Hawk (chapter 5: hawk vs. reaper)

November 15, 2010
I have waited for this day ever since uncle’s death two years ago. No more hiding, no more fear, and no more mercy here on the plains of Africa one of us will die tonight.
“Alex your power can’t help me this time Reaper is soulless I want you to go and hide until I come for you.”
“Hawk I am not leaving you to fight alone.”
“What can you do against my father? I won’t lose you again. Run and I will come for you when this is over…I love you Alex.”
“Fine…I’ll go but if your not there, I will come for you…I love you too.”
After Alex finally left, I set of to find Reaper. But my search didn’t last long.
“You truly are pathetic my son. You bind yourself to this world by that girl. You shall never know your true powers of all Hell. You’ve been lucky so far in gaining what little power you have…but your luck has run out, you die here.”
When he finished he raised his hand in the air and his scythe the weapon of Hell came to his hand. This will be my greatest battle, and maybe my last.
“I may have all the greatest powers of Hell father but I use them for the sake of Heaven and earth against the demons of Hell like you!”
I dashed at him blade drawn and hand a blaze. Our battle blazed on in fire, lightning, darkness, and our own blades clashing against one another.
It was Alex…why had she come out? I had let my guard down.
The next thing I knew, I looked down and the blade of the scythe was through my body. Reaper threw me into the ground…am I going to die here like this? I could faintly here Alex, screaming was I going to be too late? Suddenly it hit me right there between life and death I saw everything why I was here and the full extent of what I could do with my power. I know how to kill Reaper.
My wound sealed up as I started to make the ground quake. My pupils disappeared as my eyes started to glow red like a demon’s. As I rose out of the ground I blasted Reaper with a beam of light.
“This is it for you Reaper!” I yelled as I released the full extent of my demon power.
The ground shook even more as the trees around us started to fall. I grew two small horns from my forehead and from my demon hand came a black hilt that I took in my human hand, then from my demon hand I drew a white blade. Then I a blinding flash my true power came out the white sword swarmed with lightning and the black sword blazed with fire, the light of my power surrounded me, and as I walked the ground quaked.
“REAPER! I will kill you!”
“What is this power? Were did you get this?”
“In Hell, Reaper! You’re the reason I didn’t have my full power,” I brought up the black sword set it on an even bigger blaze than before, “and now Reaper I will clam your power!”
I brought my hand up toward my face and blew on it, creating a great flaming dragon before Reaper. In an instant the dragon was upon Reaper swallowing him up and taking him out. There was no way he could have escaped…or so I thought.
When the fire died down I knew he had survived I looked around where was he?
“Nice, Hawk. Your power is growing,” I turned around and slashed at Reaper, but the next instant, he was behind me again, “You have a great power, Hawk. Join me and not even the devil himself could stop us.”
“I will never join you, demon!”
“Then you will die here,” he stopped and took of his hood and opened his robe, “Now face my true power! Hawk, I will end the life I gave you today! I am the most powerful being in all of Hell!”
Darkness seemed to come out of everywhere and surrounded him like my power surrounded me. The grass and trees died, fire burned in his eyes, he raised up the scythe and lightning flashed down and struck it’s tip. Is this the power Reaper had hiding inside of him? I would soon find out. Our powers were evenly matched light clashed darkness in an ever ragging battle, one great force hitting another. I couldn’t get him like we were.
“Reaper you will die here,” I said as we clashed again, “this time I’ll hold nothing back! This time you will not harm anyone.”
I shot lightning from the white blade and, fire from the black blade, at him. Reaper pointed the scythe at me and shot darkness.
The energy collided and exploded but nether Reaper nor I moved.
A thick fog from the explosion covered the plain.
“In the darkness you will die Hawk.”
“No Reaper you will be the one who falls here for even in the greatest darkness I have a light that guides me. My love and the love of others is that light.”
We both entered the fog I will not die here.
In the fog no noise was to be heard. I was surrounded by darkness with the only light was the power that surrounded me. I had to clear this fog or I would die. I charged the light inside of me to my hands and released the light. The power around me faded my eyes turned back to normal. The fog was gone and Reaper was face down on the ground the scythe was beside me. I know what I have to do now.

I ripped the scythe from the earth that held it and went over to Reaper.

“Hell awaits your defeat, Reaper…I’m sure the devil will want to hear about this!”

I raised the scythe over Reaper’s head and demolished it. The fires of Hell took him back and my vengeance was complete.

“You did it, Hawk! It’s over…this nightmare is finally over.”

“No it’s not over…this is just the beginning for you two…I know that for sure.”

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