Hawk (chapter 8: return to shadow swamp)

November 15, 2010
“Here we are Croc…shadow swamp again.”

“Yes, but this time we can find a weakness together on father. You killed mother father will be no problem for you, and you know your full power now after training with Wolf.”

“So you return to fight me again, Croc?”

A voice said from the swamp. It must be snake, “And you brought a friend to die with you. Who are you?” it said as it rose out of the deep black water. Snake was a black demon with six arms and horns. From it’s waist down it had a swampy green snake tail with an emblem at the end.

“I am Hawk, the one who killed the Grim Reaper and your loved one Dorona.”

“The Grim Reaper lives Hawk and so does Dorona and all those demons you banished from this earth have been revived, and are waiting for you in Hell.”

I drew my swords and yelled, “We shall see!”

“Hawk, don’t be reckless, Snake has more tricks than you think. He is brutally strong, fast for his enormous size, and watch out for the emblem at the end of his tail it is drenched in poison that is hard to cure.”

Croc jumped into the water as I ran at Snake. I let the fire and lightning from my swords blaze.

Snake took a swing at me with his tail; I jumped over it and sliced at the ridge between his body and his tail. It was like trying to cut titanium… useless.

As my sword struck, he grabbed my arms and through me into a tree. In an instant he was over me and swung at me with three of his six fists…but just before the blow he was hit in the back of his head by lightning.

He wiped around in anger to see Croc diving down again.

As he was distracted, I removed myself from the tree and took a swing at the demon’s neck…another try in vain.

I jumped up and around him to the other side of the lake. Croc jumped out of the water and hit Snake in the stomach with his two right fists.

Snake grabbed him and through him across the lake to where I was. I know what to do.

I whispered to Croc, “In your other fights against him did he use his fists more than his tail?”
“Yes…what are you getting at Hawk?”

“I know how to kill him.”


I whispered my plan into his ear.

“Brilliant Hawk…this could work.”
“What are you talking about,” Snake demanded, “Come fight me and die!”

He swung his tail at us as I jumped in the air and Croc went underwater. I dived down at the tail and grabbed it just below the emblem. I stabbed the emblem with my white sword as Croc shot bolts of lightning from all of his arms.

I threw the giant beast onto dry land as it set a blaze returning to the depths of Hell.

“You were right, Hawk! Now let’s get to the gates of Hell to help Wolf and Alex.”

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