Hawk (chapter 1)

November 11, 2010
By Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
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It must be here somewhere…I’ve been searching for hours but where is the Tomb of Shadows? I shall never rest in till the Reaper is dead!
But I’m jumping a head of myself. A demon named Slash came as my father’s assassin and killed my uncle. I have followed him here to the Amazon jungle I knew where it was heading, the Tomb of Shadows. I must find that demon he can lead me to the Reaper, my father. Tree after tree dodging the branches and the animals that call this maze a home…home I wish I knew what that was my home had not been more than the basement of my uncle’s house.
There! That is it I had found the tomb. The Tomb of Shadows wasn’t much to look at but that was it’s disguise. On the out side the tomb was only a ground level headstone but underneath it it used by the demons as a meeting ground and will soon be the resting place of the demon Slash.
I looked down at my hand; this small demented hand is what separated me from everyone? The reason my name is Hawk is because of this hand. My hand looks like a hawk’s head, when I open it I can draw a sword or shoot lightning, I’m sure I can do more but that is all uncle had told me before Slash killed him. I drew my sword and leaped out of the trees and shattered the headstone to the tomb. A stairway opened up before me. I climbed down the stairs going deeper and deeper in to the earth’s surface. It was to dark to see for the human or demon eye when I reached the bottom floor. There was nothing in the room I couldn’t even see the glowing of a demon’s eyes. Suddenly torches lit up all around the room; a panel tuned around in the back wall. It was Slash. Slash is a small demon his body is humanoid except his claws witch can change size anywhere from a bears claws to larger than his body.
“So you’re the Reaper’s child? The one they call Hawk.” Slash said. His voice was deep and cold.
“And you’re Slash the nasty little b****** who killed my uncle.”
“Such a rude human. You have no manners …I guess I’ll have to exterminate you so the world shall never have to see you again.” Then the tiny demon lunged at me claws first.
This thing was my test to find my father? Too easy…I ducked under it and cut it’s back open. It hit, flipped of the wall and it’s back sealed up.
“So foolish you can’t kill me so easily I am a demon!”
I’d almost forgotten uncle’s words of demon killing. Demons can only be sent back to hell by finding and using there weakness but they will return if the mark isn’t destroyed. This wouldn’t be as easy as I foresaw. Slash was quick with his claws, but I was still faster. I cut him open again and again but the demon wouldn’t die. His claws were hard to doge and he cut me rapidly with no restraint.
Then I realized my mistake I was aiming at the demon’s body not it’s weakness.
“You’re a dead demon now, Slash,” I said mocking it. If I could distract it, I could kill it.
“Now what makes you think that human?” As he said that I caught his claws trapped in my sword.
“THIS!” I ripped it’s claws off of the demon’s arm and it screeched as it went up in black flames and burnt back to hell.
After the flames died the demon’s mark was left. I picked it up, and looked at it; it was just like a coin in structure. I crushed it into a million shards. Now how was I going to find father?
Suddenly a deep voice came from the walls, “Thank you, Hawk you have freed the souls of shadow tomb from the demons of hell. You wish to find the Reaper? The one they call Slash said the Reaper is in the place where not the moon nor the sun can shine over the black water. We wish you luck.”
Place where not the moon nor the sun can shine over the black water? I know where to go now!

The author's comments:
This is the first chapter of this book. The demon in this chapter is Slash a creature I created as a symbol of my fear.

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