The Last 24 Hours of the Baby Goat

November 11, 2010
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“There it is. The gate to the world outside the farm is open.” thought the baby goat.
She had been waiting for this moment for three years and now her chance had come at last. She trotted over to the fence and looked around to make sure no one was looking. Then she went through the open gate. As she was looking for the road to leave this place that she thought was a jail, the farmer came outside of his small cabin. The baby goat dashed behind a tractor; she saw that the farmer started heading towards the tractor so she took off to the nearest bush. When the farmer had reached the tractor he got on and said some strange words that the baby goat didn’t fully understand, but she remembered that they were like the same words the farmer had said before the farmer cut up one of the goats for meat. The baby goat was glad she had gotten out of the fence before the farmer came out of the house because when he drove the tractor near the fence gate he jumped off and slammed the gate closed. When the farmer was far enough away the baby goat started to head to the other side of the farm. She had been wandering aimlessly to find the road for at least an hour. Finally she spotted the road, but she didn’t like what was right in front of it. There were two people in black trench coats with fedoras on their head talking to the farmer next to a black car. She remembered who these people were from the last time they caught her, they were elite goat hunters. The farmer looked fed up with her taking off at every change she could find. He also made it sound like he didn’t care if the goat came back alive or not. When they were done talking the elite goat hunters got back into their car; the baby goat saw they had many guns and weapons in the back of it. After the elite goat hunters had been gone for a while the baby goat ran to the road and started to head down it.
After a while of walking down the road the baby goat started to get hungry. So she started heading into the forest that was on the side of the road in search of some new grass. When she had found some grass she started eating. Then she felt like something was staring at her; she perked her head up and looked around. She couldn’t see anything around her, even the birds weren’t chirping. The baby goat was getting really scared. When she looked up at a hill she saw something glisten in the sun light. She knew it was from the binoculars that the elite goat hunters had. The baby goat looked back at the grass and made it look like she was going to eat some more. Then without notice she took off away from the goat hunters. While she was running she started to feel a cramp in her side; she knew that she shouldn’t have sprinted away that fast right after eating. When the baby goat thought she had lost them she found a nice cool spot where she could lay down to rest. In the shade of a bush that she was under she felt safe, so she decided to take a nap. She woke up to the sound of footsteps coming toward her. She looked through a gap in the bush and saw one of the goat hunters named Kaoru. Kaoru was slowly making his way toward her while holding a rifle in his hands. The baby goat started to wonder were the other goat hunter was. Then she heard a snap of a twig to the west of her; now she knew where the other goat hunter, named Hikaru, was. Since she knew where the two goat hunters were she took off through a closed section of the bush. Twigs tore and tugged at her white coat but she didn’t care she just didn’t want to be caught and returned back to the farm dead or alive. The goat hunters didn’t expect the baby goat to do this; they were in no position to stop her. After running for what seemed like forever; she wasn’t sure if she was running straight anymore, every tree looked the same. Then she found herself running into a clearing, she thought it was strange that there would be a clearing of trees in a forest. She slowed down her pace to a mere walk so she could take in the scenery. When she had got to what seemed like the center of the clearing she spotted a stump which had a cookie on it. The baby goat’s mouth started to water as she saw the sweet chocolate chip cookie. The baby goat started to head for the cookie; she knocked the cookie onto the ground and was right about to eat when Hikaru jumped on top of her. Hikaru plunged a knife into the goats’ stomach. Then the baby goat bucked Hikaru off. The baby goat started to stumble around from the loss of blood. Kaoru ran from the cover of the trees holding a rifle. BANG! BANG! Was all the baby goat heard before two bullets flew into her. The baby goat fell right next to the chocolate chip cookie; she tried with all her might to grab the cookie with her tongue, but the cookie was just out of reach. The two elite goat hunters came and stood above her, Kaoru picked up the cookie and broke it in half and gave half to Hikaru. With the baby goats last breath she saw the two elite goat hunters eat the cookie right in front of her.

Kaoru and Hikaru took the baby goat’s corpse back to the farm. When they arrived the farmer came out of his cabin to meet them. He thanked them for what they did and paid them. As the goat hunters turned around and headed for their car they got a call for their next assignment.

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DragonRiddler said...
Apr. 21, 2012 at 4:30 pm
I didn't know this was on TeenInk... ^_^ brings back memories... -_- They ate the cookie and got paid. Ouch.
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