and journals to find a way to stop the changing. Georgie falls asleep but Nick stays awake reading beyond with the light of a candle that is halfway melted. Finally falling asleep he can hear someone moving around in the house up stairs. He turns to look at his friend asleep but is awake and is holding a loaded shot gun. Nick walks up the stairs and as he opens the door slowly someone rips the door open . They grab him by the arm and throws him right across the room. He goes strait through the wall. The other vampire flies across the room mouth open and ready to fight! Landing on the chest of Nick he grabs his collar and swipes his nails across his neck slicing the side of his neck. He looks and yells at the women searching through the house.” Darla come quick!” She looks at his neck and looks up at her partner. ”He’s one of us just turning but one of us and his turner its not like others he was turned by her we need to get out of here!” She demanded
They flew out in a matter of time to blink. Georgie came out of the down stairs floor scared to death. “They are gone, and I need your car so where are your keys?” asked Nick
“Tucked under the mat on the floor board but where are you going? You better tell me now!” he demanded
“I’m going after them because they know something I know they do and I’m going to find out what they meant by she changed me!” Nick said
Speeding down the road he turns a corner and a women appears in the middle of the road. Drifting to the side and stomping on the brakes he comes to a stop on the side of the road about fifty feet away he leans back in the seat and looks in the mirror. She is walking toward the truck but she suddenly disappears and reappears in the passenger seats and tells him to drive. He does as asked and continues to drive. There is a weird sent that fills the truck, it almost smells as if road kill was sitting next to him. Glancing over he can see blood all over her. She tells him to keep his eyes on the road and don’t worry about her. She goes on talking about where he needs to drive then tells him that she is the one that did this to him and she has been looking for him. She tells him to pull over and look at her strait in the eyes. Looking at her he realizes she look the same way he does she looks pail white but she has blood all over her mouth and chest. ”I changed you for a reason, I changed you because I need you to do something for me and you couldn’t do it as week as what you were. I need you to come with me back to Tombstone and fight off the finber seal of Diana before she takes over all of us.” Camina said as she pulled out a knife from under her dress. “This is what you have to kill her with, strait through the heart and make sure its all the way through!” Now I have to go and you have to go and you have to do this all by yourself, I’m not strong enough to help,” whispered Camina as she walked away from the vehicle and walked into the dark. Confused and tired he slowly pulls back onto the road and drives on. He arrives into Tombstone about mid morning and drives through town till finally passing by an old abandon house he gets a voice in his telling him to stop that this is the place. Pulling over he looks and the voice again says to come back at midnight and be ready. Stop here for the time being and rent a room.
“May I help you ser with a room or anything?” asked the manager
“I need a room for one night and no room service or cleaning?” Nick asked of the manager
“That will be twenty four eighteen please?” asked the manager
After paying for the room he heads to the room and waits. A knock is heard on the door and he awakens to opening the door and it’s Camina. She is here to train me what I need to know about each one of them that will be there tonight. Ducktaping all the windows in black tape and spears. They sit the rest of the night out inside resting and when Nick awakes she is gone. Its time, time to fight and kill Diana before the seal opens. He arrives at the house there is a dim light glowing. As he gets out the light fades and in a matter of time it’s completely gone and it’s midnight dark. Slipping the knife into his pants he walks up to the door quietly. Opening the door he walks in and the door shuts quickly behind him. The light rises again and he is surrounded by the ones that Camina told him were going to be here. One of them is spinning a knife in his fingers. He charges at him, the voice tells him to concentrate and he will be able to do anything and there up he goes the moment he reaches Nick Nick is already in the air floating. He drops back down on his feet he pulls the knife out and turns toward Diana and jumps over her taking the knife to her neck but someone has stabbed him in his back. He turns around shoving his hand into the mans chest and ripping his heart out he squeezes the heart and black liquid comes squirting out and it busts into flames and into ash. The rest of the body drops and does the same. Diana sends the other man after him they both go charging after each other and go up, but he kicks Nick to the ground and he slides across the floor and hits the wall. He jumps back up and head buts him. He grabs him by the head and throws him across the house through two walls. Wood stuck through his shoulder and unable to pull it out .The man comes walking out of the foggy distance towards him. Stumbling up he charges at him and knocks him on his back! He grabs his neck and snaps it, and rips it off his body. Drinking the blood from the separate head he tosses it and heads for Diana. He could feel the rush from the blood but it wasn’t hurting it seems to give him energy. She is cornered and no one is there to help her. Spinning the knife in his hand she whispers to him “If you kill me you die, all of you do….” He didn’t care about anything she said, and he shoves the knife strait through her heart. For a moment he felt an erg to stab her more so he raised the knife further through her heart until he couldn’t do it anymore. Camina walks in and takes his hands off the knife. Its time and they are cast to the seal and the seal will never be opened again.

The author's comments:
this peice is made based on both a show called supernatural and the movie dracula.

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